Whose Fault is All This Trump-Comey-Mueller-FBI Garbage?

All this toxic bilge is the fault of the Democrat Party… Obviously.

If the Democrat Party would simply learn to take out the trash, then the country, and the world, would be a whole lot better off.

And the following sleazeballs would be nearly unknown: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Eric Schneiderman, Eliot Spitzer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown… and so on and so forth… and so many more.

That’ll never happen, though, with the Democrat Party as it’s currently constituted.The reason: The Democrats’ — the Left’s — animating principle is to obtain power, not to resolve problems or represent people. The result is that the party attracts the very trash it should be busily jettisoning. Like flies to cow flops.

Because they’re trashy people, who’ve been getting away — for decades —  with murder, both literal and figurative, they believe they can get away with anything. And for decades that’s been absolutely true. Read here for example. (Headline: “The Left-Wing Heroes Who Treat Women Like Garbage”)

So leftists and Democrats set up personal e-mail servers that casually pass super-sensitive national security data to the rest of the world; they corrupt institutions like the media, academia, Hollywood and more; they routinely use the coercive agencies of the state to abuse the fundamental rights of the people; they pit entire groups of people against other groups; they treat the people and the entities they claim to support like chattel or their own personal possessions… or their toilet; they corrupt all the branches of the government, especially the one branch that’s supposed to protect itself zealously against corruption: the judiciary; they routinely, casually, promiscuously commit all the so-called unforgivable offenses and misdeeds of which they so operatically and constantly accuse others — and they assume they’ll always get away with all that. 

And to cover it all up, the Democrats do things like fabricating flapdoodle such as “Russia collusion” for which there’s literally no credible evidence… but a credulous, adoring media corps simply laps it up without questioning it, and regurgitates it back out. All of which deflects from real crimes, for which there’s real evidence lying about for all the world to see.

As if to confirm our hypotheses, the graphic atop this particular essay is a picture of the trash left behind after a recent protest by leftists. The headline in the piece reads: “Dakota Pipeline Protesters Leave Behind Mountains of Garbage” Yep. These were environmentalist left-wing protesters. I should note that the people cleaning up the “mountains of garbage,” were searching for human bodies in the refuse as well.

The feature ends with the following rhetorical question:

Why is the left taken seriously over any environmental concerns when they repeatedly leave a trail of destruction and trash in their wake?

That’s the question that should be posed of, and to, the Left about any issue they ever take on.

One good thing can come of all this: it suggests a nifty, creative tag line for the Left and the Democrat Party: Leftists: Leaving a Trail of Destruction Wherever They Go.

— xPraetorius

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