Why Bill Clinton is Scared

Bill Clinton is scared. So he’s running around telling everyone who’ll listen just how sorry he is for all that he did wrong when he was running around assaulting and using women.

But… why? Why not just go away? Why not just fade from the scene and shut up? Well, the answer is complicated, and simple at the same time.

The complication resides in the fact that he doesn’t actually want to go away. He loves the limelight and the adoration of the crowds… and the power.  He craves the power. Democrats love power more than the air they breathe. It is the air they breathe.

However, there’s another thing. If it were only the power, Clinton could give it up. He’s in his seventies, and he’s not looking all that good. Clinton, though, loves the adoration. And that is in jeopardy. Serious jeopardy.

Clinton was a perfectly mediocre President who received the gift of a massive Republican victory in Congress, along with a brilliant visionary Speaker of the House in Newt Gingrich. This all forced Clinton to tack to the right if he was going to get anything done at all.

As a result of that rightward tilt, Bill Clinton can claim to be the last President who had a balanced budget. He can claim also to have implemented one of the most important and beneficial pieces of legislation in the history of this country: Welfare reform. Both accomplishments belong to Clinton’s Republican Congress, but he’ll claim them all the same.

So, why is the adoration of Clinton menaced in this age of surging leftism? Well, there are two important reasons.

First, of course: it’s the #MeToo moment in America, and Bill Clinton is the most famous of all sexual predators. More famous even than Harvey Weinstein.

That’s the first reason. The second is astonishing. Read this well:

There’s a rumor out there that a recording exists. A recording of the famous meeting on a remote airport’s tarmac between Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

You and I both know that what Lynch and Clinton did on that remote tarmac was completely, ridiculously, transparently illegal… but absent proof, we can only know it in the abstract. Oh, we know it for sure, but we still have to have real proof. This is still America, after all.

The rumor is that such proof exists.

Holy mackerel! Recorded evidence of the conversation between former President Clinton and former Attorney General Lynch means nothing more nor less than that there’s possibly evidence of Clinton criminality! Go-to-jail level criminality. Thoroughly disgraced-level criminality. Worse-than-Nixon-level criminality.

After all, no one’s even  hinted that Nixon actually engaged in activities meant to corrupt the democratic process; only that he might have obstructed justice in the subsequent investigation.

If Clinton were to go to jail for what he did with Loretta Lynch during the election cycle of 2016, you can imagine what Clinton imagines his historical legacy will be: Mediocre President, and… • Sexual predator • Criminal • and of course, in his capacity as the senior Democrat in Hillary Clinton’s campaign: • loser.

Clinton’s current apology tour is a desperate attempt to mend fences with all possible groups that might be irritated with him, and if he can’t count on left-wing women, it’s possible that his legacy is doomed… as it ought to be.

Bill Clinton is very scared… and he’s right to be.

— xPraetorius

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