GREAT Summary — Freedom and Equality (Part IV)

Remember: the Pareto Principle? We discussed it here. It’s the notion that in literally any identifiable group of people, animals… even plants! a tiny percentage of members produce half of all the stuff being produced in that group… and accumulate half of all wealth.

We talked about the Pareto Principle within the context of a larger exploration of the tension between equality and freedom, hinting strongly that a society ought to lean heavily toward… freedom.

Here’s why.

It’s that magic number: 1/2. One half. A tiny percentage of members of society (in America, it’s roughly 1 person in 17,000) produce one half of all goods and services, and accumulate one half the wealth.

We look at that number — one half — and say to ourselves, “My goodness that’s an awful lot of wealth to go to such a tiny percentage of people!” That’s our first reaction. Along with that reaction frequently comes something like, “We ought to do something about that!” And we start to dream up all manner of “remedies” for this seemingly bad situation that involve things like “progressive taxation,” and “tax the rich!” and… Socialism.

Socialism is of course, the doctrine that suggests that all people ought to possess an equal amount of stuff.

When we head down the road to Socialism, we usually don’t know that #1 we’ve misidentified as a problem — the unequal distribution of stuff in society — something that is definitely not a problem, and #2 we’re about to make a problem of horrific proportions, where there was none before.

Remember that number: one half. One outta two. Fifty percent. And remember the Pareto Principle. Remember also a very important thing: We’ve had equality — in societies organized around serfdom, in Socialist societies, like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba and more, and in nearly all ancient monarchies — and what did they show us as it pertains to the Pareto Principle?

Well, we find something very strange: In all cases, we find that the the vast majority of the people produce more than 99% of all goods, products and services in such societies, but the ruling élite keep more than 99% of the wealth.

Ouch! Yuck! Who’d ever want to go back to that kind of crappy existence? Why, Bernie Sanders, that’s who. That’s precisely the putrid place to which Bernie Sanders wants to lead you and me. Poverty, hunger, squalor, are what half-wit neanderthals like Sanders like to call “progress.” “But, but, but,” you say, “we’d all be equal!”

Yeah. Equally wretched.

This was how all the old monarchies were. Nearly all the people lived in squalor, while the kings and queens, emperors and princes, tsars and potentates, lived in opulent palaces surrounded by vast estates, tended by impoverished slaves and abused serfs. In the not so distant past, we called that “oppression,” and we said we didn’t like it.

Bernie Sanders — like all Socialists — calls it “progress,” and “fair” and “social justice,” and, of course… equality.

See if you can guess, if Bernie had his way, who’d live in the opulent palace tended by impoverished serfs. A hundred points if you guessed: Bernie Sanders. And, yes, he’d call that: “progress.”

The Left calls it equality, because it is equality — except, of course, for the rich, progressive ruling élite — and it’s horrible for the people, as it’s always been. And it’s exactly what Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the Left want to impose on you and me.

Income and wealth inequalities are not problems. They represent opportunities. If someone has more than you, then at least the possibility exists that you can have more.

However, if your society or group is organized around the principle of “equality,” then if someone else has X, that’s all you can have. Period. Regardless of whether your abilities would allow you to acquire more. Old feudal societies, and modern-day Socialism, were and are organized around the notion of “equality.”

The Left in America is fond of saying things like “Conservatives and Republicans want to set us back 50 years!” The Left — half-wits like Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and their ilk — are trying to set us back centuries.

— xPraetorius


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