The Frog and the Warming Water

Everyone knows the old fable: A frog is in a pan of water. Someone slowly, gradually, heats the water. Because the water’s warming up ever so slowly, the frog doesn’t recognize the temperature change — until it’s too late, and the frog dies.

It’s a metaphor for steady change in a bad direction in a country. As the country absorbs change after change after change, the people in the country never realize, until too late, that the country is irreversibly lost.

I thought of all that in the context of the whole Trump-Russia-Hillary-Collusion-Obama-Spying thing.

The heating water is the country, while the increasing heat is the long, sleazy slog of leftist corruption, fraud, lies, nitwitteries, depravity and degeneracy, that for decades has been completely covered-up or ignored by the very media watchdogs who were supposed to be watching out for it, calling it out, and exposing it. The same media watchdogs for whom the very First Amendment to the Constitution was made.(1)

What do criminals do(2) when they come to understand that the watchdogs aren’t actually watching? They become bolder… and bolder and bolder and bolder and bolder. Until pretty soon they don’t fear the watchdogs at all.

I think the Left came to believe that they could get away with any corruption at all when Lyndon Johnson — of whom it was openly said: “he never won an election he didn’t steal” — was elected President in 1964. Or was it when John F. Kennedy openly stole the 1960 Presidential election, with the help of the Daley Machine in Chicago, which got out the dead vote for Kennedy and carried him over the top?

The point: The Left has been corrupt for decades. The time to catch them and to call them out on it has passed. That ship sailed, long, long, long ago. When you see things like Hillary’s e-mail server muck-up, or the massive, country-wide civil-rights violation committed by Obama’s IRS, you come to understand what I’m talking about.

The e-mail server thing was so stupid as to make a rookie blush… and any watcher of current events shake his head in wonderment. Who would do something so mind-bogglingly stupid? Surely not the “Smartest Woman on the Planet,” right? Wrong. The answer’s easy: It was someone with no fear whatsoever of being caught.

Then, if you look at the breathtaking scope and breadth of Obama’s IRS scandal — in which millions upon millions of Americans’ free speech rights were squashed — you wonder also: who could even contemplate doing something that violates the fundamental rights of tens of millions of Americans? Easy: someone who didn’t fear being caught.

Or, more to the point: someone who simply didn’t care whether he or she was caught. He or she just knew that the media would simply make it all go away. And so far, he’s or she’s been absolutely right about that.

Here’s a sure thing, a lead-pipe cinch, a 100% guarantee:

  • Any Republican candidate caught having done the Hillary e-mail server thing would be out of the race the next day(3)… and likely in jail shortly thereafter.
  • Any Republican President caught doing the same thing with his IRS would be impeached — in a bi-partisan vote — and run out of office inside of six months… and likely in jail shortly thereafter.

Both Hillary and Obama — as well as Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and a host of others — who ought to be behind bars — remain at large… with no fear whatsoever of incarceration. Eric Holder has even told people that he contemplates running for President!

If you run through the long, demoralizing list of left-liberal corruption, fraud, deception, amorality, cruelty, racism, abuse of people, flouting of the law, abuse of women and children — all around the world — that mountain of sludge is unfathomable, incomprehensible.

But it didn’t get that way overnight!

It took decade upon decade of media corruption. Of the media looking the other way for Democrats, while scrutinizing Republican/Conservative affairs at a proctological level. Of the media even fabricating Republican scandals, or abetting those who fabricated them (cf eg.: Ted Stevens, Tom DeLay, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump… and hundreds of others). All in support of a left/socialist political agenda.

You can tell that the Left has no intention of following the rules they demand that others follow by the “respect the election results” kerfuffle.

You remember it, right? Before Election Day in 2016, When Hillary was everyone’s pick as the inevitable victor, she demanded, and made a very big deal of demanding of Donald Trump, “Are you going to respect the results of the election?” The media immediately took up the cry as well.

Trump’s response showed that Trump himself was pretty sure that Hillary was poised to win! He said something to the effect of, “Well, as long as it’s fair.” He then added the whole “system is rigged” meme into his campaigning. He was right, but Trump won anyway. It’s possible that no one was more surprised at the results of the election than Donald Trump.

Then with no appearance whatsoever of seeing the irony in it, Hillary immediately proceeded to show that she didn’t “respect the election results.” She went on a long, drawn-out — continuing — tour around the world telling anyone who’d listen that she wuz robbed. Her minions, and of course the media, then went all out to fabricate a Russia collusion scenario supporting the premise.

And why? Again, because they were sure they’d get away with it. The only difference between now, and when they were getting away with it all the time, is that now there’s a robust, counter-cultural, right-wing media willing to question, investigate, research and push back at the default, left-wing narrative.

All this has left the Left — none too bright to start — thoroughly befuddled, mystified and… enraged. It’s the reason they dug way, deep down into their bible —  Defeating Right-wingers For Dummies — to come up with all the brainless, nonsensical flapdoodle that generally centers on, “Racist!” and “Fascist!” and “Sexist!” and all the things that prove that the Left long ago ran out of actual ideas.

An important point to remember is that the Left has been taking the intellectually lazy way out… for decades… and the media have been supporting and advancing it for just as long. Media support is why the Left has been able to get away with the vacuous cr*p they’ve been calling ideas for so long. It’s why the American people have never recognized the increasing heat of the water. The Left says Something Incandescently Idiotic; the media immediately pronounce it Surpassing Wisdom.

The point is that, absent the wholesale remaking of the American Democrat Party as not a stooge of the American fringe Left, then I fear it’s too late. The water’s too hot. At least all indications are that the water’s too hot.

Present in the list of people expected to run as Democrats in 2020 is not one single, solitary person who’s not a fringe, hard-left, socialist, race-baiting, reactionary, half-witted kook. In other words: a list of cretins the media will fawn over as the most brilliant people since the last fringe, hard-left, socialist, race-baiting, reactionary, half-witted kook they fawned over, Barack Obama.

So, to bring all this full circle, the “Trump-Russia” investigation has exposed way more than enough to #1 discredit the Mueller investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and “Russia,” and #2 to disgrace two prominent people thoroughly: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

What it has not, apparently, found is any evidence of, well, Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

What’s worse is that even way before this whole deeply sketchy “Trump-Russia” thing, there was way more than enough sludge to disgrace Clinton and Obama… and leave plenty left over for a whole host of other Democrats who just haven’t been caught yet. That’s why the “frog in the heating water” analogy.

We know that Obama and Clinton — and the entire Democrat Party leadership — are corrupt, but that’s a bit like saying water’s wet. We don’t expect it — water — or Obama and Clinton, to be any other way. So, when water’s wet, as it always is, and Clinton and Obama show that they’re thoroughly corrupt, as they’ve always been, we simply shrug our shoulders and move on.

We shouldn’t. Move on, that is. The corruption of the Left should have been caught, and called out, long, long ago, by a media corps given the most precious gift any media corps has ever received in the history of the world: press freedom. What a fabulous, astonishing, miraculous gift to squander in such tawdry, disreputable… in such sleazy fashion.

The fact that all this has been going on now for more than three generations shows that the water might already be too hot, and that the frog realizes it’s doomed. After all, someone once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.(4)

One last quick thing: The nature of freedom is such that its disappearance happens long before its absence is noticed. Look at today’s university culture in which Conservative speech is violently suppressed.When did that happen? How did it get that way?

Look at American pop culture in which a supposedly right-wing entertainer can’t say the slightest thing over-the-line, but leftists can slime right-wingers promiscuously, and with near total impunity… and you understand that America is in very hot water indeed.

— xPraetorius


(1) The First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

(2) Michael Walsh once called the American Democrat Party, “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” Yep. That sums it up pretty well.

(3) I know that we all knew about the server before Hillary announced her candidacy. What I said above might be better stated: A better re-statement of what I said above might be: Any potential Republican candidate who had such a thing as the e-mail server in his or her past would never have announced for the Presidency, and would likely  be in jail shortly after the discovery of the server.

(4) Here:

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