NPR Watch (5-28-18) — The Secret

I saw a headline at that made me laugh. You know about National Public Radio, right? The ever so pompous blowhards who think they’re the deepest, the brightest, the best educated, just the gosh-darned best? The very same.

Here’s the headline: Great White Sharks Have A Secret ‘Cafe,’ And They Led Scientists Right To It

Some secret! Those cagey sharks! Maybe they’re just too smart for us. I’m imagining the conversation between Hank and Edwina Sandshark as they contemplate what to do next:

Hank: I know! We’ll lead ’em right to it! That way they’ll never find it, and it’ll still be our secret! Get it?

Edwina (a quizzical look on her snout): Hmmmm… you just might be onto something, dear!

Hank: Yeah… and after that we’ll go get some lunch. You want sushi again?

Edwina: Again? We’ve done that three days in a row! I’m kind of in the mood for something else.

Hank (winks at Edwina): Wellllll, I just might happen to know where we can get some fresh scientist…

Edwina: Oooooohhhh… You sly rascal, Hank!

Is it just me, or was some headline editor asleep at the switch?

It’s always funny when you catch the most pompous of the pompous, the most know-it-all of the know-it-alls, the most arrogant of ’em all looking like complete horses’ hindquarters. 🙂

— xPraetorius


(1) I know, I know, I know… what on earth was I doing on!? I mean, after all, I don’t like pain. I plead a rogue link inserted on a news-oriented web page whose owner(s) didn’t realize that NPR is nothing more than Soviet-style propaganda. In my defense, I didn’t read the linked post.


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