Bernie Sanders and Socialism Summarized

At its very best — meaning at its least awful — Socialism is economic illiteracy. At its worst it’s depraved, disgusting, revolting, stomach-turning horror.

Bernie Sanders says he’s a Socialist.

Bernie Sanders is either profoundly ignorant — inexcusable in a man in his position — or he’s a sadistic monster, indifferent to the suffering of others. Or a complete idiot. Don’t rule out: All three.

To say, “I’m a Socialist” is exactly the same thing as to say, “I’m a Nazi.” Remember, a Nazi says he’s a Socialist too! Bernie finds himself in just great company(1).

Worse: Bernie Sanders is really popular in the Democrat Party as a whole.

— xPraetorius


(1) That’s sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and Socialism Summarized

    1. One more quick thing… I wish someone in a prominent position — possibly a Tucker Carlson — would say something like that. Using words like: “sadistic monster,” “ignorant” and “inexcusable.”

      We’re always so confounded obsessed with never stooping to their level, but it’s also okay to tell the truth… and those words are truthful words when it comes to Socialism.


      — x

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