We can defeat the new fascists and the new racists. As we’ve said many times in these pages. And we do achieve victories when we push back. We’ve also said many times in these pages that the Left is afraid to debate us. And, when they do engage with us… they lose.


That’s precisely why the Left does not engage with us. Well… most of them don’t. Here’s one who did. It’s the famous “Brothawolf,” to whom we refer as “BW.”

BW has signed off from blogging, and gives his valedictory speech here. In his speech, BW talks of personal losses, for which we offer sincere condolences and all our best wishes for him and his loved ones.

However, I can’t help feeling that personal losses are not why BW is taking a leave from blogging. Every time that someone from our Right political wing came along and debated with him and his leftist, racist friends, they did it politely, but firmly. And every time that happened, BW and his friends very quickly succumbed to the temptation to  shout “Racist!” and “Liar!” and “Insane!” and all the rest.

But, they knew… How could they not know?

BW is a leftist and racist who believes fervently in all the canards advanced by the vast American Race Grievance Industry. Things like “systemic racism,” “institutional racism,” (both effectively demolished here(1)) “white privilege,” “white supremacy” and all that.

As we have predicted, BW lost badly in all our debates. However, much to his credit he hung in there — on and off — before folding his cards. And he evolved. He went from being a complete jerk when we first met him several years ago, to apologizing in these pages for his bad behavior, to even reluctantly condemning (if not disavowing) the wishes of one of his friends to see all white people die violently.

In all our debates we walloped him. Hard. He came armed with all manner of feelings and emotional appeals, and attempts to convince us that only he could understand what is the reality of black people. We came at him with facts, logic, thought exercises and… anther black person. We had one hanging around, after all. 🙂 It was kind of a problem, though, this arguing from a black perspective. After all: our premise is that we’re all people and as people we can all understand it when another suffers, no matter the nature of that suffering.

We batted back all BW’s largely superficial arguments easily, and in ways which — if BW actually read them — would have rocked him back on his mental heels and made him at least investigate some of his previous thinking.(2)

An Important Deep Thought:

BW’s not a bad guy, just a person of his times. It’s people like BW who can help us to understand people of the past, and to realize that we cannot use the perspectives of the present to judge people of the past.

Example: Imagine if you were to stumble upon this passage in the writings of some significant historical personage of the past (ignore the general illiteracy, and pretend that it’s simply the vernacular of centuries ago):

Guns will NEVER be banned in America when it comes to blacks. Why? It remains the only thing they have left to feel somewhat safe from the silent yet growing rage of the long suffering white race. Without the bullet, they are powerless against us. Without the gun, we can rise up anytime, at will, and over throw them. But… It is because of their beloved guns that they shall perish as absolute power knows no bounds. And their rage must be unleashed in any form or fashion. Be damned the consequences. I’d like to thank all of my white friends and family who meditate with me. You are doing a PHENOMENAL job of turning the tables on this dark race. Continue to visualize their destruction and our upliftment as the two are intertwined.

Your reaction? Pretty horrible right? Yep. It sure is. Then you’d think something like, “How awful! What a primitive state of mind! What destructive racist garbage thinking! How could any civilized person think like that?!? Well, the answer is easy: the person who thought those thoughts is not civilized. Thank goodness we’re nothing like that now!(3)

And, you’d have been not too far off! Except…

The real passage is this one:

Guns will NEVER be banned in America when it comes to whites. Why? It remains the only thing they have left to feel somewhat safe from the silent yet growing rage of the long suffering black race. Without the bullet, they are powerless against us. Without the gun, we can rise up anytime, at will, and over throw them.  But… It is because of their beloved guns that they shall perish as absolute power knows no bounds. And their rage must be unleashed in any form or fashion. Be damned the consequences. I’d like to thank all of my Melaninated Family who meditates with me. You are doing a PHENOMENAL job of turning the tables on this pale race. Continue to visualize their destruction and our upliftment as the two are intertwined. [Red font shows the parts that I edited in the first passage, above.]

I found it here. That’s also the blog of the woman — “Diaryofanegress” — who fantasized in BWs blog, over the violent death of more than a billion white people around the world. (here)(4) We… brought up this bloodthirsty fantasy of Diary’s to BW, dozens of times  ( 🙂 ) and finally got him to say at least that he disagreed with the sentiment, but not that he’d publicly disavow it, and publicly condemn its appearance on his pages. Still, the otherwise primitive BW did evolve a bit, much to his credit.

Back to the Important Deep Thought, though:

Diary is a product of her times; the present day. Her hatred of an entire people merely because of the color of their skin is accepted in these times. It’s racism as pure as it can be, and it’s not only publicly accepted, but in many corners, it’s smilingly approved of and publicly endorsed.

In light of the irrational, race-based, white-hot, approved hatred for an entire people — by the likes of Diary and so many others — it becomes difficult, impossible even, to condemn with any kind of intellectual honesty or logical consistency, the same sentiment in others of the past.

The people of the past had many of the same irrational passions as are present today. Such nonsense was just as accepted, just as approved, just as generally smiled upon.

Will people two hundred years in the future look back at Diary’s obscene sentiment and conclude that she’s anathema?

Deep Conclusion Stemming From The Important Deep Thought:

If we don’t condemn the thoughts of the Diary’s of the world today, then we can’t condemn the Washington’s and Jefferson’s and Franklin’s and others of yesterday.

All this back and forth was wearing on BW. I know, because I was one who regularly walloped him in debate. And it was never close. You could tell by the generally very early point at which BW stopped arguing and went into name-calling, questioning our truthfulness, our knowledge, experience, integrity and sanity. Then, of course, BW finally took that time-honored step that the Left always takes on those occasions when they’re getting their clocks cleaned: he banned us.

To BW’s credit, a couple of times he un-banned us, or engaged us here at our site. We always reminded him of the damning contradiction inherent in the idea that he had unrestricted free expression here, in our pages, while he banned us from his own pages. He proved unwilling, though, to admit that simple truth.

All that had to be very wearing on BW, since he knew that what we were saying was true: The fact that we allowed him to speak absolutely freely on our blog, while he banned us from his, is prima facie evidence of his insecurity in his thinking. He knew it, and that kind of awareness weighs heavily on a man.

BW’s blogging valedictory, linked above, is an admission that he’s lost it. His confidence in his thinking is gone. As it should be. Much of BW’s thinking is/was primitive, like that of his genocide-fantasizing friend “Diary.” We demonstrated that to him regularly and, though he never admitted it, he knew it.

BW’s also a product of his times, and he’s been bombarded by messages that he’s surrounded by hostility spilling over him from the dominant American demographic white people. To his everlasting shame, he swallowed it all uncritically… but there are products of the times, and then there are those who question things, and those who make the times what they are. BW is, currently, a product of his times; a leaf carried along on a river, with a vast clump of other racist, leftist leaves, each unaware that he’s nothing more than a puppet being manipulated by masters who desperately need his uncritical thinking.

However, he has a real possibility to be one who makes the times what they are. He’d have to reject his puppet masters and learn to question things, swallow his pride, control his ego, learn that it’s good to be proven wrong — it’s part of learning — he’d need to become a whole lot more humble and gracious, lose his desire to hurt others, and recognize that to accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of is a sign of a weak argument. He’d also have to surround himself with people who disagree with him, and who are willing to debate and discuss with him meaningfully. Here’s the point: I have confidence he can do it!

Oh, and yes, that’s exactly how each of us here at our small but increasingly influential think tank got to where we are intellectually today. It was a journey, but it was a journey made with open eyes, ears and minds. It hasn’t been a difficult journey, but it has entailed a lot of hard work, and long hours of study and research. But, if learning about a topic is important to you, then the journey’s worth it.

BW talks about having experienced depression, and we sincerely hope that he’s able to come out of it. We know, however, that it is simply depressing to be always beaten in debate, when the topics on which you’re constantly defeated are central points in your perception of who you are.

BW’s a racist who calls himself an anti-racist. He’s confessed to his readers that he’s perfectly normal in terms of his relationships with women, but his membership in the Left mandates that he be chummy with sexual deviants. He uses fascistic tactics — speech censorship — to support his claims that he’s “anti-fascist.” He endorses genocidal fantasies on the part of his friends, while vigorously condemning genocide. And so on.

Living with all those terrible contradictions in one noggin would be depressing. We wish BW all the best in what we hope is a larger journey of growth, maturity, and a thoroughgoing rejection of his racism and leftism.

So, push back, America! You can make an improvement in the country! You can make racists rethink their ideas! You will defeat racists and leftists if you engage with them The first sign of your victory will be their retreat — either rhetorically, through censorship, or with their slanders and vein-popping defensiveness… or by their retreat from debate altogether.

BW wouldn’t be retreating from blogging if he’d been able to carry the debate. His retreat from blogging is convincing evidence that he knew his ideas to be weak, and easy to refute. If he’d been carrying the day in his debates with us and with others, then his blog would have been a source of strength and happiness, and an effective counter-weight to what he calls his depression. That we had so little trouble debunking his thinking would have had the opposite effect, though. In this regard, we admit to sadness. None of us here wants BW to be sad, or to suffer. However, we didn’t know anything about BW when we encountered him; we simply saw a bunch of publicly posted thinking that needed to be rebutted. So we rebutted it.

In a personal note: During all our interactions, I developed an abiding affection for BW, and now that he’s heading on to other pursuits, I extend my sincerest wishes that he find happiness, good health, prosperity, love, laughter and… peace.

— xPraetorius


(1) The link is particularly interesting. It shows a former leftist (Dave Rubin) debating with a black Conservative (Larry Elder). In the video, the soon-to-be-former leftist listens and engages respectfully, allows the Conservative to talk, goes back and forth… and utterly loses the debate. Being a very bright guy, Rubin calls this his “Red Pill Moment,” the moment when he realizes that the Left is not right. 🙂

More to the point: Rubin realizes that the arguments of the Left, when challenged on a level debating playing field, come up short. He has the intellectual honesty and serious courage to recognize when he’s been wrong, and most importantly, is able to adjust his thinking to incorporate more advanced understandings. In the discussion, Larry Elder challenges Dave Ruben to give him “his clearest example of systemic racism.” Since Ruben tells Elder that there’s all manner of systemic racism around, surely, Elder says, Ruben can come up with a whole bunch of examples. Ruben, startled, can’t. And he recognizes it, concedes it, and… learns from it. That’s why there are so many former left-wingers, and so few former right-wingers. Conservative thought is deeper, more comprehensive, more advanced, more logical and intelligent. It’s deeper. It simply takes time to figure all that out. Time, study, motivation, open-mindedness, honesty, integrity… It’s why leftists are generally younger, and rightists older.

(2) Again, to his credit, BW did do some thinking. For example: We pointed out a historical truth to BW that absolutely caused him to question everything he believed. Ready? Here goes: During the period of American slavery, there were more white Europeans enslaved in Africa, than there were black Africans in America. And: Slavery had nothing to do with race, or racism. Important Note: We made the clear declaration that these facts absolutely did not excuse slavery in the West. But they did remove slavery as a component of any legitimate discussion of racism.

After pointing out these facts, BW reluctantly did some research and found them to be well-documented and persuasive. However, he did not have the courage to admit so on his own blog. Maturity, courage, understanding, wisdom, come in stages, step-by-step. They are not (generally(2a)) a bolt from the blue.

(2a) Even Saul’s Road to Damascus moment took fully three years to unfold fully. After the “bolt from the blue” on the road to Damascus, the blinded Saul took three years to regain his sight, and to be ready to spread the gospel of Christ to the rest of the world.

(3) Kind of stream-of-consciousness, I know, but those kinds of thoughts would course through your mind quickly as you read the racist codswallop in the quoted passage. It happened to me that way.

(4) Here’s the entire passage, followed by BW’s reply:


Yurugu is feeling, slightly, the sins of his twisted, diseased, diabolical past, present and future with rising alarm. Having zero concept of karma, they are “stunned” and “caught off guard” as to why the entire Colored world harbours feelings of resentment and anger towards them.

Being deficient of melanin, the God Principle of the planet, they are unable to experience remorse and humility. They know, intrinsically, that they shall reap the benefits of what they have planted but arrogance will never permit them to admit it.

Their rising fear will manifest into more crimes against us and more laws restricting us but it will be of no avail. Yurugu WILL PERISH off the planet. Either by ways of the sword or by ways of Mother Nature. My wish is for a solar assassination of their nasty, beastiality-loving, pale asses.

By f###ers.

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

On second thought…I hope the door hits them real hard.

And BW’s reply, essentially endorsing “Diary’s” bloodthirsty sentiment:


If it does hit them, they’ll likely blame it on blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and anyone else. lol

Yeah. Really funny. I can’t remember the last time I fantasized over the violent death of an entire race. Oh, that’s right… that’s because I never did. And never would.

5 thoughts on “Push Back, America

  1. Are you serious???

    You can’t let me go, then trash me, tear me apart and then say how you have an affection for me?

    1. BW: First of all, it was a very balanced appraisal of our interactions, mixing sincere praise for the good aspects of your character that you demonstrated, along with critiques of the worst parts of you that you displayed.

      I have a real affection for you, but you’re a racist. A bad one. One who believes that your racism is somehow okay, while that of other people is bad. No honest person can approve of that aspect of anyone’s character. Also: you displayed real fascistic tendencies, as mentioned in my piece.

      Still, you did demonstrate growth in that the decent side of you is at war with the bad, and sometimes the decent side had the upper hand. If only temporarily. No one is perfect, and as my piece indicated, the road to wisdom, maturity, integrity and self-awareness can be a long one.

      Your refusal to disavow Diary’s bloodthirsty fantasy is a really ugly dark mark on your work, and exposes the same side of a person that, for example, allowed people such as Hitler to obtain and retain power: Silence in the face of evil.

      I get it. Diary’s a friend of yours. However, I never, ever allow anything like that to escape my friends’ lips unchallenged. They know it, so they don’t go there and they’re still my friends.

      If you display character, then two wonderful things can happen: (1) you’ll attract friends of character, and (2) you might teach your current friends a thing or two.

      Oh, you might lose a “friend” or two, who are racists or fascists, or the like, but you’re better off without them anyway. As we mature, we tend to leave behind those friends who don’t mature with us. That’s life.

      You’ve taught me several important things, for which I’ll always be grateful:

      (1) You can have affection and respect even for people who are bad people, or who have loathsome characteristics.

      (2) It’s very, very wrong for us to reject our heroes of the past when later social fads morph characteristics of theirs that were fine for their times to great evil now. It’s why I can still have affection and respect for you, even though you’re a racist and a proto-fascist.

      It’s why Einstein was wrong to condemn the entire German race for the horror that was Hitler. It’s why racism itself is wrong, and it’s why Jesus Christ was right to tell us to look past people’s failings to love them anyway.

      BW: We all have failings. You put yours our there for all the world to see, you then seemed to expect that all the world would just agree with you, and when they didn’t, instead of learning from that, and from them, you got hyper-defensive and went into proto-fascist mode: going straight for the name-calling, the always weird leftist obsession with who people were, rather than what they were saying, the thoroughly bizarre, and wrong, “IP Address” nonsense you put my friends and me through, and finally, the fascistic banning of commenters.

      Dude: you banned like ten of the people who were sympathetic to our points-of-view. That’s not keeping pests away, that’s an attempt to deny and silence an entire school of thought. Very fascistic.

      You were presented with numerous opportunities to grow, and you declined most of them, but not all, and that’s why I like you, and why I have hope for you, and why I put in my piece all the ingredients you need for healthy internet interactions with people who will serve as effective means to fight your depression. Not because they agree with you, but because they feed you intellectually and spiritually.

      Ugly, racist half-wits like Diary and Herneith don’t feed you, they poison you and solidify the cancer in you that is your bitterness and reflexive contempt for certain people. They don’t feed you, they feed your depression. Don’t allow them to do that.

      There’s a reason that I never developed the same affection for Herneith and Diary, as I did for you, and it’s because they’re already convinced that they know it all, and that what they know is true, and no amount of evidence, persuasion, cajolery, logic or future learning is going to sway them. They stopped struggling long ago.

      Dude: You struggle! That’s so admirable, and so right, and the thing I love the most about you. You lose the struggle too frequently, but that’s what a struggle is: wins and losses. People of real potential character and strength… struggle. They win and lose. It’s those who no longer struggle, because they think they’ve got it all figured out, who are toxic to you, and whose thinking you must avoid.

      You do — occasionally — expose yourself to the thinking of others, but you then give in to your weaker side. We’ve all been there.

      You have real potential, BW. You seem to be a genuinely nice guy — despite the racism and fascism — and you have real tenacity. Such good things!

      Edison once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” You have the 99% part… you need the 1% part.

      The only way to get that 1% part is to step outside of your echo chamber, to direct your efforts in ways that challenge your most closely-held beliefs.

      That’s how I got where I am. My beliefs were pretty much like yours when I was young, but I never allowed myself to think that I knew it all, or that my beliefs were above challenge. I’ve always, always, always challenged my most closely-held beliefs. It’s why I never take offense when others challenge my beliefs. Heck, if I’m going to do it to myself, I shouldn’t begrudge to others the same right, now should I?

      BW: I do have a great deal of affection for you, and I always will. I understand that it’s unrequited, but that’s so often the case in the world today, isn’t it? 🙂

      I wish you all the best, and if I find you again in some other venue, I hope we can discuss things cordially and respectfully. Furthermore, I wish you success, happiness, love, laughter, great, good health and… peace. If we ever encounter each other in the real world, the first beer’s on me.


      — x

      1. I would try to respond, but as always, you have never been in the business of listening to someone you consider a leftist. I only have one question, what has the left ever done to you personally?

          1. So, why are you seemingly hellbent on demonizing them, or those you consider are of the left, in almost every entry on your blog?

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