Here’s a beautiful, haunting song:


And another version. Same performer, a few years later, and live: here (for some reason, WordPress’s conversion of the link didn’t work for this one, as it did for the link above.)

In the second version, the male singer, Alan Stivell has a slightly strained relationship with the notes, but it’s still beautiful, and Nolwenn Leroy is just wonderful.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “I’ve Always Loved Celtic Music

  1. Love the music, love the passion, the lyrics, love the vocals.

    The language? Seems rather difficult, tkx be to Babel, Haha.

    1. Well said, CS! I learned the song on guitar, and was going to try to learn the language part. Ouch! After a few attempts, I figured I’d learn it in French!


      — x

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