Kanye, Chance, Candace — The Point That Was Lost (Part II) — Mike Makes The Most Important Point

In this post here, we said: “To say that “black people ought to be permitted to think for themselves” is to state what is so obvious that the only possible response should be: “Duh!””

We were only partially correct.

Mike, the outstanding pundit over at “makeaneffort,” clarified and made the real point that should have been made across the country:

What’s glaring to me is the idea that anyone should consider themselves in a position to ‘permit’ any of us to think for ourselves. We as a country have failed so astonishingly at teaching the meaning of “inalienable” that we believe the mobs on the My Face or Twinder can tell us how to think… and worse yet… they believe they are ‘entitled’ to do so.


The very notion that anyone should have the power to grant permission to anyone to think for himself is absurd. Or it ought to be.

There’s only one way for any other circumstance — which would be a deeply evil thing — to prevail: That’s if a person cedes control of his thinking to someone, or someones, else.

In our post, we stated an obvious thing: the fact that black Americans give their electoral support to the Democrat Party to the tune of 90-95% is at least prima facie evidence that they’ve ceded  control over their thinking to others. That they did so in one of the most important of all areas — the governing of their own country — is a deeply shameful thing. It’s the recipe for tyranny.

But there’s an even more shameful thing: the fact that the Democrats would arrogate to themselves this power. Anyone in the leadership of the Democrat Party with any integrity whatsoever, would look at the voting numbers and recoil in horror.

Here’s the simplest, and most important fact: No legitimate political party is that persuasive, that they can make a case to Americans that could persuade more than 90 percent of any group of its superiority.

I do know that Conservative thinkers would react with serious alarm at the idea that they had convinced 90-95% of any group of the rightness of their views. We have much confidence in the superiority of our viewpoints; not so much in our ability to convey that superiority to those who believe differently. Most importantly, perhaps, we Conservatives understand that it’s just possible that we’re not the holders of all wisdom.

You can have tyranny only if there are two elements: (1) a tyrant, and (2) people willing to cede control to the tyrant. A tyrant is one who would: (1) control your actions, (2) your movements, (3) your day-to-day activities, (4) severely limit your speech, (5) control your  money and possessions… (6) control your thinking. (7) Who would threaten your life.

Think about it: Who are the ones doing all they can to (1) regulate your actions, (2) control your movements, or (3) your day-to-day activities, (4) limit your speech, (5) control your money (through taxation), (6) control your thoughts? And, finally, who do you think threatens your personal safety the most?

Republicans? Conservatives? The Tea Party? Lol!

The would-be tyrants are in the America Left. The thugs and goons on America’s college campuses who shout down Conservative speakers; the prominent Democrats and Socialists who openly question whether there should even be a First Amendment protection of your freedom to speak your mind. To their shame, black Americans have granted a great deal of control over their thinking, or at least over their voting habits, to these goons.

— xPraetorius

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