Extremely Interesting Tidbit

On the internet there are things called “listicles.” These are “articles” consisting of a series of pages, all supposedly containing interesting tidbits that entice you to click to each succeeding page.

I found one with the teaser that read: “How Do You Say Wow In Russian? Just Look At These Pictures.

Since I’ve had a lifelong fascination with Russia and the Soviet Union, I decided to click on the link, anticipating a bunch of pictures of Russia, each of which #1: would take a loooooong time to load, and #2: might, indeed, be interesting.

Well, whaddya know! The very first one had a fascinating tidbit in it. Here’s the link.

And here’s the caption: “Though a man, Vladimir Putin, rules Russia, men are outnumbered in the country. In 2014, Russia’s State ­Statistic Committee published a report that showed that there were 10.5 million more women living in Russia than men.” [Red emphasis added.]

Well! Interesting eh?

Can you guess why there’s such an imbalance between men and women in Russia, the former Soviet Union? I mean, it shouldn’t be happening, right? After all, more boys than girls are born in every country in the world. How can it be that there is such a massive difference in the numbers of women and men?

The answer: Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin was a murderous b###ard who wiped out men wholesale between the years of 1925 and 1953, when, thank goodness, he croaked.

Oh, he murdered women and children too, but the ones he viewed as most threatening to his régime were… men. (I wonder whether feminism has ever mentioned anything like the deadly dangers that have always faced men around the world since the beginning of time.)

More than three generations after the old monster’s demise, and they still haven’t caught up.

The imbalance in China is worse… and it’s the other way ’round. Oh, there used to be way more women than men. Like Stalin, Mao tse Tung, China’s Communist leader from 1948 to 1976, slaughtered men wholesale, making for the same population-wide imbalance.

Then, however, China embarked on its “One Child” policy, implementing a law forbidding any couple to have more than one child. Chinese couples immediately began aborting female babies — because boys are so much more economically valuable in China — restored the imbalance between the sexes, and then made another imbalance, the other way, where they now have way more young men than young women. Great, eh?

Everywhere the Left takes power they “solve problems” by slaughtering people. Men, babies… anyone who makes things slightly inconvenient for their agenda, they simply… kill.

Is it any wonder they’re embracing the euthanasia movement currently gathering momentum in the West? All in the name of “compassion” and “fairness,” of course! With abortion on one end, and euthanasia on the other, and them in power, the Left will be able to engineer exactly the society they want. Just the right amount of women, of  men, or blacks, whites, yellows, of young and old… and to manage it just exactly as they want to.

We’ve said it in these pages before: the Left views people as nothing more than herd animals, with the Left as their herders.

— xPraetorius

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