The RGI Says: Black People Don’t — and Must NOT — Think for Themselves

••• They Do NOT Want People — Especially BLACK People — Thinking For Themselves •••

In our previous post (here), we introduced you to the power cabal in America, whose leadership is determined to run things behind the scenes, and to control how you and I think, vote and act. The massive American Grievance Industry — of which the Race Grievance Industry is a small, but essential piece — is part of that ugly, counter-democratic group. They showed it rather transparently in the recent Kanye West dust-up.

Kanye West is a black rapper. Up until very recently, many considered him a “genius!” And visionary and insightful, wise, uncommonly perceptive and all the usual things people say about famous people who are generally famous without anyone really knowing why.

Apparently he did a lot of rapping about things in America and the like, and no one in pop culture had anything but laudatory things to say about him.

Okay. Maybe it’s all true. Generally what I’ve seen about this kind of public work product is that it’s typically witless, abysmally unperceptive, pathetically narrow-minded, deeply self-obsessed, ridiculously shallow and… dumb-as-a-rock stupid. I could be wrong, though, and am prepared to admit it if someone can show me differently.

Kanye has been a darling of the cognoscenti and much of pop culture for a very long time… mainly because he’s black and thou shalt never speak ill of a black person, regardless of how vacuous his public pronouncements may be, else suffer severe consequences. Now, mind you, I’m not all that averse to such a state of mind. I don’t think that people should publicly abuse any other people, even if what they say and do is Typical Democrat Voter-level stupid, or General Connecticut Resident-level ignorant.

If, however, what someone — no matter what color! —  does or says or writes is just evil, then in my ever so humble opinion, have at ’em! With all barrels! Absolutely tell Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the RGI what a bunch of racist, dirty rat ba***rds they are. Don’t hold back. Because they are.

Kanye even did the obligatory dissing of a prominent white person when he stepped in front of the whiter than white Taylor Swift at some meaningless awards ceremony or other. It was rude, inconsiderate, thoughtless, stupid and… jerkish.

So far, so good. Kanye, toast of the Race Grievance Industry; toast of the town.

Then… The wildly wealthy West marries Kim Kardashian, a wildly wealthy woman who’s wildly famous for being… wildly famous… and for strategically displaying her ample assets in public. Uh oh… black man marries a white woman! Definitely a no-no, but not unrecoverable.

Then, though…

The fabulously well-off West did two unthinkable things. He could have done the first of these two things and still recovered in the eyes of the Left and of the RGI. However, the second of these two astonishing things pushed him out of any possibility of remaining unscathed as a member of the Left or of the RGI. What were these two things?

Well, the first thing — the recoverable thing — was: Kanye said that he liked Donald Trump. Now, you can  do that in the RGI, and still recover from it. It’s bad — real bad — as far as the RGI and the Left are concerned, but people and Presidents come and go, and Kanye could recover from that.

Thing #2 that Kanye did was a two-parter in which he said #1: that he liked the way Candace Owens thinks, and — heresy or heresies — #2: that black people should be able to think freely for themselves.

Candace Evans is a bright, articulate, young black woman who eats RGI whining for lunch and spits out the bones. What Kanye said about Evans is something no black American is ever supposed to say. Ever. Not ever. Not even supposed to hint at it. And, if someone ever suggests that black Americans don’t always, at all times, in all circumstances, always, always, always… think for themselves, then the only response is supposed to be:  Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist!

And: Racist!

Until the unfortunate one who suggested it goes away, tail firmly tucked between legs.

So, what’s so wrong about telling black people a simple truth? A blindingly obvious, palm-to-the-forehead-DUH! kind of truth… but, shockingly, a little-known one all the same. The astonishing thing about that is how the Left has been able to conceal that little, right-out-in-the-open-all-the-time truth from black people for so long.

Don’t forget what Kanye’s little transgression also said: that black Americans don’t think for themselves.

Hidden out there in plain sight is the fact that black Americans vote at 90+% for the Democrats. The leadership of the Democrat Party does not want black people thinking for themselves. The implications of that little catastrophe are far too obvious.

Here however is one of those implications: The Democrats win far too many elections because, and only because…  they own the black vote.  Without the black vote, it’s difficult to see how the Democrat Party could maintain its electoral viability.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult for black Americans to articulate precisely what they get for giving their vote away at that rate. At the rate of 90+%, one would think that someone would be able to point to some real things for which black Americans owe the Democrat Party. But no one can, and that particular truth is one that the Left is desperate to conceal for everyone, especially black people.

More to the point, it’s not even remotely possible to say that convincingly — again to the tune of 90+% — that Democrat thinking is ever so much better for black Americans than Republican/Conservative thinking.

Furthermore, there’s a rapidly increasing number of bright, young, articulate black Conservative thinkers (like: Candace Evans) who are (1) not going to stand for being told what and how to think, and (2) concluding that Republican/Conservative thinking is… better.

The ideas and thinking of the Left, and of their puppets in the RGI, are so stupid, so cringe-inducingly, embarrassingly idiotic, that the only way they can become the currency of a country is if #1: you don’t allow any other ideas, and #2: you don’t permit anyone to think independently.

That’s why what Kanye said was unpardonable, inexcusable, unacceptable.

There’s a third condition  that must be in place in order for really stupid ideas to carry the day: A significant percentage of the population must, must, must listen to the stupid ideas uncritically, swallow them whole, and never, ever, ever, not ever, question them.

That’s why people like Kanye must never, ever, ever, not ever say that they like President Trump, or that black people ought to be able to think for themselves. That’s why when black Americans like Kanye West step out of line, the Left must, must, must question their intelligence, their honesty, their integrity… their sanity.

So they did.

The Left is saying, unsubtly: “Black Americans — don’t listen to Kanye’s insane admonition to think for yourselves, and get back on our plantation. ”

Bright, young people like Candace Evans are not going to listen to that kind of condescending, patronizing, insulting cr#p. And they shouldn’t.

America is a land of contradictions, chock full of people who use her expansive freedoms and her unique generosity of spirit, to do everything they can to abolish her expansive freedoms and generosity of spirit. People who thoroughly embrace the tactics and strategies of Fascism to declare their opposition to… Fascism; open racists who declare that they’re struggling against… racism.

In these pages, we distilled those thoughts into a couple of pithy phrases: #1: The new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism, and #2: the new racists will come waving the banner of anti-racism. Here’s a first hack at #3:The new anti-democrats will come calling themselves: Democrats.” 

Not a bad first hack, but just a bit ahistorical. The Left has been anti-democratic for a very long time. And, they’ve long been calling their little totalitarian, people-eating hellholes “Democratic” this and “the People’s” that for a very long time. These places were where the international Left murdered tens upon tens upon tens of millions of people in the last century alone.

Those very same rat ba***ards have always been here in America. They’re just wide open about it now.

— xPraetorius


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