Still Another “Joy Reid” Perspective…

As most everyone who’s been paying attention knows, Joy Reid, hard-core, left-wing, generally nitwit hostette on MSNBC is in a spot of hot water. Apparently someone found some “homophobic” tweets and blog posts and the like, many years in Reid’s past.

I’ve seen a couple of these posts and tweets, and I have to admit, they’re mean and cruel and rotten… in other words, everything we’ve all come to expect from the Left anyway.  However, the American Left is now obsessed with only one thing: Grievance. On the Left, Grievance is King. King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Count, Duke, Earl, Marquis… For the Left, Grievance is lord of all.

Their idea: if you can get all the people who have a beef — any beef, even the most shallow, ridiculous, nonsensical beef — you can add ’em all up to a major head start in any kind of election you might have to contest.

So, when Reid said, for example, that Ann Coulter was a transsexual and such, it was all okay, and oh so clever… because it was Ann Coulter, for goodness sake!

But that was when everyone knew what remains obvious… but is now ever so politically incorrect, and definitely inconvenient if it appears in your “tweet-stream” from long ago:  So-called “transsexuals” are not normal. Nor are they mentally well.

“Transsexuality” (“Transsexualism?”) is a disorder. If you have it, then you need assistance. You don’t need affirmation, you need help.

Look, if you’re a dude, you’re a dude, and if you’re a woman, then you’re a woman. That’s all immutable. Neither you nor I can change that. None of that is scientifically controversial. It is, however, culturally controversial. Because the Left hates science, unless it agrees with their preferred conclusions, in which case it’s their deity.

Now, though, so-called “transsexuals” are the darlings of the Left. They’re a tiny, teentsy-weentsy, minuscule percentage of the population, but they promise to be an automatic Democrat voter bloc, and the Dems never turn that down, so… since Ann Coulter is deeply loathed on the Left, calling her a transsexual is insulting to… transsexuals.

Yep. That’s where we are. Those comments of Reid’s some 7-8 years or so ago were really funny then, but, you see, they’re signs of  loathsome, disgusting bigotry now.


Joy said something like this, again many years ago: “most straight people cringe at the sight of two men kissing.”

Well. Ummmmmmm…

What to say about that?!?

Oh, I dunno. How ’bout… It’s absolutely true.

Yep. Most people get all skeeved out at the idea of two men kissing. Most normal people, that is. I know I do. Most men, and most women, do.

Later on in a related post, Joy said that she couldn’t watch Brokeback Mountain because “she didn’t want to watch two male characters having sex.”

I don’t blame her. Look, Joy Reid’s an idiot, but not in her views regarding sexuality and romantic relations between men and women, in which she’s a perfectly normal woman.

I understand the Left attacking her for her past posts, the Left is comprised mostly of vicious, spiteful, ugly morons… but we on the Right need to stop attacking her for them.

She’s ever so jeerable for her half-witted views on race, on economics, and on all manner of other things, but not, for heaven’s sake, on homosexuality, about which she’s, obviously… right.

The problem — and it’s a serious one — is that being normal in America, and being right in America, are not okay, culturally, anymore.

Who would have thought that could even be possible?!?

What a shame.

— xPraetorius

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