Remember Richard Nixon? Remember “No One’s Above The Law?”

Cue the game show “Wrong Answer” horn.

I remember “no one’s above the law,” though. It was a quaint little notion, back in the ’70’s when everyone — no exceptions right or left — repeated it over and over again, and felt just wonderful about themselves.

That’s right! No one’s above the law, not even the President of these United States!” And we all waved goodbye to then-President Nixon as he boarded the Marine 1 helicopter for the last time, to an exile in disgrace in California.

Well… what a difference a few years make!

Believe what you want of what James Comey has said, it’s indisputable that he openly, right-in-front-of-your-face, on television and numerous times, admitted that he did what he could to ensure that Hillary Clinton was, indeed… above the law.

And at this point, she is.

The level of corruption in the Clinton couple — not just Hillary — makes Nixon look like a Campfire Girl.

All the things of which Nixon stood accused, the Clintons openly did… and Comey openly admitted that he was just a-okay with letting her get away with it.

In one instance Comey said  he was so sure that Clinton was going to be the next President of the United States, that he wanted to do whatever he could to ensure that her legitimacy as President would not be questioned. Wow! How public spirited! How generous and forgiving and just… gentlemanly. What a nice man, eh?(1)

The ghost of Richard Nixon has to be rolling his eyes saying, “He didn’t want her legitimacy to be questioned?!? Where were these frickin’  doofuses in the 1970’s?!?

Then, previous to all that, Comey pretended to be able to read Hillary’s mind. He stated — openly again, right in front of everyone! — that even though Hillary had exposed state secrets to the world with her illegal home-brew e-mail server — well, he said, she didn’t really mean to, so it was okay.

If you or I were to have done that, we’d have been tossed into prison for thirty years. (Sotto voce: Unless, that is, you decide to “change your sex” while in prison. Then, like Chelsea Manning, you can expect to get your surgeries for free, and to be released 23 years early.)

When Nixon was drummed out of office and out of town, one Hillary Rodham, later  Clinton, sat on the committee that made sure Nixon would not be charged with an actual crime for Watergate.

Why’s that, you might ask? Easy. At that time, the Congress was firmly in the hands of the Democrat Party with no change in that status as far as the eye could see. In what turns out to be quite the irony, Clinton was adamant that Nixon not be charged with a crime in the Watergate affair, so that the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the Constitution would not necessarily mean real crimes… thus ensuring the supremacy of what everyone thought was the permanently Democrat Congress over the changeable Presidency.

The Democrats in Washington are always caterwauling about all the “dangers to democracy” and how we must be vigilant in safeguarding the “democracy” for which they declare such devotion. Yeah.  “Democracy.” Like what they have in the “DPRK?”(2)

Can you imagine a power cabal of élite, arrogant, know-it-alls deciding for the rest of us who’s beyond the pale (Nixon) and who’s not (Hillary Clinton)? That’s what we have in America, and that’s James Comey. He admitted it in front of the whole world.

The thing Comey really has been admitting — quite openly too! —  is that there really is such an élite gang of slimy clowns, and that it dates back at least as far as the 1960’s and 1970’s. He further admitted that he was part of it all, and that he’s quite mystified as to why Americans just don’t get that!

Can you imagine that? The word “Democracy” means “rule by the people.” How can there be any kind of democracy with sleazeballs like the Clintons and Comey around!

That cabal declared that people like John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson(3) — corruptocrats of the first order — were … not beyond the pale. All while honest but complex moderates  like Nixon, having the wrong letter — “R”(4) — next to their name… were.

That inconvenient letter “R.” It’s the reason why the thoroughly corrupt, arrogant, slimy Clintons are “in” while the merely crude Donald Trump is… not.   If Trump were to abandon the “R,” then he could say and do all the exact same things he’s saying and doing right now, and he’d be the toast of the media, Washington’s power cabal… toast of the town.

If he were to abandon that durned “R,” then his coarseness would be refreshing openness. His flip-flops and ad hoc policy changes and formulations would be a genius for flexibility. There’d be no “Russian collusion” thing, and Stormy Daniels would be an obscure bimbo whose claims of dalliances would be unknown.

Here’s the real bottom line: #1: There is a power cabal in America, determined to tell us all what and how to think, and to keep us all in line. And #2: this power cabal has no concern either for what’s good for the country, or for what’s good for the world. This power cabal is an entitled bunch of pompous, arrogant, power-mad dirtbags, and James Comey and Hillary (and Bill) Clinton are long-time, prominent members.

— xPraetorius


(1) Serious question: Where are the feminists, with Jim Comey running around telling everyone that he was really Big Jim Comey (6’8″ tall Jim Comey) jist a-tryin’ ta ride ta the rescue of the little lady who jist can’t seem to get out of her own way?

(2) The “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” — North Korea. The country for which three of the four words in the name are patently and obviously shams. It is: “Korea,” though.

(3) It was commonly said of Johnson that “he never won an election he didn’t buy.”

(4) “R” = “Republican”

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