An Honest Question

A dude decides that he’s really a woman. All his chromosomes, his hormones, his physique, bone structure, beard, musculature… every last physical characteristic he possesses — not one single teeny, weeny exception —  screams: “Dude!

But, still, he says he’s a she. The Left agrees, and is leaning on all the institutions of society to conform to the dude’s wishes that, in their view… he’s a she.

Now, this all goes along just fine, and the dude gets hormones, and things lopped, and things added, and different clothing, and new shoes and the like, and all this goes on for five years.

Now, unfortunately, the ex-dude, new-woman, gets into a car accident, and has to go to the hospital. At the hospital, it’s absolutely crucial for medical professionals to know what they’re dealing with. Often, that’s literally a life or death matter.

In society, we can decide all we want that there’s no difference whatsoever between men and women, but medical professionals don’t have that luxury. The outcomes of their efforts are absolutely dependent on knowing all they can possibly know about their patients, and as precisely and accurately as possible.

So, here’s my honest question: what do the medical professionals who actually have to deal — in a potentially life or death situation — with this supposedly “transgender person” do? 

If, for example, they treat him as the woman he says he is, they just might kill him. If, however, they deal with actual reality — for medical purposes, the dude’s a dude — they risk the legal repercussions that might come from this very vocal, tiny minority of people who pretend they’re not what they… actually are. At least as far as actual science is concerned.

Interestingly, I’ve never heard any analyses of how the people who have to deal with the aftermath, with the cold, harsh realities of all this nonsensical transgender flapdoodle, without  consideration for the politics or fragile egos in question… do it.

Since we hear few incidents, if any (I haven’t heard of any) in which medical professionals have killed any “transgender” people by incorrect medical procedures, we are left to the following conclusion: Hospital and medical personnel ignore the transgender silliness and treat patients according to the sex they actually are.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) I used that language advisedly. I did not use the “gender assigned at birth” phrase, because the doctors don’t get to “assign” what you are. The doctors observe and report your sex at your birth. That’s it. You are what you are. In my humble opinion, God “assigns” that, but keeping the religious out of this, the point remains: You are of the male or female sex, and that’s decided by your chromosomal makeup, which is decided at conception. It’s reflected in every last one of the trillions upon trillions of cells that make up your body. You don’t get to change that anymore than Shaquille O’Neal gets to decide not to be tall. Or Hervé Villechaize could, on a whim, decide that he was tall. No matter how much Shaquille or Hervé might have wished it.

14 thoughts on “An Honest Question

  1. Hopefully, the discussion never comes up in the E.R. or O.R. The medical staff are in no position to discuss philosophy, as that would be a breach of their oath to preserve life.

    Fix the guy, and let the fools fight it out later. ‘Male and female created He them.’ Period.

    Of course there will be the lawsuits, and if it came to my courtroom, I will tell the pretenders: ‘Get out of this room, you are an insult to law.’

    Of course the lazy liberal mind will cite me as cruel, and to this I say: Tell a four year old who needs to pee in Target, that the lady wearing a dress on the door suggesting to her she chose the correct restroom…….is really subject to interpretation, and she needs to be careful……………just may be a guy in there wearing a costume……….What sane person would put a child through these mental hoops?

    1. Exactly! So well said! These are things that I was hoping to imply when I wrote the piece.

      Implied in my piece was the fact that when the man or woman arrives in the medical establishment, a bunch of actual, you know, scientists are going to say, if they’re telling the truth, something like: “Well he calls himself a woman, but if we treat him as if he actually is a woman, we might just kill him. So, as far as medical science is concerned at least, he’s a man.”

      It’d be refreshing to see.


      — x

    1. Oops. I realize that I was being cryptic too… I’ll give you a hint: “it’s in the stars.” 🙂

      I know what you were checking out, and I know what conclusion you are going to come to as well.

      And, as so often is true… you’re wrong. But, it’s funny really. And it confirms what we’ve said so frequently here: the Left is more concerned about digging into who you are personally, than they are in rebutting different ideas. Most likely because they have no rebuttal for different ideas, so they need to do whatever they possibly can to impugn the character of others, or their integrity or honesty… or even their sanity.

      Ark did that to me frequently in our occasional jousts, here and at other web sites. It was kind of funny, because that kind of substanceless argumentation is the first sign of the debater who’s out of intellectual gas.


      — x

      1. What the hell are you rambling on about?
        My ”just checking” had absolutely nothing to do with anything you have written.
        Your ego will consume one day. Get a grip.

        1. Lol! Sorry… might have misinterpreted.

          You have to admit that I ought to be used to your attacking me rather scurrilously.

          The word “d####ead” comes quickly to mind. As well as “a####ole.”

          So, I don’t think that my putting 2 + 2 together, and coming up with… a possible clinker, is all that unreasonable. 🙂

          Just out of curiosity, what were you checking out, then?


          — x

          1. Oh, you are still a D###ead, I was just testing whether my comments went into moderation – I couldn’t remember.
            I didn’t even read the post.
            Should I?

          2. Actually, Ark, why not look at CS’s post, below?

            Can you reply smartly without resort to the juvenile insults, or the moronic vocabulary?


            — x

  2. If your posts didn’t contain any of your usual juvenile dirty words, they never go into moderation. With that said, there are words — apparently containing forbidden words — that trigger moderation. That’s a WordPress thing, not a TPWG thing. You might have fallen afoul of that. We, however, censor no one. Ever.

    Just to give you a small confession, our “moderation” filters are really easy to defeat. They’re word-based only. We’ve never once, not ever, blocked a person, an ID, or an IP address.

    You can defeat our filters with the tiniest bit of imagination. However, in so doing, and in refusing my always polite requests to restrain your language, you’d demonstrate rather clearly that you’re the d####ead, not me. 🙂

    I don’t mind allowing you to demonstrate that, even though you’ve amply demonstrated many times before.


    — x

    1. hey -x

      It may be a good idea to ask the fella with the cement lid to actually read the post here, and see if it is possible to comment smartly without reverting to %*@$F;}+!#@. lol

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