Women: Get a Grip! We Are ACTUALLY Worse People Than Men

By every possible measure imaginable we women are doing better than men in America. Every possible measure.

We’re doing better in:

  • Academia
  • The workplace (yes, in workplace compensation too)
  • Lifespan
  • General health
  • Stress levels
  • Overall happiness

When things go wrong for us women, there are a thousand and one places, organizations, departments, programs, facilities, non-profits, counselors to which we can turn for a good cry and someone who will at least listen.

We women are not:

  • Stronger than men.
  • Nicer than men.
  • Kinder than men.
  • More generous than men.
  • Harder workers than men.
  • Smarter than men.
  • Wiser than men.
  • More intuitive than men.
  • More valuable in the workplace than men.
  • More productive than men.
  • Better parents than men.

Yet nearly everyone in America has swallowed the crap that we women are:

  • Better than men… in all things.

Look at my list of things that women are not. However, in some ways we are stronger, nicer, kinder, more generous, smarter, wiser, more intuitive, more valuable, more productive, better parents… than men. And, guess what, in some ways men are all those things, more so than we.

Take, for example, that “more generous” characteristic. More men than woman — by many, many times — are willing to sacrifice their lives for someone they love. Imagine the scenario we’ve all seen a hundred times on television. The woman huddled outside the burning house wailing that “Fluffy is still in there!!!” All in the expectation that a… man will rush into the burning building, re-emerging tense moments later, bearing the alarmed but safe cat, as the house finally collapses into a heap of flaming rubble.

No one thinks anything of this trite scene, but there’s a whole lot of meaning in it. And there are good reasons why it’s never the man huddled with the children around the burning house, begging the woman to go in and get Fluffy. No one would give such a scene any credence. In fact, you might see something like it in a parody or something, but never in any attempt to depict a realistic moment.

Yet in all this, more women than men engage in charitable work in America. By a good margin. Is either kind of generosity any less valuable than the other? Of course not!

We are most decidedly not better than men. We’re… different. And we’re not worse either.

Except, that now we are.

Yep. We’re actually worse people now than men.

How can I say that, you might ask? Easy: Feminism. With all the above-stated facts in play what is the thing most noticeable in the American socio-political landscape? That is a tough question, but if you think of if for a bit, you’ll come up with the answer.

Let’s help you along a bit. Back to my opening statement:

By every possible measure imaginable we women are doing better than men in America. Every possible measure.

We can restate that to the following: “By every possible measure imaginable men are doing worse than women in America. Every possible measure.”

But, with all this, what do you never hear? Men whining about it.

The better we women do, the safer we are, the more we prosper, the more power we obtain, the more the laws favor us, the more we whine. And whine and whine and whine.

Men cleared the decks so that we could live the generally happy, prosperous, safe, secure lives that, for the most part, western women lead. All so we women could whine incessantly about what primitive, brutish clods men are. And we come up with a bunch of crap like “toxic masculinity,” and “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” and assorted other feminist codswallop.

Masculinity is not “toxic.” It’s necessary. It’s humanity’s very lifeblood. It’s the very thing that allows us to survive, and to progress, as a species. Without it, if we even existed at all, we’d live in caves, eating grasses, huddled behind inadequate, makeshift barriers waiting for the next horrible thing from outside to snuff out our puny lives.

No, masculinity is nottoxic.” It’s noble, giving, self-sacrificing, strong, courageous, wise, intelligent… glorious. And we need to tell this to men, because if we don’t they will live down to the ridiculously low expectations of feminists.

But, if we tell them the truth — that because they’re men, they’re capable of unimaginable greatness, of astonishing acts of courage and generosity, that they’re intelligent, wise and intuitive in ways we could never be — then they’ll live up to those lofty, and correct, expectations.

There is toxic femininity. It’s called: Feminism. We women need to get a grip, and reject its poison. It’s making us worse people, and what’s worse, it’s making us worse people than men.

Now, we women need you men to stand up for yourselves too. Stop giving in to us just because we’re women. You need to get a grip and tell feminists they’re full of crap. You’ll be doing them a favor. Every time you help someone to have a better, firmer grasp on reality, you’ve done them a great service.

— FreeThinker

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