It’s Time to Say It: Feminism is Crap

— And, it’s always been crap — 

Because it never answered the fundamental question. Not: “Do women have a difficult life?” But: “Are  women’s lives harder than men’s?”

Feminism — feminists — did everything in its power to avoid answering that question — the only question that counted.

I’m a woman, and I don’t have the answer to that question. However, I know one thing: If the answer is: “No.” then there was no reason at all for feminism.

When I was in college some years back, I took a debate course. Our job as students was to debate some of the great questions of the day. If you’d given me the proposition: “Men have it more difficult than women.” then I’d have won that debate easily. On the “Agree” side.

You can talk to me of “no right to vote,” and “patriarchy,” and this and that all you want, and I defy you to overcome: “terrified every day of their lives of losing their lives in some godforsaken hellhole in Whoknowswhatland.


Women appear, in all circumstances throughout history, never to have had to worry about dying in “some godforsaken hellhole in Whoknowswhatland.”

I’m simply stating the obvious: Since women have never experienced dying in, or even the threat of dying in, “some godforsaken hellhole” then it’s likely that women have no idea what in the world that is, and would have no legitimacy whatsoever in pronouncing on the topic.

Yet, pronounce on such things we do! Men need to tell feminists that they’re full of crap, and that they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Yet men don’t do it. They allow feminists to unload such a barrel-load of craptacular twaddle upon the heads of Americans that they never know what’s coming next. Men need to cut that out and stand up for themselves.

Men, should say Feminism’s all a load of crap. Because it is.


Easy: If you  can’t prove to anyone that women ever had it tougher than men, then there was never any no reason whatsoever for Feminism at all!

It’s the same in the workforce. Go ahead, show me where women have it worse than men in the workforce. I’ll wait. Compensation’s the same. Rights are lop-sided in favor of us women. Sorry… the workplace is overwhelmingly a women-friendly place.

Bottom Line: There’s only one possible justification for a movement like Feminism, and that’s if you can show convincingly that women have, throughout history, had it tougher than men… and that it’s men’s fault. If not, then feminism was all a bunch of lies, hogwash, deceptions and… crap.

— FreeThinker


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