The Gun Control Debate Summed Up

The Left (arguing in Stage 1 thinking, as always) says, “We must control guns!” and “We will now mobilize tens of thousands to demonstrate for that goal.”

The Right (arguing from Stage 2, as usual) asks: “But will ‘Gun Control’ actually control guns?”

When a Stage 1 argument — that automatically appeals to the majority of the country that doesn’t want to think about things too deeply(1), meets a Stage 2 response, the Stage 1‘ers ignore it — because they haven’t thought about it, and therefore don’t understand it — and simply reassert their initial, generally stupid, shallow statement.

It’s a stupid, shallow statement that the overwhelming majority of the American media will take as Surpassing Wisdom, and  Obvious Truth, and pass, unedited, along, while heaping scorn on those who would respond with a superior, less shallow argument… that they in the media simply don’t understand.

It’s on these levels — Stage 1 and Stage 2 — that the vast majority of our political “debates” take place. The problem: There are (at least) eight stages, the most elevated, and the most likely of which to deliver real, positive change is: Stage 8.

— xPraetorius


(1) No discredit to them, but they have lives too, and the Left preys upon the fact that [1] their lives are already largely full, and [2] they want to say that they had a hand in improving the country.

One thought on “The Gun Control Debate Summed Up

  1. This is spot on x and is exactly what’s happening in tis particularly insane moment in time in our country! The question I guess is how do us stage 2 people change the narrative of the so called debate? Or do we even need to because this will blow over soon like every seemingly hot issue of the day?

    I really don’t know. We are moving towards a dangerous precipice in this country where mob rule could become reality.

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