NPR Watch (3/24/18) — I Kid You Not — I Heard This on NPR This Morning…

—— …In Their Headlines! ——

There was National Public Radio’s Barbara Klein telling us that there was to be a “March for our Lives” in Washington, D.C. this morning, and that thousands of teenagers were going to tell us all about how we so desperately need “gun control.” You know, that thing that’s supposed to save us all from “gun violence,” all while failing to, you know, control guns.

Anyway, there’s Barbara telling us that there was going to be this half-witted march, by a bunch of idealistic, empty-headed, ignorant (sorry: low-information), uninformed, misinformed, ill-informed, really young moppets, and that, by implication the government of the United States of America is supposed to bow to the simple wisdom of these idiots and make laws that, you know, will “control guns,” when on comes Random Moppet with NPR’s Quote of the Day.

It should be noted that NPR’s QotD is supposed to be something Really Pithy that sums up how NPR thinks we all should view the upcoming march. They do this for everything. When the Parkland shooting was over, NPR disgorged upon us numerous QotD’s, generally from survivors of the horror asking, “Why, why, WHY Don’t We Have Gun Control?!?” in some pithy, touching but generally barely coherent way.

Here it is; the QotD that I heard today:

“I’m 13 years old, and I’m making smarter decisions than the people in Washington.”

Really? This pap is what National Public Radio thought would be pithy, and a good summary of what the “March for our Lives” is?!? What freakin’ morons work at National Public Radio?!?

Anyway, I don’t think that I should need to explain just how stupid this quote is, but here goes anyway (because there are a lot of leftists who read this blog).

  1. The freakin’ kid is 13-years old!
    1. Is NPR really suggesting that we should look for in-depth analysis from a 13-year old? Really?!?
  2. Smarter decisions than the people in Washington.” Oh? What are those smarter decisions? Why are they smarter? Please cite reasons and evidence.
  3. Please, Random Moppet, tell me why anyone should listen to a 13-year old for any public policy decisions at all? (Here, I admit, I’m assuming that Random Moppet’s thesis statement is a bunch of the same ridiculous codswallop one might expect from a 13-year old.)
  4. What, pray tell, Random Moppet, what Surpassing Wisdom do you have on other pressing issues of the day. After all, a horrible shooting gave you the prominence you’re enjoying today, but poverty, hunger, disease, war, acne, gingivitis and irregular verbs have been around forever!(1) What should we do about those things? Please, oh great 13-year-old Random Moppet who Makes Smarter Decisions Than The People in Washington, tell us what to do!
  5. When I was 13-years old, I was “making smarter decisions than the people in Washsington” also. I was wrong.
  6. When I was 13-years old, I knew everything. I knew much more than the people in Washington. Much more, and I certainly was “making smarter decisions.” And I was wrong.
  7. It took decades of hard, deep study to figure out that at age 13, I was an… idiot. Okay, not an idiot, but: “unschooled.” In possession of few facts, and a whole lot of stuff that I’d heard from those older than I. And, since I was young in Connecticut, it was all default leftist stuff. In other words: crap.
  8. Anyone who’s been 13, and (this is crucial) graduated intellectually from being 13, knows that what we know at age 13 is a bunch of nonsensical flapdoodle.
  9. Anyone who would take seriously the thinking of a 13-year old Random Moppet is an idiot. NPR took seriously the thinking of a 13-year old Random Moppet.
  10. And, yes, this was the kind of unmitigated, stupid, nonsensical… crap that made its way into NPR’s headlines today. Yes, these are your taxpayer dollars at work!
  11. The “smarter decisions” hogwash wasn’t the only thing that young Random Moppet had to say, but I’ve nearly forgotten the rest. I do remember thinking — no 13-year old says anything remotely resembling what this kid just said. It was a bunch of the usual left-wing crap — something like: “guns aren’t more important than people’s lives.” Something obviously fed to the kid by someone much older, who hoped to give it credibility — or at least non-attackability — by having it come from this 13-year old.
  12. There was nothing in what this kid had to say that was even coherent, much less newsworthy, or deserving of national prominence as a headline in any “news” organization’s programming.

Out of the mouths of ignorant, uninformed, pliable, leadable babes come shallow, ridiculous, stoooooopid platitudes and bromides that NPR then uses as Important News Headlines.

— xPraetorius


(1) Just kidding: Irregular verbs are relatively recent on the scene.

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