Socialism: By the Numbers

Why on earth does this odious ideology have any following whatsoever anywhere in the world?

  • 120 million: the number murdered in the 20th Century alone attributable to Socialism. That number is not done rising, just because we turned a century.
  • Zero: Total successful countries where Socialism reigned.
  • Four: The top four most prolific murderers in history. All in the 20th Century, and all: Socialists. In order by most prolific to least: Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot. You can arrange the next few as well, and you get a bunch of, you guessed it: Socialists. Note: when Adolf Hitler is the bronze medalist in your Mass Murderers Olympics, then maybe you should re-think your ideology? Furthermore, if you count murders per capita, then Hitler drops out of the top three altogether! If you count people murdered only in peacetime, Hitler drops out of the top 100!
  • Billions: the number of people enslaved by Socialist leaders in the past.
  • Billions: the number of people enslaved by Socialist leaders now. (Ex.: North Korea, China, Vietnam, various other Asian countries, Cuba, Venezuela, practically all of Africa, more…)
  • Billions: the number of people impoverished by Socialist leaders in the past.
  • Billions: the number of people impoverished by Socialist leaders now. (Ex.: See the same list of countries and regions two bullets up.)
    • Note: This is what Socialists call “equality,” and “progress.”
  • 100: Percentage of failed countries, societies, areas, regions throughout history that were either explicitly Socialist, or met all the criteria to be called Socialist.(1)

It truly is only the profoundly stupid, the completely ignorant, or the monstrous who would call themselves Socialists.

— xPraetorious


(1) Hereditary monarchies, feudal societies, islamic states, all primitive groups are either admittedly Socialist, or have all the characteristics of Socialism: top-heavy government, concentration of power and wealth in the hands of one person or a few people, oppressive internal security apparatus, widespread personal and economic insecurity, non-existent social, economic and political  mobility.

It’s important to note that as the Left complains about things like “income inequality,” they’re complaining about more Socialism in the country. Capitalism, with its merit-based reasons for material success, produces greater equality, because it puts in place a structure that allows it. In a Socialist system, the very first things to disappear are social, economic and political mobility. Along with basic freedoms.

An easy example to understand: The Soviet Union. The Left — the Bolsheviks — supposedly were all upset about all the power and wealth concentrated in the hands of the oppressive monarchy. The system they put in place, though, concentrated vastly more power and wealth in the hands of far fewer than at any time in the previous tsarist régime. Furthermore, the Soviet Socialist régime leaders established a hereditary hierarchy — concentrating power and wealth still more in the hands of a very few families — the likes of which the tsars never even dreamt of. Those same Socialist leaders then murdered many, many times more people in seventy-five years of power than the tsars had in the entire millennium they were in power.


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