Society’s Sacred Obligation

Society has one truly sacred obligation. I should stress that “society” is a secular institution, so its “sacred” obligations are secular ones. Here is society’s one truly sacred obligation:

Society must provide a structure within which every person has the greatest possible opportunity to achieve the life for himself that he wishes to have, without unnecessary obstacles or impediments.

Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. Any society that doesn’t establish such a structure is a failure.

This means that society must bend its efforts to:

  1. Maximizing financial, social, political mobility
  2. Minimizing regulation, rules, laws… impediments to financial, social and political mobility.

You’ll note that I didn’t call this government’s sacred obligation, but society’s. The government must be society’s product, and must serve society. The establishment and makeup of any government must support this sacred goal, and society must oversee the government it establishes to ensure that it never deviates from this sacred goal.

The government must be structured so that it spends its time getting rid of impediments. No law that impedes anyone’s financial, social or political mobility should ever be promulgated.

All other things that society does must support this one sacred goal, or else the society will fail.

— xPraetorius

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