Leftists Have No Right to Say Anything in This “MeToo” Moment. They Should… Shut Up.

The American Left practically unanimously threw in their lot with Bill Clinton when it was well-known that he was a randy dog, tongue out, running after anyone who wore a skirt. They were all “with her” when Hillary Clinton threw all her considerable weight behind making sure that we were all just a-okay with serious abuses of power when Bill was Governor of Arkansas and the Democrat Party nominee to be the President. And then when he was the President. They were with Harvey Weinstein as long as he was giving millions of dollars to Democrat candidates. And so on.

The Left does love its perverted left-wing cash cows, and for them, cash is king… because it buys power, the Left’s merciless, relentless addiction. So, the Left just needs to shut up entirely.

Only Republicans and Conservatives have any right whatsoever to speak out on the topic of  treating women with respect… or not. The Left showed what they thought about “sexual harassment” when their top dawgs spent all their public lives pulling out all the sexual harassment stops, including obvious abuse of women, as well as credible reports of rape. And the Left let them get away with it… for decades.

The Left, and the media in cahoots, covered up Bill’s abuses, hid them from the public, supported Bill, then went all in for his chief enabler, Hillary throughout all their elections. The Left, and the media in cahoots, knew all about the hijinks in Hollywood, but Tinseltown is nearly unanimously Leftist, so the Left simply looked the other way.

The American Left had thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of opportunities to suggest that all men — not just Right-wing men — need to treat women, and men, with respect. Leftists nearly unanimously ignored those opportunities.

In other words, the Left had millions of opportunities to tell men that they should reject the obviously deviant, perverted example and values of… the Left.

So, American Left… shut up. You’re the problem. You’ve been the problem for decades. You were the problem before Bill Clinton too. Bill Clinton did nothing more than show the problem that the Left, and its bankrupt vision for  America, has always been.

The American Left couldn’t care less whether anyone treats women with respect or craps all over them. That crapping that’s been going on in Hollywood, had been going on… for decades, but the Left just… covered it all up… because it was leftists doing it all.

So, Leftists, shut up. You have nothing to say to anyone, because… Bill Clinton. Oh, and Harvey Weinstein.

Republicans and Conservatives can speak, because only they have the right. They’ll have a range of things to say too. It’ll go from: “Hey, Dems — Shut up… you had a chance to purge your ranks of abusers, and you squandered that right because you stood up for and covered up for the randy bastards!” to “Anyone who abuses women — Democrat or Republican — has no right to public office!” and all points in-between.

And those Conservatives and Republicans?  They’ll have the right to say all those things, because, well… because: Bill Clinton. Oh, and Harvey Weinstein… and ten thousand other leftists who all winked and nodded and tsked and tutted at “sexual harassment,” all the while being, well, being leftists, and treating women like their own personal sex toys.

So, leftists, in this #MeToo moment… shut the hell up. It’s your amoral, values-less, dissolute, depraved view of sex that caused all this sh*t in the first place, and you need to zip it and let mature, intelligent adults talk. And none of them are on the Left in America.

— xPraetorius

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