Some Larger Thoughts

  • Most aspect of human relationships throughout history have drawn their principal characteristics from the size of the participants.
  • The biggest, in the past, tended to “win.”
  • Biggest means also “the one with the biggest weapon.”
  • A majority can be a lot smaller than a minority. If a guy with a machine gun is in a room with 100 unarmed people, he’s the biggest one there. He’s the “majority.”
  • A majority can be a lot smaller than a minority if there’s a perception that it’s more powerful.
  • “Weapon” is anything that can be used to provide an advantage — especially: intelligence, wiliness, deviousness, strategic thinking, charm, eloquence, slyness, persistence, and many more “things” you can’t hold in your hand. This is why we women should stop whining that those big, bad, nasty ol’ men are being mean to us. Any woman who doesn’t know that we almost completely control that relationship is pretty stupid.
  • I’m done with this “sexual harassment” crap. Read this. It’s about Gavin Newsom and the fact that he had an affair with a woman of 19, while he was the mayor of San Francisco and 38 years old. So, his opponent in the primaries for the Democrat Party nomination for governor to succeed the lamentable Jerry Brown, says that Newsom must step down, quit the race and all the rest. The opponent is, of course, a Democrat woman, and she’s all outraged. But, you know what? I don’t give a crap. Newsom’s a blithering, leftist idiot and no one should ever be forced into a situation where they have to vote either for him or for this idiot woman running against him. The point is, though, that people ought to vote against him for the fact that he’s an idiot, not that he’s a man who pursued a 19-year old woman. Are we women really that stupid that we can’t tell a 38-year old dirty old man to get lost? If not, that’s our fault. And you know what? The woman involved admits it! Whoo hoo! Look, guys  are guys and women are women and at the fringes of that relationship there are always going to be times when both are way the frick out of line. We know how to tell a randy guy to get lost. If as women we have any self-respect, then we do. Sorry if this offends any snowflake women out there, but I am just done with all this faked outrage and all this whining from my own sex. You read it here first: there’s no such thing as sexual harassment. There’s only us women having a little self-respect, or not.
  • Black people: Get over your whining about crap like “white supremacy” and “white privilege” and “systemic racism” and “institutional racism.” No one knows what any of that crap is, and racism is not a problem for us in America anymore. I don’t see any of you rushing to get out of America. Where would you go where you have it any better than right here? Grow up. Stop whining. Be grateful you’re here and not… anywhere else!
  • Black people: stop whining about slavery. It sucked, and it was crap, but without it you wouldn’t be here, and your problems would be a whole helluva lot different and probably a whole helluva lot worse.
  • Black people: Look at white people. They are the only people in history who, as a people, engaged in any introspection at all about how they have interacted with other people. Read some of the bullet points at the top. Human relationships in the past used to be about power. And that used to be about size and strength. America put together a system that broke down that old system entirely, and made it all about who you were as a person. Was it perfect? No. Hell, at times it wasn’t even all that good. But it got steadily better over time, and now there are no meaningful obstacles in our paths to success. Black people: Stop whining and start grabbing the opportunities out there. White people are only ones in history to say that we need to do things differently. Now, we have that same chance to do that same thing? Are we man enough as a race?
  • Women: Oh, man, sometimes I think, “Just shut up!” Where on earth has any one group had it any better than American women? You didn’t want to work outside the house (or the cave)? Okay, the men worked for us. You did want to work outside the house after the men got rid of all the dangerous crap outside? Okay. Men kind of looked a little befuddled for a couple of years, and then said, “Uhhh… okay.” Not too bright of them if you ask me. All we did when we entered the workforce in a big way was to measure the place for drapes, and completely wussify the place. Now, men have to tiptoe all the hell around us, or one of us wussy women is going to get her panties all in a bunch, go whining to HR, and ruin all the fun of working with the cute guys around us. So, women, lots of times: Shut the hell up and work. And, really, stop that horrible whining!

  • Thanks! It’s been fun contributing this guest post for the Praetorian Writers’ Group. Thanks to x and y and all the rest, and to Jenn, and of course, Merr, who helped me when I was thinking I should pull some punches. She said, “Hell no!”



Editor’s Note: FreeThinker joined out small but increasingly influential think tank several years ago, and immediately received a major promotion in her work. It was a promotion that sent her travelling all around the world, and made it so that she had very little free time to contribute here. But we stayed in touch, and told her that any time she felt the desire to contribute, she was always welcome.

By way of some small biography, FT is highly educated — Ivy League and overseas —  extremely knowledgeable in the intricacies of the Middle East and Russia. She also has wide-ranging knowledge of a bunch of other subjects. She’s traveled a good deal internationally and domestically, written several books, speaks five languages, is a delightful person, is a poised, articulate and compelling public speaker, and has not yet left her twenties. How’s that for accomplishment?

It’s great to have her back!

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