Do A Little Thought Exercise With Me: How Would You Devise A Plan to Murder 60 Million People?

It’s a serious Thought Exercise. What would you do if you were of a mind to set about to exterminate an unimaginable number of your fellow humans? It’s not like deciding to build a building, or plan out a wedding.

Remember: there would be significant obstacles to the success of your plan. After all, presumably the vast majority of those humans targeted for death would object to your plan, and would try to prevent your success.

Also, in most countries, if not all areas, of the world, it’s against the law to kill just one person without his permission (<– an important distinction, unfortunately!), let alone 60 million. Presumably, the law enforcement authorities of any country in which you might embark on such a project would arrest you and, likely, kill you right back, thereby putting an end to your effort.

So, what would you do? It seems like a difficult question, but it’s really not. How can that be? Simple: it’s been done before.

What did Josef Stalin (in the Soviet Union) and Mao tse Tung (in Red China) do to get their 60 million and 80 million respectively? Well, they (1) didn’t tell anyone — at first, at least — that they were setting about to murder millions, and (2) they understood the same things you and I understand: the government and law enforcement authorities, oh, and your intended victims, will try to prevent you… unless, that is, (3) you become the government, and then (4) you control the law enforcement authorities.

So that’s precisely what Stalin and Mao did.

Bottom Line: if you have a hankering to murder millions, the thing you’d do is set up a totalitarian Socialist(1) country that you lead. Then you can go on killing as many people as you wish, whenever you wish.

Think about that anytime some half-witted, drooling, slack-jawed moron like Bernie Sanders opens his mouth and tells you that he’s a Socialist.

— xPraetorius


(1) Now, think about the other side of this Thought Exercise as well: If, for example, you were to set up a Capitalist country, then the only danger to the people from the government — or from you — is from being left alone. That’s the fundamental principle of capitalism: Getting out of the way of the people being about their business. In such a country there is simply no easy way for anyone to hatch a plan to kill one person, let alone 60 million. Oh, Capitalism isn’t a perfect system, by any means, but it’s the only system that ever, in the history of mankind, raised the standard of living of people. Ever.

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