Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally Gets One Right at The Oscars

I wonder whether we’ll be the first ones to say this: In last night’s Oscar broadcast, Jimmy Kimmel said — direct quote — that “Hollywood’s perfect man” is a… eunuch. castrato.(1) As the headline says: a “Penis-Free” man.

Speaking of the Oscar statuette, Kimmel said the following:

He “keeps his hands where you can see them, never says a rude word, and, most importantly, no penis at all. He is literally a statue of limitations.”

All this, Jimmy Kimmel said, made the Oscar statuette “Hollywood’s perfect man.”

Well, whaddya know? Kimmel got something right!

Kimmel absolutely perfectly defined Feminism’s perfect man. Since Feminism, as an ideology, has had a long-time stranglehold on Hollywood, then, yes, the Oscar statuette is Hollywood’s perfect man.

The perfect man for Hollywood/Feminism is one who’s been maimed, mutilated, a man who, due to his mutilation, has been rendered docile, soft, completely, stereotypically… feminine. A man who’s been unmanned(2). He is, as Kimmel stated — right out in the open! — a “man of limitations.”

Yes, “statue of limitations” is a cute play on the words “statute of limitations,” but Kimmel’s clever pun clearly gave the exact opposite impression from the one he was trying to give! So clearly that one wonders whether Kimmel might be a mole for anti- Feminists!

Kimmel’s bon mot made feminists — and therefore Feminism — look so bad that one wonders whether any in the dominant press will cover the remark at all! (We found it here, via the DrudgeReport.)

If you read the definition of “eunuch” all the way through, you’ll see a common thread: A eunuch has been castrated in order to serve, to shut up, and… to cause no problems. Men, you see… cause problems, and it’s because they’re, well, men.

When tyrants get all paranoid about who might overthrow them, they go out and kill… men. Tyrants don’t lose any sleep at all over women taking to the streets, rousing the rabble, possibly assassinating them, scaling the walls of their citadels, or… taking their power.

Being a man is, indeed, a double-edged sword. It is men who push the frontiers of progress ever outward. Men who guard the door at night, men who keep people secure in their homes, men who throw themselves in front of the barbarians to keep them away from our gates. It’s men who sprint into burning or bombed-out buildings and collapsing World Trade Centers. And Why? Because they can… and because, just as importantly, they will. There’s long, deeply noble history behind the phrase: “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

But, if the massive force, strength and endurance that are part and parcel of the reality of being a real, normal man, are untethered from real, solid, good, strong, decent values, then men become potentially dangerous loose cannons. Leftist men, in particular, are unmoored from good, solid values. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the ones being purged from our midst due to sexual misconduct are, overwhelmingly, good, solid, long-time… leftists. 

Today’s man in America is, all too often, a product of the political Left’s near total control over the transmission of attitudes and values. Any man who’s an uncritical product of today’s American educational system, who consumes American pop culture, who listens to/reads today’s American media, who watches American television and movies, is — as far as his attitudes and values are concerned — a product of the craptastic witch’s brew of a “values system” the political Left has concocted.

These so-called “values” have distorted and twisted men into grotesque caricatures of men — men who think of sex as merely recreation — remember “Free Love?” They’re men who, because they understand sex as merely play, view women as merely playthings. They’re men who expect women to understand when the boys view them only as more or less attractive assemblages of female body parts.

This grotesqueness can cross political lines, but it’s rampant, pervasive , deeply entrenched on the Left. It used to be that, as a leftist, you could almost openly use women as sex toys, and expect to be feted as an enlightened champion of… women! Harvey Weinstein lived that weird double life… for decades.

Republicans and Conservatives, on the average, are significantly more intelligent, better educated, more thoughtful than Democrats and Leftists; as a result the values and  attitudes they transmit to their kids are usually — not always, but usually — significantly more intelligent, deeper and wiser. More decent. To become a good man, a man has to overcome the messages he receives 24/7/365 coming almost exclusively from the political Left.

A “perfect man” doesn’t, of course, exist(3). However, if you’re a woman, you can find an ideal man for you; and if you’re a normal woman, then he’s a normal man… and he comes with all the usual male equipment. Furthermore, if you’re a normal woman, then you want your ideal man to love, respect, cherish you, as a woman in full,  just as you expect to do for him, as a normal man in full.

Feminism, and Hollywood, have identified their “perfect man,” and he’s, of course, a man who’s — literally — had his manhood removed. For once, Jimmy Kimmel, accidentally, got something right.

One last quick note: In these pages, we’ve said many times that the Left are really… funny! Day in and day out, they say the funniest things; things they take completely seriously, thinking they’ve unburdened themselves of great wisdom… which makes it all the funnier. I truly hope that someone caught this and will run with it. Because it’s a lead pipe cinch that the public Jimmy Kimmel didn’t want to give the impression that he actually gave. As mentioned above though, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the private Jimmy Kimmel is really an anti-feminist mole. 🙂

— xPraetorius


(1) Please note: I did not watch the broadcast… I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to think of something more tedious than watching a bunch of IQ-challenged, vainglorious, hypocritical, perverted, priapic phonies — whose very job is lying to the public — pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other for how wise, in-touch, enlightened and just how goshdarned good they are.

(2) A little-used verb, “to unman,” means to castrate a man — either literally or figuratively.

(3) Jesus Christ was, is, the perfect man. He was perfect because He was born perfect — as the son of God — and He chose to remain perfect. He could have opted out of his divinity and, later, of his excruciating, slow, tortuous death, but He didn’t.





2 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally Gets One Right at The Oscars

  1. This is really well said. I can’t disagree anywhere. Amen to it all.

    Jimmy Kimmel’s comment leaves you not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    I generally don’t watch, but usually I catch the red carpet, scan all the dresses, talk about the movies. This year I didn’t even bother to do that, I just completely missed the whole thing. I actually said on twitter the next day, “who is Oscar and why are we talking about him?” A bit funny, because I’m not usually that out of touch. Looks like I wasn’t the only one completely ignoring Hollywood this year.

    1. Lol! Thanks, IB! I can’t wait to get to your blog and read your post. I have a few moments, and I’ve had so very few of those lately.

      At this very moment, I’m updating my computer, so I might not have the chance for an hour or five.

      One quick, tiny observation. I tend to think that if you miss the Oscars, you might actually be more in touch.



      — x

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