NPR Watch — (3/1/18) — Catching NPR in a Bigoted Rant

Okay, okay… this post will be mostly tongue-in-cheek. 🙂

The host of National Public Radio’s morning fake news program — called Morning Edition — did a feature talking about a business-wear catalog from back in 1951. He interviewed some famous designer whose comment about the catalog was completely, repulsively out of touch. This guy’s comment was — all at once — racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic and islamophobic.

What did this bigoted dastard of a designer say? When asked about his impression of the catalog, he said, “Well, the first thing I noticed was that it was only white men.”

The designer delivered himself of this disgusting line with such contempt in his voice as to let you know that he was personally disgusted by it.

And yet… has this moron been asleep for two decades? How did he know that they were white men?!? Rachel Dolezal is a white woman — her skin is lily white, and her eyes are blue — but you can ask her, and she’ll tell you straight-up that she’s, in fact, a black woman, and for a while she even headed up some local chapter of the NAACP!

So, this moron designer dude (I think, from the voice, but who knows, and I don’t want to presume) has no idea whether these were white men.

But, wait there’s more. You can ask the legendary champion of the 1972 Olympic Decathlon, and he will tell you that he’s really a woman! Furthermore, he’ll tell you that he’s always been a woman!

So, again, the troglodyte designer dude (again, I think he’s a dude, judging from his voice) has no idea whatsoever whether these are even men in this 1950’s business-wear catalog. Yet, he allowed himself to assume — based on nothing more than pictures! And drawings at that! — that these were all… white, and all… men.

What a throwback! What a retrograde, un-woke, reactionary, dinosaur and bigot! Didn’t this clodpole know that you can’t ever assume you know someone’s sex, “gender” or race, just by seeing him/her/them/zhem/it?!?!? Just by talking with him/her/them/zhem/it?!?!?

Furthermore, he/she/zhe/they/it might change any of those socially-constructed things at a moment’s notice! And then change it, or them, back! Woke people know this. Un-bigoted people know this.

Heck, a famous Massachusetts Senator changed her ancestry! Simply by deciding that he/she/zhe/they/it didn’t like the ancestry that was assigned to him/her/them/zhem/it at birth! Reached right back and changed his/her/their/zher/its past! Besides, if he/she/zhe/they/it could say that he/she/zhe/they/it was an American Indian, then it meant a cushy job at Harvard! So he/she/zhe/they/it did!

To make matters worse, the host of the NPR program agreed with the unenlightened dinosaur of a dim-bulb designer, and bemoaned the “lack of diversity” in the catalog. What a morooooooon!!! That catalog was jam-packed to the gills with a rich mosaic of all the colors, sexes, genders, transes and cisses of the glorious rainbow, and this radio host was too blinded by his own behind-the-times, blinkered narrow-mindedness to see it.

Why? It was right there! Right in front of his eyes! There they were, a bunch of drawings that — at first glance — appeared to be a bunch of white men. However, to the woke observer, it was the above-described rich, vibrant, diverse mosaic, and the host of NPR’s morning fake news program should be deeply ashamed for having assumed differently.

It’s that kind of bigotry and narrow-mindedness,  that makes America an uglier place.


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