THE Solution to School Shootings (Part II)


Our solution to school shootings — detailed here — would have entirely prevented, or stopped, and dramatically reduced the death tolls in:

  • Newtown
  • Parkland
  • Virginia Tech
  • All other school shootings…
  • All of them.

I was listening to governor Jay Inslee of Washington state this morning on National Public Radio. He told us all of first-grade teachers in his state who were whining (not his term) to him that they didn’t want to have to wield a gun in first-grade classrooms.

My response: Tough. They’re idiots. Tell them they’re idiots. There’s a reason they’re first-grade teachers, and it ain’t because they came out of any graduate departments of MIT.

  • If you live in a place where there are hurricanes, you harden your first-grade classroom to hurricanes.
  • If you live in a place where there are earthquakes, you harden your first-grade classroom to earthquakes.
  • If you live in a place where there are low temperatures, you harden your first-grade classroom to low temperatures.
  • If school shootings are a fad, as they are currently, then you harden your first-grade classroom to school shooters.

We detailed a way in which you can do that tomorrow. (see link above) You’d break no laws, and the technology exists today.

Oh, you’d irritate a few liberal airheads, but whenever you do that, you can be sure you’ve done something to improve America.

More to the point: If you don’t harden your school to shooters, you’re a dirtbag.

Even more to the point, Jay Inslee, if there’s a school shooting in Washington state, and you haven’t hardened your first-grade classrooms to shooters, and first-graders die, then you, Governor Jay Inslee, might as well have been the shooter.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “THE Solution to School Shootings (Part II)

  1. I think another aspect of the “Arm the Teachers!” proposal is that it would be voluntary. There would be CHOICE involved… which I believe is the real reason Leftists Hate it, but I digress. Just the threat, or possibility, of someone being armed is a strong deterrent to bad actors. The Liberals know this to be true which is why they never take me up on my annual neighborhood “This Home is Proudly Gun Free.” yard sign offer… I even include the labor. In other words they know it will work and result in a drastic drop in such horrific events. Their Ideology cannot suffer such a set back.

    1. Well said, MIke!

      I love the yard sign idea! Kind of makes them think about what “gun free zone” actually means — ie.: “soft target” — and they don’t want that anywhere near their homes! 🙂 But it’s a good idea for schools?

      Uhhhhh… no.


      — x

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