Gun Control…

News Flash: There’s a shooting at a Florida High School. 17 are dead.

American Leftist: I know! We’ll disarm the law-abiding ones! That’ll show those nasty mass shooters!

Another thought about gun control: Josef Stalin said, “We don’t let them have ideas, why would we let them have guns?”

Seems simple enough. However, here’s an Important Point about this: Stalin was not worried about the mass shooters. He murdered 60 million of his own fellow citizens; he’s not going to be all that concerned with the random psycho who hoses down a school, theater or playground with a Kalashnikov.

What’s he gonna worry about, that someone might get hurt?

No, just like the American leftist, Stalin was worried about the ones who have never been a threat in the first place — the law-abiding ones.

I’m not sure what the Left is all upset about… these shooters are their voters.

Someone tweeted today something to the effect of this: “Planned Parenthood killed more people today by 9am than the NRA will ever kill.”

That’s going too far! That’s just unfair, and the guy who tweeted that should apologize — immediately — to mass shooters everywhere.


Too soon?

— xPraetorius

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