What WAS Putin’s Ideal Outcome in 2016?

Look… it’s obvious: Putin did not want Trump to win the 2016 Presidential election.

Hillary had all but vowed to be “Barack Obama II,” and Obama had already rolled over, like a long obedient lapdog, for all of Putin’s territory grabs, including in Georgia, in the Crimea, as well as everything that Russia was doing in Ukraine.

So, in light of all that why would there be even the slightest Russian interest in “helping Trump” in 2016? Answer: There wouldn’t be. Here’s what would have amounted to the perfect outcome for Putin, along with a bit of commentary on each:

  1. Clinton wins the election, as everyone knew she would. The point: Everyone knew that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States.
  2. However, as feeble as Clinton promised to be in a foreign policy context, it would be even better if her massive win in the 2016 election could be… less massive.
  3. Still better if Clinton could take the Presidency wounded, in charge of an administration already thoroughly tainted by scandal.
  4. So, it would make perfect sense to (1) see whether they could obtain damaging e-mails, (2) release some particularly damaging ones to the public fueling the scandal, and (3) make the election just a tad closer, without changing the inevitable result: a Clinton Presidency. Don’t forget: the world knew that there would be a President Clinton on January 20, 2017. Nothing on earth could have changed that! We all knew it.
  5. Clinton had already promised to be feeble as a President; how much better for Putin if she were further enfeebled by a long, protracted scandal?
  6. Vladimir Putin must have been salivating at the idea of a President Clinton. He might have been been thinking of expanding back into Eastern Europe; completely taking back Ukraine, as well as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and maybe Finland.

A President Clinton might have had to react at the notion of Russia taking back the Baltic states… after all, they’re NATO countries, and we have a treaty obligation to defend fellow NATO members — but a scandal-plagued President Clinton might not have been able to bring to bear any effective measures whatsoever.

One thing is absolutely certain: Putin did not want to see a President Donald Trump. Trump was, still is, the one thing that a totalitarian like Putin fears the most: a wild card. Uncertainty. An unknown quantity. Totalitarians are gamblers, and gamblers do everything they can to ensure that the odds are on their side.

A President Trump would threaten, literally, every single long-term plan of Putin’s, forcing him to re-start from ground zero and re-calculate entirely. Putin did not, in any way, shape or form, want to see a President Trump.

However, again, there was nothing on earth that was going to stop the ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency. As a result, Putin had free reign to do anything he wanted to ensure that Clinton would take the Presidency, preoccupied by all the scandals he himself had helped to bring about.

It should be noted, that the supposedly brilliant Hillary Clinton and her supposedly brilliant, tech-savvy minions made it laughably easy for anyone to hack her e-mails, to make it so that she’d arrive in the Oval Office ridiculously vulnerable to blackmail or extortion.

The special counsel has indicted a bunch of Russians and some Russian organizations, ostensibly for having “interfered in our 2016 election, and for having ‘disparaged Hillary Clinton.’

In their own defense, the Russians need only point to the ease with which anyone could have taken Hillary’s e-mails, and say, “Prove it was us, and not someone else.” Then, they could point out how simple it is, with how the internet is structured, to make anyone believe that someone else has done something.

For example: If you’re the Russians, and you’ve decided to to interfere in the American election, the very first thing you’d do is… ensure that you do it outside of Russia.

It’s not out of the question to imagine a scenario in which American political operatives, pretending to be Russians, hacked into Hillary’s wide-open servers, and shopped their contents around the world.

More to the point, Hillary’s illegal e-mail server was so wide-open it’s almost certain that many outside operators, from many countries hacked into the servers and shopped the purloined content around the world. That’s how irresponsible, how idiotic, how stoooopid Hillary Clinton was, and obviously still is.

No one considers Luxembourg a threat to anyone… but I guarantee they have Hillary’s e-mails.

— xPraetorius

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