NPR Watch (2-1-18) Wow! That Memo Must Be EXPLOSIVE!

The jackasses at National Public Radio were in full bray this morning on their fake news program Morning Edition.

The topic was the now infamous memo that so many are all in a lather about in the halls of Congress

NPR Host Steve Inskeep was talking with someone or other about “the Russia Investigation.” (quotes because there is no Russia investigation anymore, but rather an endless inquisition to see whether someone — anyone! — might slip up in their interaction with the “investigators.”)

During the whole mess, Inskeep went on a mini-rant in which he said that pretty much anything that Trump could ever possibly say or do regarding the ongoing slog of an inquiry would constitute “obstruction of justice.” And the list was long, including pretty much everything except providing everyone with beer and Twinkies.

The rant was kind of priceless, because it had the sweet, pungent scent of leftist despair about it, but I was driving so I couldn’t write it down or record it. Inskeep listed all the things that Trump allegedly did that would be a crime in his mind, including talking with people about the investigation, firing people, contemplating firing people (not kidding here) a bunch more things and, of course, releasing the memo. 

Yes, the heady aroma of NPR desperation was in the air. You see, they said, “releasing the memo” will kill untold tens of millions, it will cause dams to collapse, bridges to fall, airplanes to drop from the sky, trains to derail, and make previously well-nourished people turn in panic to beer and Twinkies. Okay, okay, it won’t cause previously well-nourished people to turn in panic to beer and Twinkies. But, it will do all the rest of that stuff!

That’s the evil that everyone knows is contained in this memo, that no one’s read yet. They just know it! Because it was prepared by those Wascally Wepublicans, who all want to steal your money, push your grandmother off the cliff, squash the middle class (because that would be so good for the wealthy!) and supply everyone with beer and Twinkies. Okay, okay… not the beer and Twinkies part.

But the NPR panic is just, well, fun to observe! I think the Trump Administration must have thought so too, because they delayed the memo release until tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want to hear NPR and the rest of the leftist media whine, wail and gnash their teeth? I certainly do! Yes, I’m curious about the memo, but it’s much more fun to watch leftists tremble, whimper and blubber.

I’m loving hearing the Left prattle on about how we’re threatening that fine law enforcement institution, the FBI. Any adult of a certain age remembers when the FBI was, as far as the Left was concerned, nothing but a den of Nazis, thugs, fascists and goons. It’s fun watching the half-wit leftists get all musty and teary-eyed about what could happen to those dear, sweet, noble, selfless people serving and protecting us all in the FBI.

Still, why take the chance with the memo? Sequester the memo! Don’t release it! We proud, independent, free Americans don’t want to know what the government is doing to us behind our backs! That’s a sausage we don’t want to see being made! We want to remain ignorant of the corruption, the villainy, dishonesty, fraud, chicanery and backstabbing that we’re about to undergo at the hands of our elected officials. We don’t want to know anything about anything! Not, of course, until it’s too late, and we can’t do anything about it.

Could you hand me that Twinkie, please? And a beer?

— xPraetorius

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