NPR Watch (1/31/18) — Democrat Politician TRANSPARENTLY Lies

• •  NPR Anchor/Interviewer, Too Partisan or Too Stupid, Doesn’t Call Him On It  • • 

This morning, National Public Radio’s fake news program — Morning Edition — featured a long line of leftists or Democrat elected officials being interviewed for the purpose of telling everyone what was stupid, wrong, evil or cruel in President’s Trump’s  State of the Union address of yesterday evening.

On came Cory Booker, Senator from the state of New Jersey, and one who would love to replace Trump in the Oval Office in 2020.

Senator Booker, supposedly one of the more “thoughtful” members of the Senate, unburdened himself of the following two whoppers in the space of about 10 seconds.

Whopper #1:Trump is wrong to try to claim any credit for tax cuts for Americans because no one has received any benefits from the new tax law. It hasn’t even gone into effect yet!” Rough quote. Then, about ten seconds later, in response to another question:

Whopper #2:Small businesses everywhere are hurting from the new tax law!

Well… which is it?

If you’re a real reporter for an organization that calls itself a “news organization,” why on Earth would you not jump all over that?!?

The obvious, easy, ridiculously easy, follow-up question — and one that the interviewer, one Steve Inskeep, would have immediately pounced on if the interviewee were a Republican — was: “But, Senator, you just said that the tax law had not even taken effect yet. How can there be small businesses hurting from it?

Several quick points:

Point #1: the tax law has gone into effect. I have a friend who has received a roughly $30 increase in his pay per week. That’s not a raise. That’s just an increase due to the new tax law. That’s $1,560 per year. He lives in a condo, and that’s almost four months of his monthly condo fees. His company has announced that raises this year will be more than last year. Because of the new tax law.

Point #2: My friend’s accountant has told him that he can anticipate roughly $1,500 back again in his next year’s taxes, in addition, of course to the weekly increase, as well as his raise. That represents two mortgage payments for him. In addition, he received a spot bonus of $2,000 from his employer. That represents about two mortgage payments for him.

The net result of the new tax law — already — for my friend is:  three months worth of condo fees, and a mortgage payment and a half. He’ll get all that again next year too, as well as another month and a half’s worth of mortgage payments. All because of the new tax law.

Point #3: Businesses all across America have given raises, and bonuses to millions of employees. They likely would not be doing that if the new tax law were “hurting” them.

Look, I have my reservations about the tax law, but it is putting money into Americans’ pockets right now. And it promises to put more money into Americans’ pockets for the next ten years.

Point #4: It’s worth repeating: This new tax law is not some great “gift” to us all. It’s simply returning to Americans what is their own money. It represents a move by the government to be less burdensome, less cruel, less greedy, to grab less of what rightfully belongs to you and me in the first place.

Senator Booker from New Jersey is either too stupid, or too detached from the reality of real people’s lives, to know  all this.  Or he’s a prominent Democrat, and that means he’s both.

Or, like all prominent Democrats, he’s just a liar.

— xPraetorius


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