Rated PG — Funny Picture Caption


I’ve circled in red the part that made me laugh.

Presumably that number should be 16? Or 14? Surely not 15, though. I mean, I’ve been married, and I know my way around the female anatomy, and I’ve just not found a way to get to 15 — trust me, I tried.

I even wondered whether, maybe, one of the women might be standing sideways, but then I thought… no… no, I know there’s another one there, right there behind that other one!

Then I wondered… wait a minute! Those are celebrity assets! Maybe one celebrity tried to get a leg up, as it were, on her rivals by adding an extra asset. But, no… I think we’d all have heard about that one; what with so many trying to adjust the volume, size, shape, positioning, consistency, viscosity, pliability, flexibility, elasticity and capacity of the existing ones, it would be a novel idea to add  an additional one, but surely we’d have heard about it. I mean we can’t stop hearing about all the other adjustments!

As almost everyone realizes, most (granted, not all) women come equipped with two of the above-depicted assets. Not one more, not one less. Two. It’s the standard issue.

So, to get to fifteen… someone either cheated and tacked on another one, or else misplaced fully one half of her allotted stock, thereby allowing for the possibility to arrive at that magical number of fifteen. Both of these are unlikely at best.

It’s possible that someone’s concealing one, but that would be unlikely, as few would believe that one is missing. And, really, what would be the point?

Still… there it is, right in the caption: 15. The number stares at us; mocks us; laughs at us! “Look at me!” it says. “You tell me how I got here in this picture!” And I hang my head. I can’t. But, as you can see, I did try… I did make an honest, diligent, sincere effort.

I failed.

Or, it could have been a typo.

Still funny though.

I encountered the above link while reading a perfectly dignified politically-focused article, so was surprised to notice the somewhat salacious piece to which the fetching young lady would have fetched me if she’d had her way.

Not sure what they were thinking when they put together two different pictures of the same woman to entice people to read the associated “listicle,” but there you have it.

I did not click on the link.

But I did laugh at the caption to the photo; yes, I surely did.




— xPraetorius

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