The RGI’s Fascism (Part III)

Don’t minimize the importance and the malevolence of the American Race Grievance Industry.

Make no mistake about it: Adolf Hitler was able to come to power and start World War II, which killed 54 million people, because he was able to establish a vast, sprawling Race Grievance Industry in Germany, nearly identical to the one attacking America today.

The Nazi-fabricated Race Grievance Industry of 1920’s and ’30’s Germany — the one that specifically targeted Jews, just as the American Race Grievance Industry targets the infamous straight, white male — was their principal tool for the acquisition of power.

The racist, totalitarian Left hasn’t taken complete power in America yet, but if and when they do, it’ll be thanks to mindless dupes in the RGI.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “The RGI’s Fascism (Part III)

  1. You’re right to call the RGI fascists because that’s what they are.
    Their motto: Make America hate again.
    Hate is the fuel they need for getting to power and in the end they don’t give a damn about the lives that will be destroyed by that all consuming hate.

    1. Thanks, artaxes!

      Your formulation — “Make America hate again” — is right on the money! A deftly-turned phrase that perfectly sums up the state of mind of the RGI.

      I’ve been noticing the parallels between now and the 1920’s and 1930’s here and in Europe.

      The Nazis, a tiny minority then, needed someone to blame for all of Germany’s problems, so they fabricated a bunch of crap to pin on the Jews. Needless to say, it focused on racialism, as today’s RGI does. And, of course, whom better to blame than a group well-known to be peaceful, non-violent folk.

      Today’s fascist racists in America need someone to blame too, so they figure why not target the one group they know won’t fight back: Western democrats!

      It’s a bit like what Gandhi said when he pronounced his movement lucky that they opposed the British. He said that if their colonizers had been the Nazis or the Communists, his movement never would have had a chance at gaining independence, let alone surviving into the next week.

      If you’re going to scapegoat someone, you might as well make it someone who has a reputation for giving in.

      Our Nazis of today are the RGI, and groups like “Antifa” and the like; our Weimar Germans, who rolled over for the Nazis, are Republican leaders; today’s Jews are that mean ol’ western white man, who apparently rules the roost, but has spent the last 100 years giving away the farm!


      — x

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