The RGI’s Fascism: Another Rant From BW That Targets Us… He Refuses to Allow A Response. (Part II)

In this post, we described how the racist BrothaWolf (BW) was taking the next logical step in his ideological progression to the racist Left: attacking innocent people from the safety of a censored blog. In this post, BW attacked us, without specifically referring to me or to our other writer with whom he’s interacted in the past.

In his post, BW called us “moronic as####es,” among other things. It was a scurrilous, unwarranted personal attack, and we asked for the right to defend ourselves on BW’s blog. To our dismay, though not to our surprise, he denied the request. We’ve seen this pattern, writ large, before.

In the Soviet Union, before the Stalinist purges, whose final death tally reached at least 40 million, the hard leftist government first attacked its “enemies” in the press, calling them pretty much the same things as BW called us.

A key tactic of the totalitarian Left was to tell the country what their opponents — whom they called “enemies” — were thinking. As if to check all the totalitarian leftist check boxes, BW denied us the opportunity to defend ourselves in his blog, and posted a “reply” that he thought would be what we would have said. Yep. You read that right. He told you what we were thinking. He didn’t allow us to do that, to tell you what we think.

Here’s the post. Since it’s really his post, attempting to say what we would say, we’re going to treat it as his post, and add in our comments, inline, in red font.(1)

After we asked for permission to defend ourselves from BW’s attacks, here’s his response (in black) with our comments inline, in red font:

No need. Let me guess what you’ll more or less say using your usual sayings. [Here, BW announces — up-front! — that he’s going to tell you and me that he can read other people’s minds.]

This post is obviously about me! You’re a coward for writing this post and not allowing me to respond! [Lol! Yep. You are a coward for not letting others respond to accusations you make. That’s kind of the definition of the word, “coward.” Sooo… what is your response to this point? Hmmm…?]

As usual, this is just the usual leftist nitwittery, utter racist hogwash and over just a stupid post that I come to expect from you. [#1] You are obviously a racist and a foot soldier of the race grievance industry [#2] out to oppress whites [#3]. I said it before many times[#4]. anti-black racism exists but it’s no big deal [#5]. But anti-white racism is as it is more acceptable[#6]. Let me remind you there were white slaves in Africa[#7]. But of course you don’t want to acknowledge that truth as it’s not part of your agenda![#8]

#1: Yep. That’s true 🙂

#2: Yep. You are a pawn of the Race grievance Industry. You should stop it. I’ve proven its existence with the simple phrase: You can get a lot of money and power by whining about how horrible things are in America. (*cough*cough* Barack Obama *cough* Jesse Jackson *cough* John Lewis *cough* Maxine Waters *cough*cough*)

#3: Nope. I’ve never said that, nor even implied it. It is true, however, that BW is a Black Supremacist. If white racists are “White Supremacists,” then it certainly follows that black racists are Black Supremacists.

#4: Yep. And the only reason I had to repeat myself was that you never addressed any of my points substantively, always whining about how you didn’t like my style of self-expression. 🙂

#5: Correct: Anti-black racism is not a big deal anymore. Your refusal to address our pointed and persuasive evidence only confirmed our thesis.

#6: And, yes, anti-white racism is socially acceptable. I offer as proof: Yourself! I guarantee that you’ve never, ever, not even once suffered negative repercussions for your racism. Yes, yes, yes, I know… I’m guilty of doing to you what I accuse you of doing to me. However, I was doing it to make a point: black people don’t suffer for the fact that so many of  them are knee-jerk anti-white racists. And, it’s obvious, that anti-black racism is both wrong and completely socially unacceptable.

#7: Yep. There were more white, European slaves in Africa than there were black slaves in America. You call yourself an “anti-racist,” and you didn’t know that? That’s disgraceful! What do you think of that? Does it change your worldview at all? If so, how? If not, why not? How could that possibly be, since the entirety of your whining is all about white people mistreating black people? Now that you know that more white people were mistreated by black people, shouldn’t that change your viewpoint a whole lot? By the way, I know the answer you could give that would support your point of view, but I’m not going to give you any more freebies. I’ve been spoon-feeding you information for too long, with far too little indication that it’s been sinking into your granite-like noggin.

#8: That’s probably true. You should cut it out.

We are a group of highly influential intellectuals who are a part of a think tank that operates on a free wordpress blog page that writes about the truth, and one of the truths is simply that racism is not a major issue for blacks! Think about it! If there was, they is there affirmative action, welfare, black millionaires, etc. Also, why are millions of people of color from other countries immigrating here if this country is racist? This is not a racist country! How many times do I have to tell you?

Now that you’ve shown that you’re aware of our points, are you ever going to address them? Or are you still stuck in whine mode about how I present my arguments? 🙂

Need I remind you that I’m a black woman or that at least one of my colleagues is a black woman, whichever is convenient for this response. Whatever the case, I or she will agree that racism is not a big issue for blacks, and since you’re black – or so you claim – you should agree with her…or me. In fact, you should agree with the black conservatives I mentioned.

Nope. The one who responds is the one who decides he or she wants to take it on. My colleague and I pretty much see eye to eye about race relations in America, so it doesn’t matter who is responding to you. In fact who responds is completely irrelevant; what is said is what counts. Speaking of which, are you ever going to address those things? Oh, and you should agree with the black Conservatives. Not because they’re black, but because they’re right. Their blackness is significant only because they prove that not all black people are racists like you, BW. More to the point, the growing ranks of black Conservatives are providing ever increasing evidence that… you’re wrong. That you’re just another neanderthal reactionary like all the other leftists.  

Let’s be clear, you were never nice or polite to me. I was the mature one in all of our arguments, and I’ve proven you wrong each time, because your arguments are weak and pathetic. You couldn’t take it. And that’s why you banned me.

Sooooooo… does this mean you’re going to stop being fascistic, immature, weak and pathetic, and debate for real instead of using your usual kindergarten arguments? 🙂

You hate white people! It’s obvious judging by what you write. You keep saying that whites are racist. That’s racist, and I am against racism!

You do keep saying all whites are racists, and that is racist, and you should cut it out. You then put out a post saying that you know that not all whites are racists. Then you say again that all whites are racists. You don’t know what you believe!

I’ve told you what it takes for black people to succeed. It’s simple. Get an education, talk professionally, dress nice, and work hard. If black people would just do that, there wouldn’t be such a high crime rate. Why are you against that?

Two things: Why are you against that?!? And, yes, I have told you what it takes for all people, especially  black people, to have the best chances for success in the greatest country that’s ever existed.

As usual, you’re wrong about me and conservatives.[#1] I like you, but you need to stop this hatred against white people.[#2] It’s worth repeating![#3] You clearly hate white people, and you are a racist![#4] And despite this is a close approximation of how I will respond, you are wrong for that too![#5]

#1: Yep. You’ve always been wrong about Conservatives and me (to correct your grammar)
#2: Yep. You do need to get rid of any hatred you have. Regardless of against whom you’re directing it.
#3: Yep. All that is worth repeating!
#4: Yep. By your own admission. You need to stop being a racist.
#5: Yep. Witness this response. 🙂



How’s that? Is that close?

Not bad, but some important differences. However, much more importantly, this proves that you read our points, that you’re aware of them. I secretly suspected that you were being lazy and not reading what we were posting. That’s one of the reasons I repeated myself… so you’d have no chance to say you hadn’t read them. 

Since you’ve proved that you do read what we post, there’s even less reason for you to avoid all our points! As I have mentioned many times (and you missed in your admittedly funny post), if we’re so wrong, then you should be able to beat back our arguments easily! Without resort to suspect links, sources, biased commentators, etc. We’ve said it many times in these pages: If something is right, or works, it is right, and works, on all levels: logical, practical, legal, philosophical, moral, intellectual, theological. 

BW: If you re-read what we’ve written over many, many posts, you’ll see that we use argumentation that comes from all these various vantage points. It’s why you’re unable to defeat any of those arguments. Your counter-arguments all come from one direction — your personal experiences, and those of your friends. You never equipped yourself to respond to arguments coming at you from numerous different directions. Why? You don’t have arguments from numerous different directions, because there aren’t any such arguments. If you had such arguments, then surely you’d have deployed them to humiliate me. Admit it, if you did have such arguments, you’d have relished the opportunity to humiliate me! 🙂


— xPraetorius


(1) I still can’t help myself. I have a great deal of fondness for BrothaWolf. He’s a leaf on the stream. He has no thoughts of his own. None that I haven’t already heard a thousand times before, and he’s merely a non-thinking pawn of his umbrella organization, the Race Grievance Industry.

The leadership of the RGI are, indeed, totalitarian fascist, absolutely dependent on the unthinking allegiance of dupes like BW. And these patsies want to be important, without doing the actual work necessary to be substantively important.

They’re not bad sorts, though, the patsies like BW, but they are the equivalent of those idealistic Nazis in pre-World War II Germany who, in way over their heads, either said or did nothing, or worse, supported Adolf Hitler’s Race Grievance Industry in the 1930’s.

Make no mistake about it: Adolf Hitler was able to come to power and start World War II, which killed 54 million people, because he was able to establish a vast, sprawling Race Grievance Industry, such as the one attacking America today. The racist, totalitarian Left hasn’t taken complete power in America yet, but when they do it will be thanks to mindless dupes like BW in the RGI.

One more important point: The American Race Grievance Industry is very much aware of how successful Hitler’s Race Grievance Industry was in bringing him to power. They’re using all his tactics, and that’s what makes them so easy to identify.


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