The RGI’s Fascism: Another Rant From BW That Targets Us… He Refuses to Allow A Response.

Our old friend, and card-carrying member of the Race Grievance Industry, BrothaWolf (BW) (Warning: The post’s author has heavily larded the post with juvenile obscenities) has published another rant, plainly targeting our humble think tank, and its intrepid writers.

Needless to say, we requested a chance to defend ourselves. As expected, BW denied the request, and instead responded with a snarky (if creative, and… funny) post attempting to imitate what he thought our response would be.

All that post did was add a few more accusations, to which any decent person would allow a response from those he accuses. Needless to say, that permission was denied.

However, what’s important about that post is that it’s still another attempt by BW to tell you what someone else is thinking! It’s the perfect example of exactly what we’ve been talking about for a very long time! BW can’t seem to help himself! Everything he does, everything he says, demonstrates nearly every time, what we’ve been saying all along!

It should be pointed out that the denial of free speech — especially since we always post only respectful, polite responses to online content — is the quintessential characteristic of totalitarians, or tyrants… fascists.

Of course! The deadliest thing for totalitarians is: free speech. You can’t have the rabble talking, debating, arguing, discussing freely among themselves! They might start to have their own ideas! And, especially, the fascist can’t ever allow dissenting speech in his  midst, or else his ovine followers might begin to think for themselves… and to question what he tries to present as wisdom. Furthermore, we’ve never censored (except for dirty language) anyone — ever — on our own blog.

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We’ve copied the text of BW’s post below, and responded, in red font, inline. BW’s comments are in black; ours are in red.

One quick important note: We did try to call out BW when he indulges in his stock-in-trade: telling us all what others are thinking, feeling, what they want and hope for.

Mind-reading. It’s never legitimate, and you can toss out any assertion that is an example of it. And, yes, we’re guilty of it from time to time. And you can toss it out when we do it too. However, the difference is that BW’s entire premise is entirely dependent on the conclusions he has arrived at from pretending that he can read others’ minds. He’s wrong. He can’t. Therefore, all his conclusions are ridiculous and stupid.

Non-fascists say: “Tell me what you’re thinking and we can have a debate.” Fascists say: “I’ll tell you what you’re thinking, and the “debate” will include… me. You can shut up.”

Without futher ado: here’s BW’s post, with our comments in red included:

Opinion: It’s official, some conservatives are moronic as####es.

If you’re a conservative, you’re probably already foaming at the mouth and gritting your teeth at my title. But please re-read it and you’ll see that small word some, which is to denote an unknown number, but not referring to an entire group or even a certain individual. But if you’re still in your feelings thinking that I’m talking about you, you’ve demonstrated that you are indeed a moronic as###le.

My Reply: Nope. We’re not ticked off. All you did was state the obvious. Some people in every possible identifiable group are moronic as###es. Duh! In other words, no Conservatives were hurt in your first paragraph. It was a throwaway. Oh, and your vocabulary’s kinda stupid.

These types are not regulated to one side. Did you mean “reserved?” “Restricted?” “Limited?” “Regulated to one side” doesn’t mean anything. There are some liberals who are just as rotten. Duh! But I’ve had to largely deal with those who claim they represent the right.  Because you’re a leftist! Duh! Other leftists don’t disagree with you! No surprises here. When they first entered my den, they wanted to let me know – right away – that I’m a racist.  You admitted it! BW: YOU SAID IT YOURSELF! You are a racist. Talking about racism means that I’m a racist. Uhhh… no. Being a racist means that you’re  racist. Talking about the s##t white folks do and the racial double standards we see means I’m racist. Nope. It’s still: Being a racist that means you’re a racist. Do you even get that you’ve admitted that you’re a racist? And are you seriously whining about racial double standards? That’s just funny! And getting fed up with their crap and kicking them out means I’m racist. Uhhh… I think we’ve been down this path. You admitted you’re a racist. Therefore, you’re a racist. That’s what makes you a racist. Shutting out debate makes you a fascist. The fascist is also a coward. He knows that he has no argument, so he has to make sure that others don’t see dissenting thoughts. Otherwise, he knows, deep down, that his arguments will lose. Though, admittedly a lot of fascists are racists. However, we’ve documented extensively here, how fascists are leftists, and that racism is a characteristic of the Left. So, yes, there is a great deal of overlap with fascism and racism. We’ve covered that extensively in these pages.

There were a few times where I tried to engage in peaceful, civil and intelligent conversations about race and racism. Lol! That’s funny, BW! One thing you were never interested in was a “peaceful, civil and intelligent conversations about race and racism.”I didn’t want to argue anymore with boneheaded mentalities. Well, you definitely argued with a boneheaded mentality! Maybe you should have considered arguing with an open mind, or without deflecting, insulting, ranting, evading and fabricating codswallop. 🙂  So, I accepted my role, explained myself and apologized for SOME of the things I’ve said. I never backed down on my stance, just tried to play it cool. Your problem was that I never cared how you argued… I just wish that you’d actually argued instead of just evading and insulting all the time.

It fell through harder than a meteor. I’m guessing that this awkward/weird locution means that you think your valiant efforts failed?

The conservatives I dealt with weren’t interested in the least in reading or taking what I say into account. Here’s BW telling other people what they’re interested in or not. That’s the characteristic mind-reading of the Left. However, this particular attempt to read minds is particularly egregiously stupid. After all, the Conservatives in question — our writers — diligently addressed everything that BW said. Therefore we obviously… read it, and we showed what we thought it was worth. In other words: we took it into account. BW does like to rant though, even if it’s nonsensical flapdoodle. They grunt [“grunt” Lol!] for proof and evidence, and when it was given, they threw it in my face like spoiled angry toddlers. More funny things! BW’s “proof” was, as always, a bunch of garbage from garbage sources. I told BW numerous times that I could produce all manner of sources, essays, web links, think pieces, studies, research, numbers, all of which say the exact opposite of what BW says. He knows that’s true, and he knows full well that as soon as I produce such sources, he’d immediately deny the legitimacy of my sources. It’s why, as I’ve also said numerous times, I don’t play dueling sources. It’s stupid and it leads nowhere. This is not difficult to understand. They cry and insult while using big words to cover their anti-intellectualism and cognitive dissonance. What’s worst is that they believe anti-white racism is a thing. This assertion is just too stupid to address… but I will anyway. A friend of BW’s openly fantasized for the violent death of all white people on the planet. BW agreed with her. Is BW really trying to tell me that’s not anti-white racism? Or, is he simply in denial like anyone else who doesn’t want to face an ugly reality? Really! And I’m part of the problem that doesn’t exist. The racists of 50, 100, 150 years ago denied both the problem, and their own involvement in it too. 

Here’s the deal. I don’t hate white people, but I AM against white racism and everything that branches out that does no one, not even white people, any good in the end. Good to hear you don’t hate white people. Your commenters do. The problem is that you’re not against anti-white racism, refusing even to admit its existence, even when you’ve admitted to being such a racist. BW needs to get his states of mind straight! He doesn’t even know what he thinks! He should probably stop trying to read others’ minds when his own is so jumbled up with contradictory and sloppy, immature thinking. If you’ve followed the exploits of the white supremacist Looney Tunes movement known as the alt-right, you will get information on how friendships, partnerships and alliances have shattered and that their foot soldiers are getting booted from various social networking sites and counting. Okay, so BW is admitting right here, right up-front, that the Left is a bunch of fascists. If the Left is really not afraid of the alt-right’s ideas, because their own ideas are so obviously superior, then the Left should FREAKIN’ DEBATE THEM and SHOW that you can DEFEAT THEM! Otherwise, you’re nothing more than a fascistic dirtbag. Still, the d####hes believe that anti-white racism is at play for them getting owned. Nope, and no one’s ever said that. Fascism is responsible for the shutting down of anyone’s speech. It’s the world’s fault for not wanting to have to deal with fear-ridden, fear mongering ogres with personalities that attract buzzards. Another one of BW’s meaningless, incoherent rants. They are entertaining, though. “Personalities that attract buzzards!” Lol! Funny stuff.

A main point of conservatism is personal responsibility, you own up to your actions. But a lot of people on the right are so victim-struck that they believe they’re existentially innocent of any bullshit they do. Instead, the world is f###ed up due to diversity and equality for the more oppressed groups is invoking the red demon of communism and the catalyst for white genocide. Lol! This is just more paranoia from the Left. This last paragraph is just full of wild guessing, and is not worthy of a response. Except for one thing: BW’s telling you what a whole bunch of other people are thinking. It’s nothing more than mere projection. All the victim whining is coming from the Left and the Race Grievance Industry.

So, how and why some are like this, and I’m mostly referring to the typical, angry, right wing white male? Gotcha! ( 🙂 ) BW: let me give you a little lesson in actual racism. What a difference a comma makes! In the phrase “typical, angry, right wing white male” is pure black racism directed at white people. It all lives in that first little comma after the word “typical.” If you say “typical, angry, right wing white male” You’re saying that all white males are angry and right wing. But, remove that comma after “typical,” and you single out only the angry, right-wing males out there. All nineteen of them. With that comma in place though, you’re suggesting that all white males think alike and I’m sorry… that’s just as racist as if I were to pretend that all black people — men or women — think alike.

BW, words mean things. You use words prolifically, but carelessly, thoughtlessly and frequently incorrectly. However, I have only your words to go by, and (1) you’ve admitted to being a racist, and (2) you just made a very racist statement. If this were a court of law, no one would need much more to convict you of being… a racist. You do this kind of thing all the time.

It might be time for you to publish a post that says overtly that you know that not all white people are racists, that you don’t hate white people, that, in fact, all the evidence available in your life points inexorably to the conclusion that American/Western white men are the most generous, caring, giving, least racist, least prejudiced, least bigoted demographic in the history of the world.

Go ahead: find some other group that has given it all away to black people, women, gays, transies, Hispanics or any other identifiable grievance group. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Hint: you won’t find it.

I can only guess that it’s due to their upbringing. Some are born sheltered from the world and have learned of a pre-1960’s black-and-white sitcom dimension where women were homemakers, people of color knew their place (away from their neighborhoods), and there were no such things as homosexuals and Muslims. This is just stupid. The world BW describes never existed, and no one ever thought it did.  They were taught to believe that to achieve the American Dream is to work hard, get an education and stay on the straight and narrow. Nope. We were taught that to have the best chance of achieving the American dream, one should work hard, get an education, and stay on the straight and narrow. We were never taught that following those commonsensical guidelines would guarantee success. There are no guarantees in life. That’s why the best advice is to give yourself the best possible chance to achieve success. BW is militantly opposed to this idea. We’ve never suggested that anyone is guaranteed success if they do all the right things. But they will — I guarantee it — give themselves the best possible chance for success. What’s wrong with that? Why does that statement of the obvious have BW’s panties all in a bunch? Easy: that commonsensical advice must never be seen as something that applies to black Americans as well, because that threatens the very raison d’être of the entire Race Grievance Industry.

It’s not wrong to do those things, obviously. But they don’t guarantee that the dream will become a reality. Ummm… I think we just said that. 🙂 Yet, being drunk off the faux-spirit of America, many conservatives think it’s fool proof and if you fail, that’s totally on you. Nope. We never said that. Another BW strawman. I admit, there’s a little bit of truth, but there are other truths that hinder such progress that they simply refuse to see. We said only: if you follow those guidelines, there will be no more obstacles to success in your path than there are in anyone else’s. It’s the “there will be no more obstacles…” phrase that bothers BW, and that he steadfastly refuses to address. The point: it’s true. Therefore there’s no reason ever to listen to the Race Grievance Industry’s message of racial division and hopelessness. We never ignore other truths that hinder progress. In fact, we focus like a laser beam on such things. The message we’re trying to get through BW’s granite-like head is that they’re targeting obstacles that don’t exist in any meaningful way. People like BW are going out on an elephant hunt, shooting at every gecko they see, and whining about never bringing home an elephant, when all they need to do is stop imagining that geckos are elephants!

Maybe some who have been brought up this way have either been privileged, popular, spoiled and successful in some ways or are losers who have tried but failed many times. Many, many times. Either they’ve gotten at least a piece of their dream and don’t want anyone else getting any or that they’re sore that they haven’t gotten theirs and thinks the world owes them big. Whatever the case, they’re pissed, ignorant and miserable almost all the time, and they take it out on the world. Lol! More BW mind-reading! Hey, maybe it’s fun. Let’s try it. Here’s a paragraph that’s worth every bit as much as BW’s paragraph: 

Black people are lazy, shiftless and immoral. They abuse children, small farm animals and they smoke marijuana behind the barn. They think that they’re owed things, that they’re smart, that people should give them things, that they should never have to work, and that Lite Beer from Miller is the best thing in the world. They hate anyone who doesn’t look like them, and they fear and hate anyone who’s at all different from them. They cheat, or want to cheat, on their wives and husbands, and they’re criminals. 

That’s the very same paragraph that BW just disgorged. Just as stupid. Just as meaningless, Just another bunch of ridiculous, moronic mind-reading, and just as wrong. 

Their personalities are so delicate that any slight against them is anti-white racism and an act of war. A bus or cab that passes them is anti-white. A POC that gets promoted before them is anti-white and affirmative action at play. A woman that turns down his advances is anti-white male and is a b*tch or a c*nt that deserves punishment in the worst way. ( I apologize for all female readers for the use of those words.) More meaningless mind-reading from BW. However, it’s important to note that BW’s last two paragraphs apply, in his thinking, to all white males, as we discovered above. He’s simply compounding the evidence of his own racism. Since pretty much every definition of racism agrees that racism is irrational, BW has now been on a long, rambling, racist, irrational rant.

A lot of these overgrown infants are sad examples of human beings. Again, BW’s saying this of all white males. And he claims there’s no such thing as anti-white racism! Of course not! No criminal ever thinks he’s guilty of a crime! Their sense of straight white male pride can only exist if they hate everyone More mind-reading. who aren’t straight white males born from a twisted imagination that the world hates straight white males. More mind-reading. They’ve taken pride in their stupidity, paranoia and abandonment of basic home training.  More mind-reading. No amount of talking will break through their thick skulls. More mind reading. They’re purposely stuck committing to be the worst possible homo sapiens thinking that devolving into cavemen is a step towards white supremacy. More mind-reading.

It’s just amazing how much BW thinks he knows about what’s going on in the minds of tens of millions of other people who are, as he admits, nothing like him! If you were, however, ever to suggest to him what he’s thinking, he’d react with hot indignation! How dare you? he’d say. He’d fire back: “You have no idea what I’m thinking!”

But he’s willing to tell you all about what tens of millions of other people think. People who share only one, superficial characteristic: white skin.

BW is not a serious thinker or commentator. the larger point, though is simple: If we on the Right were to call the Left on its mind-reading, its libeling and slandering, its lies and fabrications at the moment they do it, the Left would cease to exist as a political force overnight.

We on the Right overwhelmingly don’t realize it, but BrothaWolf is as good as it gets. What he‘s arguing, the simplistic, undocumented, or fraudulently documented, superficial, un-thought through assertions and conclusions, are exactly the same as what’s being argued at the very top of the Left and its political wing, the Democrat Party.

The transparent crap that BW emits is the same crap that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, et al., are saying. When you call out, and expose the racists and fascists like BW, as we’ve done, you’re exposing exactly the same ludicrous codswallop as what half-wits like Barack Obama, Schumer and Pelosi are always saying.

Deligitimize the illegitimate, as we’ve been doing, and you eliminate the Left as a political force.

— xPraetorius

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