Cold, Harsh, Undisputed Facts About the American Left

… and about their political wing, the American Democrat Party.

  • After the American Civil War, The Democrat Party… the same one we all know today, founded the racist group, the Ku Klux Klan.
  • The same Democrat Party established segregation in the American South.
  • In 1919, the new revolutionary régime in the Soviet Union was on its heels. A counter insurgency was making rapid advances and was close to toppling the new Communist government. The British were helping out a bit, and the American government had an opportunity to stop what would become the most murderous régime in history (per capita) before it could begin its bloodthirsty reign. The American Left prevented that, and helped to doom some 80 million victims to violent, or slow, excruciating death, and tens of millions more to the crushing oppression that so many have so thoroughly documented.
  • After World War II, in China Mao tse Tung was battling against our wartime ally, Chiang Kai Shek. America was exhausted from the war, but we could have intervened to support our ally. The American Left prevented us from assisting Chiang, and the most bloodthirsty régime in human history (in absolute terms) took power. No one disputes the figure of 80 million murdered by the Chinese Communist government. And more than a billion (now a billion and a half) were doomed to the crushing oppression that so many have so thoroughly documented.
  • In the Korean War, we had a chance to eradicate the North Korean war machine, to win the war, and to liberate millions. The American Left prevented us from doing that, and now North Korea  threatens to lob a nuclear missile onto our soil.
    • Oh, and the North Korean people have been enslaved in what is one of history’s most vicious hellholes for more than 60 years.
  • In 1979, the Shah of Iran, a loyal American ally in the Middle East, faced a challenge from Islamist insurgents. The American Left prevented America from exercising its ability to support the Shah, and you can trace worldwide Islamist terrorism to that moment. That was the opening of the door. The Left didn’t like the Shah, not because he was authoritarian — he was — but because he was a staunch, unwavering American ally.
  • In the Vietnam War, during the 1960’s, the American Left prevented the American military from fighting the war to win it. They invented the concept of “proportional response,” which guaranteed that the best we could possibly achieve was a stalemate. Eventually, of course, it doomed some five million people to violent, or slow and excruciating death. And millions more to the crushing oppression that so many have so thoroughly documented.
  • In Cuba, a corrupt authoritarian dictator was under threat from a Communist uprising led by the young, charismatic Fidel Castro. There were many American voices calling for intervention, and then President Kennedy actually did attempt an inept, half-hearted intervention — the so-called “Bay of Pigs invasion” — that failed miserably. The American Left made it impossible to overthrow the thuggish Castro régime, dooming millions to the crushing oppression that so many have so thoroughly documented. For almost 60 years now. Three lost generations, thanks to the America Left and the Democrats.
  • In Africa, left-wing thug régime after left-wing thug régime takes power, dooming tens of millions to the crushing oppression that so many have so thoroughly documented, and to violent or slow, excruciating death, and the American Left prevents America from executing any intervention whatsoever.
  • For a while in the 1920’s and 1930’s the American Left had a slobbering love affair with the likes of Benito Mussolini, as well as with Adolf Hitler (when he was the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s best buddy, just before World War II), and of course, with Josef Stalin.
  • The American Left did everything in their power to keep the bloodthirsty Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.
  • The American Left did everything in their power — successfully, I should add —  to prevent a successful outcome in Afghanistan. They’ve hamstrung every effort made to eliminate the primitive, brutish Taliban.
  • Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the Left — in the person of President Barack Obama — allowed the emergence of the ghoulish ISIS, by not allowing a successful completion to the war in Iraq — a war that America had already won! Such victories, however, require follow-up: temporary occupation, the imposition of a new, sane régime, pacification and ongoing stabilizing aid. The Left pulled the plug in Iraq. This act of leftist irresponsibility has been responsible for thousands of terrorist murders in subsequent years.
  • If we were to delve into the domain of domestic policy, we’d have to list things like: Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit… all “s—holes” awash in poverty, disease, hunger, violence, thuggishness, despair. These cities — long owned by the Left and the Democrats — are less civilized now, than the wild West of more than 150 years ago. In an essay in these pages, we called the Democrats “The Party of Death.” We pointed out that every time the Left and their political wing, the Democrat Party, take a stand on an issue, someone ends up dead. That rings more true now than ever.
  • If we were to delve into the domain of domestic policy, we’d have to list things like increasing conflict between the races, the sexes, the classes, the generations… all ginned up either on outright false, or highly dubious, premises by… the Left.

Just a short list — none of it really disputed by anyone, historians or otherwise — focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on foreign policy.

Tell me again… why do we need the Left? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 million murder victims in the last century alone might think that we don’t. Or that we need a Right-wing with the backbone to stand up to the primitives and reactionaries on the Left.

— xPraetorius

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