Oprah? Will America EVER Get Serious Again?

Bottom Line: There simply is no segment on the American Left equivalent to the “Never Trumpers” on the Right. Whereas a significant portion of the American Right viewed, and views, Trump with disdain, no one on the Left views Oprah that way. This despite the fact that she’s pretty much the same thing as Trump.

Oprah vs. Trump: The Left says: “You Republicans put up a reality show host with no political experience for the Presidency? That’s so stupid, we’ll do the same thing!

Oprah, if she were to run for the Presidency, would have a very good chance of winning it. Here’s why:

  • The Left was unanimous in its virulent condemnation of the nomination of Donald Trump by the Republicans; so was half of the Right. That means that fully three-quarters of the American body politic viewed Trump somewhere in the spectrum from intense hatred to scornful disdain.
  • The  Left sneered down their noses at Trump the political neophyte, the philistine, the rude boor. So did half the Right.
  • The Left hates Trump with a visceral intensity generally reserved for Hitlers, the Jack the Rippers, Charlie Mansons and Jeff Dahmers of the world. So does a significant portion of (though not half) the Right.
  • A significant portion of the Right echoes all the criticisms of Trump that the Left had, and has.

Here’s the difference: All the flaws, quirks and eccentricities, that conventional wisdom holds are true of Trump… are just as true of Oprah; sometimes more so. But, there’s no one on the Left who would raise his  hand and say something like, “You know… we didn’t like it when the Republicans nominated a ridiculous person to the Presidency, why on earth are we doing the same thing?!?

Oprah, the talk-show host, is not all that ridiculous a person. She’s kind of the patron saint of the American loser, and that’s not all that bad a thing. However, that’s a niche from which, probably, we shouldn’t choose the next President of the United States.

Love Trump, hate him, or somewhere in the middle (like me), he’s the mirror image of Oprah. Whereas Oprah spends her time cooing to and lauding the losers of life, Trump is kind of like the patron saint of winners.(1)

Trump is boorish, uncouth, disciplinarian daddy; Oprah is calming, comforting, tuck-you-in-at-night-and-tell-you-a-story mommy.

Frankly, between you and me, neither ought to be President. But, this is the scenario that the American Left has made for us, and that the American Right resisted in only token fashion.

When the Left took to the streets and armed itself, the Right lay down and surrendered, all the while decrying the Left’s thuggish tactics. But, bottom line, if you’re going to have a fight, and you allow the thugs to define the terms of the fight, and you then decline to fight them on those terms, you’re going to lose the fight. Yes, you (we) were noble losers, and yes, you (we) were right, but you (we) lost all the same.

We on the Right lost the fight, and that made for the straight line from the 1950’s and ’60’s right through idiots and muddle-headed nitwits like George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. How was it that we didn’t laugh these witless buffoons, blockheads, half-wits and clodpoles out of the room as soon as they announced for the Presidency?

Well, to answer that question, it was because they were announcing to… a bunch of like-minded witless buffoons, blockheads, half-wits and clodpoles: the American media;

Our fault… bad on us, that we the people didn’t always view the American media as simply the fourth branch of government, and recognize that it would never act in America’s best interests, but rather in its own. I think we’re slowly, ever so slowly, finally coming to that realization.

A President Winfrey could happen only in a country that has gone so far down the road into media-driven half-wittery that such a patently ridiculous thing could happen.

— xPraetorius


(1) Regarding Trump, this is not an unalloyed good thing! He is a crass, rude peasant-seeming bull in any human interaction’s china shop. Sometimes his victories have come at costs that seem unacceptable. Some would suggest that the 2016 Presidential election was an example of this. I’m not yet sure where I come down on this. However, it sure seems that for every Trump in a position of executive authority, there might need to be an Oprah-type doing exactly what Oprah’s doing now.

No, this is not me going all squish on you. We have way, way, way too much in the way of snowflakery in America today, and Oprah is a part of it. However, the Oprah phenomenon is, indeed, directly related to the wildly successful private charity network that was so massively successful in the beginning part of the Twentieth Century. This group of concerned citizens watched their massively successful organizations be squashed by the growing welfare state.

So, while distantly related to early successful American charitable organizations, the Oprah phenomenon is best understood as a direct offshoot of that other, wildly unsuccessful aspect of American charity: the welfare state.

However, with the death of successful charity in America, there might as well be… Oprah. As bad as she is, and as saccharine and phony as is her so-called concern for others, she’s marginally better than the government, and its socialist, welfarist modus operandi.

In a welfare state where there are Trumps who know how to work the corrupt system, there have to be Oprah’s too, to continue to feed illusions to the people whom the government has inevitably betrayed.

Make no mistake, though, the disease that spawned both the Trump and the need for the “anti-Trump” is: the welfare state.

Since, the welfare state never works, and never could work, there have to be illusions to keep the people from revolting. Look at the over-the-top gaudiness of everything with a “Trump” logo on it. Illusion. Now, look at what Oprah spins: illusions and pretty pictures.

Taken even further: there have been, and still are, pure welfare states — the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba — and they’re all either gone entirely, or, to borrow a term: “s—holes.” And each one, even before it fell apart from its own decrepitude, had an elaborate propaganda apparatus telling the populace that all was well, that all was great, that they were living in the finest society that mankind had yet devised.

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