Imagine if the media…
It’s easy if you try…
Could simply treat the Left…
The same as you and I (do)


Imagine what the country could be like, if only the media were as skeptical of the Left as they are of the Right. In Conservative circles, we treat the Left with the level of scorn and derision that they so richly deserve. The media do that to us on the Right.

Look, I’m on the Right, and other than the media fraud and the dishonesty, I absolutely appreciate what the press do to the Right. They scrutinize us at a proctological level, and force us to stay on the straight and narrow.  Ethically, politically and, yes, personally.

It’s a well-known phenomenon, that. When I worked in the mortgage industry, for example, prima facie proof of discrimination in lending was that the loans of certain demographics performed better than those of other demographics. Fewer late payments, fewer foreclosures, fewer defaults. This meant that lenders were forcing certain demographic groups to jump through more hoops to obtain loans, and that such loans were — by definition — going to perform better over the long haul.

Well, see if you can guess why, overwhelmingly, there are Democrats and leftists caught in the Great American Sexual Harassment Hysteria Dragnet currently sweeping the nation.


Because the Democrats all  figured they could get away with it! Forever.

And why did they all figure they could get away with it? Simple: Because they were getting away with it! They’d been getting away with it for decades.(1)

Now, see if you can guess why the Republicans and Conservatives caught in that same dragnet are so few and far between!

Correct-a-mundo again! Because Conservatives and Republicans are pretty sure they can’t get away with… anything!

Now, imagine what our country could look like if only the media cast the same eyes on the Dems and the Left as they do on the GOP and Conservatives.

  • The “gay” silliness would never have happened. Everyone knows deep down that homosexuality is a psychological disorder. We all know that the idea that there should be special rights, dispensations and privileges for those who have such a disorder is simply… preposterous.
  • Sexual harassment? Uhhh… No. There wouldn’t be any to speak of. Not in politics or Hollywood (same thing, really) anyway, because all these “open secrets“(Weinstein, Spacey, Lauer, et al) remained “secrets” for so long, only because the media allowed them to!
  • No Obamacare. The whole thing is a steaming hot mess of stuff that a male bovine would be ashamed to leave behind after dinner for all the world to see.
  • Real Welfare. Instead of the dependence-breeding monstrosity that it is today, welfare would be significantly smaller, significantly less expensive, and would have built-in incentives for recipients to get back on their feet.
  • No “transgender” silliness. If the winner of the 1972 men’s Olympic decathlon gold medal were to announce that he was actually a woman, the correct first reaction should be to roll around on the floor in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. The next correct reaction should be to recognize that the dude has a psychological disorder, and that he needs help, not transparent lies suggesting that he actually is a woman. The fact that the Left has foisted the “transgender” codswallop over on us means that they’ve concluded that we’ll believe anything, as long as there’s enough social pressure associated with it.
  • No poverty. We can defeat poverty. It’s easy: simply remove the incentives to poverty. In these pages we called it “purchasing more poverty.” The Democrats and the Left pay people to be poor. And to vote Democrat. Unfortunately, millions accept this soul-sapping bargain.
  • No hunger. We can defeat hunger in the same way as we’d defeat poverty. Add incentives for the able-bodied to work, and remove incentives to be poor.
  • Homelessness? Almost the same thing. The vast majority of homelessness is due to alcohol or other substance abuse. These people, along with those who have gender confusion, and others with psychological disorders, are the ones who need real, substantive assistance. A privately-run system similar to the old-time charitable programs at the beginning of the 20th Century is what’s called for. These once highly successful institutions were killed off by ever higher taxes that choked off charitable giving.
  • No racial strife. The fastest economically growing demographic in America — before, that is, the Democrat Party began insisting that they focus on racial victimhood — was… Black Americans. As soon as the Dems and the Left got full-time into the race huckster business, the skyrocketing economic progress of black people came to a screeching halt. The direct cause of that crash is the pervasive idea — spread by the Dems and the Left — that black Americans can’t succeed in America because of invisible abstract fabrications like “institutional racism,” and “systemic racism,” and “white privilege,” and “white supremacy.” None of these things has an actual definition, or any actual evidence to support them. In fact, they’re all such nebulous concepts that they can have any definition whatsoever that someone looking for an excuse for failure wants them to have. They’re handy, because, having no definition, there’s also no possibility they can be disproved or debunked.
  • No strife between the sexes. Same reasons as the previous bullet. Feminism was nothing more than a ploy to manufacture bitterness, hatred of men, and support for the Left among Western women. Western women who, by the way, are the single group in the world with the best standard of living. No other demographic group in the world has as much wealth, leisure time or opportunity for advancement as Western, and particularly American, women. So the Left needs to foment as much strife between men and women as possible, in order to dupe women into voting Democrat.

Imagine what could be, if the media simply examined the Left as thoroughly as they scrutinize the Right. Little more than that is needed to cure a whole lot of the ills afflicting American society, and the Western world today.


— xPraetorius


(1) This is why the current piety on the Left concerning sexual harassment is a bunch of hogwash. They didn’t give the tiniest rodent gluteus maximus about sexual harassment before they all got caught engaging in it. The only reason they’re upset now is that they got caught.

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