Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part III)

Now let’s talk about the language of Trump’s alleged declaration. I disagree with his use of the expletive. I don’t use such language. And I’m really, really upset about the ever increasing crudeness and crassness of American society.

There are words people should avoid all the time. They include the “f” word, the “s” word, and numerous others (including the “p” word that Trump allegedly used).

However, many, many of Trump’s critics on the Right have said something along the lines of, “Yes, Democrats use that kind of language all the time, but we shouldn’t stoop to doing that! We’re supposed to be above that kind of thing.”

Errrmmm… Yes. We are. Supposed to be above that kind of trash.

But… and it’s a big’un! This is the society that we allowed the crass, crude, sex-obsessed, power-obsessed, immature Left to impose on America. Yes, we on the Right — and those who want the support of us on the Right, like Trump — need to cut it out. I don’t need to use that kind of language, and I don’t. You don’t have to use that kind of language either. Nor does Trump.

Here’s the BIG but: BUT… we need to insist on the very same thing from the Left. You want civil discourse? Demand it! Demand it in all aspects of societal interaction. Look, I’m not a prude, but there ought to be boundaries that all people observe in all their interactions with all people at all times. Boundaries of politeness, of manners, or etiquette, and yes, of language.

It’s why we on the Right need to disarm the Left of one of their most disgusting “weapons”: The various accusations of racist, fascist, sexist, homophobe, Nazi, transphobe, islamophobe, and the entire litany of idiotic names that serve only to kill real discussion or debate.

When some idiot breaks out the “Racist!” accusation, interrupt him immediately, and tell him that he sounds like an idiot, and that such a slander ought to be beneath anyone with any brains or any decency. Then ask him innocently, “Are you an idiot? If not, cut out the idiotic insults and try to talk like a mature adult.

Someone should take Trump aside and say, “Listen Mr. President… you’re the President of the United States… that kind of language makes you look juvenile and crass. I think you should cut it out.”

Someone of us on the Right will have to apply the stronger, “You Sound Like An Idiot” medicine to the Left… but we still need to do it.

Since we allowed the Left — through our inaction — to implement such a vulgar, uncouth culture, it’s up to us to be at least an important part of making it right.

We need to insist on elevating the debate to disallow the brainless accusations, the profanity, the blustering and all the other irrelevancies and inanities that the Left use to avoid actually debating issues.

We should demand that of all aspects of American culture. We did ourselves no favors in allowing the mindless 1960’s to determine what our culture would look like today.

— xPraetorius







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