Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part II)

After a few days, it turns out that our interpretation — that Trump pretty much says what everyone else is already thinking — has been confirmed.

Now here’s Part II.

In the whole “S—hole” discussion was an implied comparison between the following three countries: Haiti, El Salvador and Norway. (Though Haiti, it turns out, was apparently never in there in the first place. Remember: this all came about as the result of someone’s reporting what he heard in a private conversation. Such accounts are rarely reliable, accurate, or honestly reported.)

Bluntly, in any such comparison, by anyone on earth, Norway is going to come out on top. Way, way, way up on top.

So, the big question instantly poses itself: What do Haiti and El Salvador need to do to become a lot more like Norway?

The answer is complex, but I can give you the various high-level components of such a desirable outcome:

  1. Geography — overcoming limitations imposed by where a country is located.
  2. History — overcoming self-imposed resentments and bitterness from the past.
  3. Economics — implementing a sane (read: free market) economic system.
  4. Social — overcoming and resolving internecine conflicts between societal sub-groups. Finally, and most importantly…
  5. Cultural — having a general state of mind that supports and advances solutions to the first four items, above.

Here’s the problem — and it’s the nub of why the American Left responded to Trump’s (truthful but artless) profanity as they always respond to such things, with their one note, “Racist!” The cultural aspects of all this — the ones that allow, or prevent, resolutions to the first four items — have largely been solidified in the minds of the non-white populations of the world, by a relentless bombardment of deceitful propaganda coming from the international Left.

The Left’s propaganda has long insisted that the white (read: European, or “imperialist,” or “Western”) peoples of the world have long been victimizing the non-white (read: Eastern and Southern) peoples of the world, and that therefore the white peoples need to pay the non-white peoples somehow.

You should read those last two paragraphs very carefully.  They have vast implications. One of those implications: Yes, there is a racial/ethnic component to the solution to the world’s problems. Why? Simple: the magnitude of that component is the extent to which the non-white peoples of the world have bought into the Left’s propaganda.

It’s not at all difficult to see how the poorer, non-white peoples would buy into all that crap… wholesale. How the so-called black, brown and yellow peoples of the world would believe that the Western world owes both the Eastern world and the Southern Hemisphere. Owes them a lot.

This means further that there’s a great reservoir of bitterness on the part of the non-white (Eastern and Southern) peoples of the world toward the much more prosperous white (Western and Northern) peoples.

And… it means that any declaration talking about — read this well — resolving big world problems is going to talk about addressing the serious problems of the non-white peoples of the world.

There’s nothing racist in any of that. It’s just the truth.

Another truth: By far the greatest civilization in the history of the world is: the USA. In distant second place are the Western European countries. In last place are… all others. (with some exceptions, like Australia, New Zealand)

Of course the last-placers are going to be strongly tempted to look outside of their own cultures and countries to discern reasons for their own shortcomings and failings. Of course the last-placers are going to be easy targets for the propaganda of the international Left.(1)

None of all the above is at all racial in nature…but it is about human nature. None of the above should be controversial in the least. However, you don’t have to believe my simple assertions, you can play a little thought exercise: In what direction are the various great human migrations moving today? The answer to that question rather neatly confirms what I’ve said.

Needless to say, neither the American Left, nor the vast American Race Grievance Industry will ever concede the above obvious points. That’s because they’re not in the business of pursuing the truth; they’re in the business of pursuing power, and the truth doesn’t support the Left’s pursuit of power. And that’s because everywhere the Left actually obtains power, they implement a reactionary system most resembling the serfdom of Europe’s medieval times. This is what they call: “progress.”

So, Trump said “S—hole countries” — the very same thing the Left says about areas of America that don’t vote Democrat — and the Left, and the RGI, cry, “Racist!” Of course! They had to! They had no choice. You see, even though the Left’s goal is to subjugate everyone else, they’ve also locked themselves into all manner of corners.

Trump, or someone like Trump(2) could give a million bucks to a thousand different impoverished, black, single mothers, and the Left and the RGI would shriek, “Racist!” All while the Feminist Grievance Industry would whine, “Sexist!” At the same time as the Gay Grievance Industry would bleat, “Homophobe!” As the Islamic Grievance Industry would bellow, “Islamophobe!” Simultaneous with the Sexual Weirdism Grievance Industry’s caterwauling of, “Transphobe!” Heck, even the vast, international Climate Fraud Grievance Industry would weigh in with something like, “Climate denier!”(3) All because…that’s all they’ve got.

The old expression goes something like, “If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.”

The only thing that each of the numerous whiny sub-segments of the vast American Grievance Industry has is their particular grievance. It’s the lens through which they see everything. For them everything looks like their version of a nail.

— xPraetorius


(1) Some extreme leftists who understood this aspect of human nature very well, and who leveraged it to obtain vast power were: Mao, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Castro… There are a lot more.

(2) Yes, yes, yes, I understand… there might be no one else anywhere remotely resembling Trump.

(3) The Left has understood this as well, and has tried to make everyone’s nail on the Left somehow look like everyone else’s. It’s called “intersectionality,” and it’s all about trying to bring the various splinter groups together for greater unity and support. That’s how the Climate Fraud Grievance Industry can take something that the Race Grievance Industry has claimed, and try to claim it as well. It’s how so-called “sexists,” and “racists,” and “homophobes” also — completely unbeknownst to them! — magically become “climate deniers” too! The problem for the Left is that all the splinter groups — groups that are becoming ever more numerous — are competing for a decreasing pool of free money, and a decreasingly enthusiastic market for giving any of them any more free money. With all the ability to communicate, the patsies — American taxpayers — aren’t seeing the results of all the government programs, and movements they’ve been funding with their hard-earned tax money.

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