The Left, and the RGI, Are NOT Interested in “Civil Debate”

As those of you who follow this blog know, we have had some serious back-and-forths with the racists at Brothawolf’s blog.

On December 29th, though, I sent the following post to “Brothawolf”:

Happy New Year, BW! (Editor’s note: my shorthand for “Brothawolf”)

I know that you and I disagree about, well, about just about everything. However, I wish you and yours a happy, prosperous, love-filled, life-filled, happiness-filled, prosperous, delightful, fun, exciting new year.

I know you won’t publish this, because… well, because. But that doesn’t diminish the sincerity of the sentiments expressed herein.

I hope that 2018 is a better year than you’ve ever had, and that you will have many, many more, and that each will be better than the previous.

As mentioned in the post, “Brothawolf” didn’t publish the post. Can you tell me what’s objectionable in the post? Yes, the line about “not publishing this post” could be seen as every so slightly incendiary, but I — and my colleagues — have always approached BW using a friendly, approachable — but firm — style. In this case, the line was meant to challenge BW to post my contribution.

We were always polite, but emphatic; friendly, but firm. We did and said nothing that could have been seen as rude, trolling, inappropriate… or even vaguely unfriendly!(1)

But, and here’s the background behind the whole thing, BW — a militant member of the vast Race Grievance Industry — couldn’t stay with us in our debates(2), so his “argumentation” finally dissolved into an immature, petulant, kind of pathetic tantrum, that always led to his banishing us from his blog (three times now).

Well, frankly, if I had no answer for someone who constantly out-debated me, I might be tempted to ban that other person too! But I wouldn’t. Why? Simple: another option is to learn from those who defeat you in debate… and to adjust your thinking accordingly. That, after all, is the adult thing, the intelligent, the rational thing, to do.

However, BW is a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, and a card-carrying, ovine member of the Race Grievance Industry (RGI). These things can be also described as, yep: immature, petulant… kind of pathetic.

It should be noted that “Brothawolf” is a self-admitted racist and a Black Supremacist, who’s publicly supported the violent death of all the world’s white people (see here, for example(3))

Then, at his blog which we follow, BW has insisted over and over and over and over again that “he doesn’t hate white people.”

I guess that wishing that all white people would die a violent death is not… hatred. It must be some kind of “love,” that we all just don’t understand.

The Left isn’t in the slightest interested in serious debate. They’re interested in taking power. It’s what they do. They don’t think. They don’t love. They don’t seek to know things. They don’t seek the truth. They want. They lust… for power… power over you and me and everyone.

The RGI is a significant component of the Left. It’s pretty easy to defeat them in debate — we’ve proven it over and over again — but they then simply shut down the debate. Of course! Debate doesn’t serve their goals… in debate, as we’ve shown them numerous times, is the risk that you could lose the debate! Taking power is what serves the Left’s goals. It’s the only thing that does.

And, as BW and his racist “friends” prove over and over again, they don’t mind doing whatever it takes, hating whoever disagrees with them, harming whoever gets in their way… in order to achieve their ends.

— xPraetorius


(1) We did post a reply to one Herneith, in which we did what BW and his ilk do all the time: we called her a bunch of names and unleashed a bunch of inappropriate invective against her, just to show her how we could have acted.

(2) The topic of our debates was, simply: “White racism against black people is just not a big problem in America today.” We proved it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

(3) Here’s the quote, in case BW decides to get rid of it. After all, it’s pretty grotesque. I’d be deeply embarrassed to have this kind of slop appear on my blog:

Yurugu [Editor’s note: the commenter’s derisive name for white people] is feeling, slightly, the sins of his twisted, diseased, diabolical past, present and future with rising alarm. Having zero concept of karma, they are “stunned” and “caught off guard” as to why the entire Colored world harbours feelings of resentment and anger towards them.

Being deficient of melanin, the God Principle of the planet, they are unable to experience remorse and humility. They know, intrinsically, that they shall reap the benefits of what they have planted but arrogance will never permit them to admit it.

Their rising fear will manifest into more crimes against us and more laws restricting us but it will be of no avail. Yurugu WILL PERISH off the planet. Either by ways of the sword or by ways of Mother Nature. My wish is for a solar assassination of their nasty, beastiality-loving, pale asses.

By (sic) f###ers.

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

On second thought…I hope the door hits them real hard.

Note the highlighted part in red. The whole thing is paranoid, whack-a-doodle codswallop, but it’s an excellent opportunity for Brothawolf to reject publicly this kind of hatred-drenched half-wittery. However, BW doesn’t rise to the challenge. Here’s his response:

If it does hit them, they’ll likely blame it on blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and anyone else. lol

Lol! ROFL! So funny, eh? A commenter on BW’s blog fantasizes over the violent death of nearly two billion men women and children, and BW’s response is… “Lol.”

Hold on while I pick myself up off the floor, I was having trouble containing my guffaws, and people were looking worriedly at me. By the way, have you heard Wanda Sykes’ latest riffing on the Holocaust? Jim Gaffigan making ’em roll in the aisles over the Holodomor? I hear Chris Rock has put together some real howlers about the Armenian and Hindu genocides. I can’t wait for the routine to come out with those great gags about the Rwandan genocide. Funny stuff, this bludgeoning, starving, axing, machine-gunning, hacking and beating millions upon millions to death!

After I offered to BW numerous opportunities to denounce this kind of outrageous crap, he never did. And he banned me because I was being, yep… rude. Here he was endorsing a paranoid fantasy about the violent death of dozens of dear friends of mine, and he accused me of being rude. Now, that was funny! And proof that the Left is not interested whatsoever in civilized debate.

— xPraetorius

33 thoughts on “The Left, and the RGI, Are NOT Interested in “Civil Debate”

  1. Straight white males and not being oppressed, especially for being straight white males, and that includes you if you believe what you are has something to do with why you were kicked out.

  2. Lol! You continue with your weird delusions, BW. Since I’ve never once in my life claimed that straight, white males are oppressed, and since I’m not a straight, white male, your post makes no sense. However, it’s consistent for you! Replying to things that no one said; accusing people of things they’ve never done; furiously constructing strawman after strawman after strawman. A good, ol’ fashioned leftist to the end eh, BW?

    You constantly used to accuse me of saying things I never, ever said; you used to try to tell me what I was thinking, what I knew, what I felt, my skin color, my sex, my education level…. things you could never know, and things that were completely irrelevant to the topics at hand, but that allowed you to deflect and, of course, to post something without answering questions and points that were, shall we say, “inconvenient” for you.

    Here again, in this very post, you make the assumption that (1) I’m a straight, white male, and (2) that I think that “we” straight, white males are oppressed.

    Neither of your assumptions is true. I’m beginning to think that you’re not very good with English, BW!

    I know why I was “kicked out,” despite the demonstrable fact that I was more polite, nicer, more genteel than any of your other commenters: Bottom line: your points of view are ignorant, racist, shallow and easily debunked. I easily debunked them, so you needed to shut me up.

    The Left is nothing if not cowardly. Real men outgrow those things by the time they’re 12 years old. Not you, though, BW! You remain stalwartly ignorant, steadfastly wrong, tenaciously, aggressively uninformed, doggedly unenlightened, resolutely unconscious of real life around you. In short a typical leftist.

    BW: you’re a typical, card-carrying member of the Left (don’t try to deny it… if you weren’t such a coward, I’d prove it to you), so you’re just fine with carrying around really stupid notions in your otherwise empty noggin. That’s the Left: intentionally, aggressively stupid. (Even though they don’t have to be. They can choose to abandon their stupidity.)

    One last thought… it’s one that will yield a blog post one of these days.

    Before the age of about 22, I was a standard issue member of the Race Grievance Industry. A good Connecticut leftist, a holder of the default leftist, Connecticut, political state of mind.

    I voted Republican, because my parents were Republicans, but I was more like an Anarcho-Christian-Trotskyist. I believed that the less government the better, I never swore, and I believed in God; I used filthy language, and I believed that books, medicine, food and shelter ought to be free.

    In short I was an idiot.

    I was a brilliant idiot, though. Using the power of the ambiguity inherent in language, I was able to argue all those completely incompatible, thoroughly contradictory and incoherent ideas very effectively.

    Then, a light went off in my head, and I came to the blinding realization that all I ever wanted to do from that moment on was to learn… to learn about anything and everything.

    I embarked on a determined voyage of discovery and study that continues to this day, and that entirely upended all my previous beliefs… because I found that all I had been doing previously was parroting what others whom I considered “cool” were saying… without thinking about it, without reasoning through what I was saying. A lot like what Brothawolf does.

    Study — real study — takes you away from the Left. It’s why the Left has so thoroughly attacked and corrupted the American university system. The Left can’t tolerate other people actually learning things, because that would mean those people would become less ignorant, less prone to accepting half-baked ideas, less like sheep, less willing to be mindless parrots… less leftist.

    It’s what happened to me. It’s why I wrote this: The Stages of Political Maturity. I explored all the stages as I voraciously sought out knowledge.

    And that quest took me long and far away from the Left which, in retrospect, is just such baby stuff! It’s the stuff that we should get rid of in the third grade!

    However, you can see where people like BW are. We’ve all met them. In fact, they’re all too common. They consider themselves fully baked. All done. The thermometer’s popped, and they don’t need to learn or grow anymore. They admit it too! I can’t tell you how many times Brothawolf has said to me that I’d never change his mind about anything!

    One of the “reasons” he used to suggest that I’d never persuade him of anything was that he didn’t like my manner. He thought I was rude and abrasive. In other words, he didn’t like how various truths were presented to him. He admitted that he’d deny the very truth of something… simply because of how that truth was expressed! I’ve heard of dumb things before, but few things as dumb as that!

    I’d be deeply embarrassed to say something like that. I’ll never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop fine-tuning what I already know, seeking out new perspectives to make my conclusions better, smarter, more rounded and complete.

    BW, I understand your reluctance to learn, to grow… learning and growing are difficult things. They require you to admit to the possibility that what you are, who and how you are, what you know and understand right now are all inadequate, incomplete, sometimes wrong, sometimes in need of being rejected. I know… I’ve had to do it numerous times. It’s what got me from a conventional, sheep-like Connecticut leftist to the informed Conservative that I am today.

    Guess what: To a not insignificant extent, I have my white, leftist, Connecticut friends to thank for my conversion to a thinking person! Yep. They’re the ones who always patted me on my little head and ever so condescendingly implied that without their help I’d unable to make it in America by myself. And, of course, that I didn’t need to think about anything; that they’d take care of all my thinking for me!

    That was one of the very first notions I rejected! Of course, in doing that, I lost all my white, leftist, Connecticut friends… and subsequently gained a whole bunch of new, real friends. Friends who have stayed with me through thick and thin, and who stayed with me even when I explored all the Stages of Political Maturity… even the left-wing ones.

    Maybe one day, Brothawolf, you too will reject the infantilizing condescension of the Left. Maybe one day, you’ll grow up and realize that it’s entirely possible for you to be wrong, and to learn, and to grow. Maybe one day you’ll learn to think for yourself. Maybe one day, you’ll learn that no one’s ever fully baked, and that the fun and excitement are in the cooking! I fervently hope that for you for 2018.


    — x

  3. It’s worth repeating, something I borrowed from your playbook.

    Straight white males are not being oppressed, especially not for being straight white males.

      1. Is that the conservative definition of a civilized conversation, condescension, denial and lies?

        Anyway, the truth is that straight white males are not being oppressed. So, there’s no reason to be afraid or angry.

  4. First: If you look at the premise of my original post, you’ll see that I indicated that the Left isn’t interested in a “civilized conversation,” so I don’t feel any obligation to deliver one. 🙂

    Second: you’re still really careless, BW. I have to tell you yet again that a “lie” is an intentional attempt to deceive by stating something that the would-be deceiver knows to be untrue. Go ahead, I dare you to point out to me one thing — just one — that I’ve ever said to you, that I know to be untrue.

    Just one.

    As for your last paragraph, I’ve addressed it twice already, but I’ll do it again. Straight white males are not oppressed in America today. I’ve never suggested that they are, and I wouldn’t make that suggestion, because I don’t believe it to be true.


    — x

        1. No. If it’s based in substance. You can feel free to differ with me, but you really need to cut out the personal attacks, the claims that I lie, the attempts to deflect from what I say, by pretending that I’m not who I am, etc.

          There are substantive arguments that you could raise in support of the leftist point-of-view, and I can argue them forward and backward. They’re wrong, but they’re substantive. You should try to find them. And you should try to find out why there are increasing numbers of black Conservatives, like me, who are not, and never have been… “novelties.”

          If you don’t understand our point of view, and why we view it as legitimate, then you are, by definition, arguing from ignorance. I never argue from ignorance. If I don’t know my way around a topic, I admit it… simple as that. Then I either try to learn more, or I admit I’m not sufficiently interested at that point to learn more about it.

          Plainly I’m interested in race relations, so I’ve studied them for more than 35 years. In an interesting comment the three most knowledgeable people in America who know the most about race relations, and about black Americans are white people: Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom and my colleague here at The Praetorian Writers’ Group.


          — x

          1. That’s where you’re wrong. I see your point of view. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.

            How can you be interested in race relations if all you do is shoot down the voices from those who don’t agree with your views? That’s not interest. That’s ignorance at best and fear and hatred at worst.

          2. Nope. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I shoot down voices that are wrong. Those voices need to be shot down, because they either (1) don’t contribute and waste everyone’s time, or in your case (2) cause actual damage to race relations, and get in the way of, or actually unravel, much of the good work of a lot of great people.


            — x

          3. That’s true. If they are wrong, they’re wrong.

            However, (1) you’ve wasted everyone’s time on my blog with your online attitude problem and rejecting of differing responses, and (2) I’m not the problem with race relations. All you seem to do is scapegoat me from the actual problems, problems you don’t seem to want to concern yourself with due to your apparent need to hold on to your brand of so-called “facts”.

          4. Dude: You’re a racist. You’re part of the problem. You can’t be “anti-racist” and a racist all at the same time.

            So, was “diary’s” fantasy an example of my attitude problem?


            There are no “brands of facts.” There are only facts and not facts.

            I gave you facts. Facts you ignored. For example: there were twice as many white slaves in Africa as there were black slaves in America. What about that fact? Did you even know it? Are you simply going to deny it? Did you watch the video?


            — x

          5. Lol! I’m not a racist, BW. You are. If there’s racism in America, as everyone knows there is, then you’re part of the problem. You should stop it.


            — x

          6. Lol! See? I told you that you weren’t serious about being anti-racist! Proof positive right there!

            You just proved that you’re just fine with some racism, but not with other racism.

            That is not the state-of-mind of am actual anti-racist person.


            — x

          7. I’ll say it again, there is no racism against white people. How can there be if most of the people in government offices, corporate offices and most of the nation;s wealth are in the homes of people who are white?

            That’s why I said what I said to ease your mind. White people, straight white males, are not being oppressed for their race, gender or sexual orientation. If you agreed, and you did, you would feel much better. Therefore, your claim that there is racism against everyone is false, not to mention is cancels out your claim that it’s not a big problem for black people, or however you put it.

          8. Paragraph 1: Hogwash. You’d have no idea. You’re a black dude. You can’t speak about what happens to white people… you said so yourself.

            Your point about the nation’s wealth is a very good one Finally! It’s wrong, but it’s a good point. It’s wrong because there are more white people in America, by quite a few, than any other race. Of course, there will be more white people just about anywhere you go in America. Duh!

            Finally, though, you did provide a substantive answer to a question! Wrong, but substantive! Good for you!

            Paragraph 2: Incorrect. Straight, white males are not oppressed in America today. That doesn’t mean that they don’t experience individual instances of injustice, racism, unfairness, violence, etc. And that — thank you! — finally wraps up and proves all my points!

            Black people also experience individual instances of injustice, racism, unfairness, violence, etc. However, they are not oppressed!

            Being oppressed, means that on every day of their lives they experience some form of oppression that causes them to fail, to hurt, to be poor, downtrodden or unhappy, to be out of control of their own lives and fates. Black people in America today don’t experience anything like that. I know. I am one.

            Thank you for neatly proving all my points for me in one fell swoop!


            — x

          9. I never said anything about what happens with white people. I said that there is no racism against white people based on what the definition of racism is.

            And you never disagreed with my statement of where most of the wealth goes, nor have you disputed the facts about who dominates the government and corporate structures.

            I never said that straight white males don’t have their share of problems, but racism just simply isn’t one of them. And black people are oppressed in ways you seem to want to disregard based on what you think oppression is.

            If you’re true objective is to win arguments online, you may need to get a life.

          10. Saying that white people don’t experience racism IS, indeed, pretending to know what happens to white people. There is plenty of racism against white people. There are things called Affirmative Action, and a vast web of things that let us black people go to the head of the line in almost every (not all) industry in the country. It’s officially-sanctioned, real, no-foolin’ racist discrimination against white people. The kind that would have us — rightfully — rioting in the streets if it were directed against us.

            I didn’t disagree with your statement about where most of the wealth goes, because it’s true. However, the reason it’s not going to us has nothing to do with racism.

            It’s not what I think oppression is, it’s what oppression is. Individual acts of injustice don’t constitute oppression. Pure and simple. If that were the case, then, obviously, ALL people would be victims of “oppression.” Duh!

            My “objective” is to end real oppression. It doesn’t help to call the individual inconveniences and injustices that fall into everyone’s lives “oppression.”


            — x

          11. No, it’s what you think oppression is according to you based on your responses. And I’m saying that there is no racism against white people. And like you said, individual acts of injustice don’t constitute oppression. So, white people are not oppressed.

            And we’re not talking about what your objective is. We’re talking about what IS objective. You, my friend, are NOT objective.

          12. You’re wrong. There is way, way more racism in America against white Americans than against black Americans. But white Americans are not oppressed in America. There’s even more race discrimination committed against Asians! Asians are also not oppressed in America today.

            My colleague has been denied a mortgage, as well as several jobs based on the color — white — of his skin. You know this. Why do I have to repeat myself to you?

            He’s also lost numerous employment opportunities based on his sex as well. Overt discrimination against him — and told to his face! — based on his race. Discrimination that cost him millions of dollars. Those are the things that he’s made public in this blog, but all my white colleagues have experienced the same thing numerous times.

            By way of contrast, I’ve never experienced employment or housing discrimination based on the color of my skin.

            In addition, I’ve received plenty of advantages because of the color of my skin, and because of my sex. Several lucrative assignments on CNN, for example, so that I could be the Conservative female voice on their broadcast.


            — x

          13. Racism leads to oppression, or is that now part of your definition of the word.

            And even if your “example” is true, and if it is, I’m worry to hear that, one example does not amount to an entire group or even half of it.

            But there is documented evidence of racism against blacks, any kind – as our history has shown – you reject.

            And who is that conservative female on CNN?

            Off the record and not part of this argument, maybe one day you’ll tell the truth about who you really are. Until then, I only respond to the comments of a self-proclaimed “prominent black woman” only has a free blog page on under a pseudonym.

          14. Yes, there is documented history of racism against us, against black Americans, but none to speak of (except for isolated incidents that everyone unanimously condemns, and for which there is recourse) for more than three generations. I advise against living in the past as you do.

            You have to face it, the fact that white hostility toward black Americans is just not a big problem anymore, is the worst thing that could happen to the Race Grievance Industry. Of course they’d fight it! And, of course they’d invent nice, neat, invisible things like: “White Privilege,” and “White Supremacy,” and “Institutional Racism,” and “Systemic Racism,” and such nonsense. Without those invisible things, they’d have to go out and get real jobs!

            We documented that one too, when the GGI got everything it was looking for, and then was thoroughly flummoxed as to what to do next. I had a quote from one gay activist who said, exactly, “I guess I’ll have to go out and find a real job!”


            — x

          15. You only believe what you want to believe. No matter what I or any opposing voice says, you are too wrapped up in your conservative security blanket to be taken seriously. And it’s not because you’re a member of the right. It’s because you have the attributes of a troll. I know, you don’t like to be called that, but you have no qualms being one in blogs that were never meant to provide any comfort for your mindset.

          16. Nope. I believe what persuades me. Simple as that. You haven’t been able to persuade me, because your “arguments” are silly and ridiculous, and wouldn’t pass for good arguments in the third grade.

            I don’t care if you call me a troll. You’ve called me a lot worse! Let’s see: liar, racist, psychopath… and your friends have called me a lot more and worse as well.

            Doesn’t bother me. To be called bad names by racists is not a bad thing. I think I’d be a lot more upset if they liked me.

            Unless, that is, they saw the wisdom in what I said. That’d be okay. 🙂

            Last thing: I don’t seek out blogs to obtain “comfort for my mindset.” I specifically seek out blogs that will challenge me; blogs that have a differing point of view. Surely you must know that about me by now. I’ve said it a few hundred times to you.

            There is no learning — despite what your commenters say — in hanging around only with those who believe the same as you!


            — x

          17. Lol! nope. I’m just me. I noticed that I hadn’t addressed the “your girlfriends” comment — an oversight — so I took care of it.

            My apologies for the misunderstanding.


            — x

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