Astonishing Video #2: A Feminist Mugged by Reality

Irving Kristol famously said, “A neoconservative is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality.” the linked video, below is a pretty instructive example of this phenomenon.

The video is interesting in a number of different ways, some of which were brought out in the comments section on the YouTube page itself. The woman in the video is Laura Kipnis, feminist professor at Northwestern University.

She tells of how she wrote something suggesting that there ought to be due process for people accused of sexual impropriety on college campuses. This document that propelled her into the great leftist, human-crunching machine sounds very bland. The fact that such a milquetoast message — with which we all agree that we should agree! — got Kipnis hauled before a Title IX tribunal is astonishing in itself. If you watch the video, you understand why. Spoilers: the reason is a gag order.

The other reason this is an interesting video has to do the following comment in the comments section(1):

I think it’s funny that this chick is showing off her cleavage. ;>) (looks like she has a nice rack too)

Yes, the comment is crass and slightly vulgar, but it’s also… true. There it is, for all to see, the feminist woman’s cleavage! I found the header image for this essay — complete with cleavage — with a five-second Google search. Same feminist woman!

This points to another thing that I’ll address more in this and a future post: the fact that women in the workplace, and in forums such as this YouTube video, as well as in numerous other venues, dress both to impress, and to more than a small extent… to attract.

Yes, the feminist woman in this video does display a lot more skin than you’ll generally ever see on a man in the same type of context. That’s one aspect of the new mine field that men have to navigate in life. It’s the same old minefield we’ve long had to navigate already… only with a lot more mines nowadays.

The way I expressed it was simple: Men know very well that in the workplace, and in many other locales, they must make, and hold, eye contact with women, or risk job, career,  social standing, potentially their home and family. Women have no such limitations in any situation.

Men… dress pretty much the same way every time, displaying hands, wrists, neck and head, and in the summer, arms and half-a-bicep or so. That’s it. I’ve had dozens and dozens of jobs and have never seen more than that on a man. Not once. However, I’ve personally seen a lot of cleavage, all manner of bras, occasionally panties (depending on the length of a given skirt)… hundreds and hundreds of times.

I’ve mentioned it to some women, with whom I’m comfortable discussing current cultural phenomena, and the most common response is: “Yeah, but men like it.”

Oh? Really? Should I tell women what they like? How about if I were to start telling women what they’re thinking? Needless to say, I wouldn’t dare. Not in today’s climate.

Set aside the nonsensical idea that a woman was telling me, a man, what men think and like, and would laugh out loud if a man were to do the same to her. More to the point, the same woman would laugh out loud if he were to tell her what men think. Presumably, he would be much more of an expert than she on that topic… every day of the week.

The above-linked video is remarkable because you see this long-time leftist woman take her first tentative steps on the way to becoming a… Conservative, and a non-feminist. Furthermore, you see some of the many big cracks in the Leftist edifice. It’s loaded with cracks just like these. If we on the Right were simply to make loud exposés of those cracks, the entire rotting hulk would come crashing down.

We guys don’t like to do that, because we’re especially used to treating women with deference, and if they’re complaining that men are jerks, well, then we guys nod politely, and say, “I’m sorry.” And that’s about has far as it generally goes.

Well, men aren’t jerks. A tiny minority of them are, to be sure, and they’re out there, and we should always condemn their activities and call them out every time we see them. But, the vast majority of men are gentlemen, whose main, principal, overriding concern, obsession, preoccupation… is to provide for their families in the best way possible.

Here’s a simple truth about feminism: It was entirely based on one simple, but false, premise: that women’s lot was worse than men’s.

Otherwise stated: all the complaints that women had of all the things of which men were supposed to be guilty, women were just as guilty of all of them. Especially as it pertains to sexual relations between the sexes. Men objectified women? Women objectified men… just as much. Men were guilty of undressing women with their eyes? Ever watched women in the workplace? Men considered women “sex objects?” Women consider men sex objects.

It’s always been the same with all the other aspects of day-to-day life as well.

Was a woman’s “place” at home and in the kitchen? Well, a man’s “place” was slaving his gluteus maximus off to feed and support the family. Any man who did that less well was… a complete failure.

Was a woman supposed to stay at home, shut up and take care of the kids? Well, a man was expected to go to work, shut up and feed his family. Did he somehow have greater freedom than she? Anyone who ever thought that has never been a man.

Were men obsessed with sex and unconcerned with the feelings of their wives? Well, no one used, or uses, sex as a weapon more than women.

With all that, the vast majority of women and men are just good, decent, occasionally awful, occasionally wonderful, usually just fine, generous, nice, kind people.

The point: Neither sex had a picnic of a life. You’d be hard-pressed to identify which sex, generally, has had it harder throughout history, though I suspect that the ledger tips to the side of men… because at any time their country could send them off to war where they had a good chance of simply dying a gruesome, violent, anonymous, hideous death.

But feminism was entirely predicated on the impossible to determine conclusion that women had it tougher than men.

If, as feminism insisted, men considered women to be sex objects, then women considered men to be the same thing, as well as (my phrase) walking wallets, with a greater or lesser possibility of giving them a good life.

The above-linked video is instructive, giving us a tiny glimpse into the great culture wars of America. And we are privileged to see the struggle of a feminist woman, who likely would not have changed any of her ideas, without having been mugged by reality.

— xPraetorius


(1) I was going to put in a warning that the comment is crass and slightly vulgar, when I realized that my readers are generally adults and can handle my quoting someone else.


3 thoughts on “Astonishing Video #2: A Feminist Mugged by Reality

  1. I remember reading about Laura Kipnis’s article and the controversy it created. So many other stupid things like this have been happening that it didn’t, unfortunately, strike me as out of the ordinary. Just another sad sign of the Left’s regressive effects on higher education. Let’s hope the eating of its own continues, maybe this will solve the problem once and for all!

    1. Well said, Tricia! It may take many, many other instances in which the Left consumes its own before others blinded by the Left wake up and reject this toxic ideology!

      Happy New Year to you, Tricia, and many, many more. May each new year be better, sweeter, more fun, challenging and exciting, happier and healthier than the previous!


      — x

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