Absolutely Astonishing — From History

Read the following snippet from this page at Wikipedia:

After that Malenkov fell into obscurity and suffered from depression due to loss of power and the quality of life in a poor province. However, some researchers say that later Malenkov found this demotion and exile a relief from the pressures of the Kremlin power struggle. Malenkov in his later years converted to Russian Orthodoxy, as did his daughter, who has since spent part of her personal wealth building two churches in rural locations. Orthodox Church publications at the time of Malenkov’s death said he had been a reader (the lowest level of Russian Orthodox clergy) and a choir singer in his final years. He died on 14 January 1988 at age 86.

Malenkov is Georgy Maximilianovich Malenkov (Георгий Максимилианович Маленков), a man completely steeped in all the atrocities and depredations of Josif Stalin. If, in Russia, there had been Nuremburg-style trials — as there should have been — for crimes against humanity, the verdict against Malenkov would have been very harsh indeed.

Malenkov was in Stalin’s inner circle for a very, very long time, while Stalin was turning the Soviet Union into a vast, bloody abattoir.

Malenkov even directly succeeded Stalin, before he was ousted by the more flamboyant and erratic Nikita Khrushchev.

But, read the quoted passage above again. How about that part that reads: “Malenkov in his later years converted to Russian Orthodoxy, as did his daughter, who has since spent part of her personal wealth building two churches in rural locations“? I had to read it about nine times too!

Have you ever heard that hypothetical question posed of Christians? It goes like this: “If Hitler converted to Christianity just before he died, would he have gone to Heaven?” The question, as silly as it is, is generally meant to try to discredit Christianity.(1)

In the case of Malenkov, we have the hypothetical realized! Malenkov, and his colleagues in Stalin’s Soviet Politburo, made Hitler look like a Campfire Girl.

If you ever wonder whether there are miracles, then if Malenkov’s conversion to Christianity was real, that is a genuine, no-foolin’, authentic miracle(2).

One wonders, though, what such a conversion must have meant for Malenkov. If you or I had been directly or partially responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of generally innocent people, such a conversion would be like taking a baseball bat upside the conscience.

One wonders further how the convert would deal with his newly-awakened conscience. How he’d even survive it. Well, only one way: throwing himself, and his soul on the mercy of Jesus Christ, asking for His peace and forgiveness.

A miracle!

— xPraetorius


(1) The answer is simple: Yes. If, of course, the conversion is genuine. Christ’s forgiveness is infinite. No sin, no crime, no atrocity, no cruelty or inhumanity is unforgivable if the one who commits it is truly sorry, and sincerely asks for forgiveness.

(2) It should be noted that when Malenkov supposedly converted to Christianity, it was not safe in the Soviet Union to be a Christian. It wasn’t safe to believe differently from that era’s atheist communist orthodoxy in any way.

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