NPR Watch (I couldn’t help myself) (12/25/17) — Grim Christmas

This is about National Public Radio (NPR)… and they’re hard-left, corrupt  media toads, therefore they’re miserable. Miserable leftists are happy only if everyone else is miserable too.

Meanwhile, Christmas is a holiday whose principal themes are perfect love, redemption, hope, salvation, eternal life and joy. So, as I listened to NPR on the way home from a delightful family Christmas with my daughter and son, I marveled as they had a feature about, of course… “dark Christmas music.”

It was all about the other side of Christmas songs. You know, those songs that wish you things like a “merry, little Christmas”… because this Christmas wasn’t going to be a merry, little one at all. They also picked out all the saddest possible songs, and chortlingly told all about them.

They even featured a “Christmas song” called — ready for this? “Dead, dead, dead.”

Yep. That was the Christmas song they featured. After the snippet they played had finished with the uplifting lyric, “dead, dead, dead,” the interviewer, Steve Inskeep, laughed out loud and said, “I love it!”

And, that’s the point. That’s NPR’s point… they’re a bunch of cheerless, soulless, humorless, left-wing half-wits who revel in misery, sadness, despair, pain, sadness. They’re brain-dead, dead, dead.

— xPraetorius

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