Christmas Songs I (We) Crave

A list compiled by our writers. A short list, but with some repeats (noted below) and some commentary, depending on what each writer contributed.

  • Do you hear what I hear? I just love this song, and this is a really  nice version of it.
  • This is a nice one too.
  • This Christmastide (be sure to turn it up!) Beautiful melody.
  • We need a little Christmas – from Mame, this is one of the sweetest videos I’ve ever seen. One wishes this beautiful family — and all families — many, many, many more sweet Christmases, just like this one. Be sure to watch it to the end. If you do, I defy you to tell me of a cuter, sweeter family moment. 🙂
  • Poor Wayfaring Stranger – Sorry… not explicitly a Christmas song, but so beautiful, and so beautifully done. I tear up every time I hear it.
  • O Holy Night. This particular one. There are lots of beautiful version of this beautiful song, but few belters can sing it like David Phelps! At about 3:30 into it, Phelps begins his patented Phelpsian finish. It’s about a minute of chills up and down the spine. Again, be sure to have this one up loud.
  • Here’s another O Holy Night. Chills at 3:15 into it!
  • And, another O Holy Night. Just beautiful.
  • Mary did you know? Yes, yes, I know, the link is to Kenny Rogers. Generally, that’s not a good thing, but in this case he and Wynonna Judd did a really nice job of this beautiful song. I especially love the lyric, “When you kiss Him, you kiss the face of God.” Just as sweet as can be imagined, on so many different levels.
  • Silver Bells – Because I just love the melody. There are a thousand and one worthy versions of this pretty, evocative song. I chose this one.

This is only a partial list, because in early December, I ordered — nay commanded — my writers to spend the vast majority of December with their families. Needless to say, they didn’t at all want to do anything that I might “command”(1) — they’re writers, after all! artistes! — except for the fact that they really liked the actual command… so they did it anyway! Writers! ( 🙂 ) Can’t blog with ’em, can’t blog without ’em!

Merry Christmas to you all… and to yours!

— xPraetorius (The Editors)


(1) So much for “reverse psychology!” Apparently, that’s not the best thing to try with writers!

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