Leftist Nitwittery AND Dishonesty About the Tax Bill

In response to the passing of the tax bill, companies like AT&T responded by announcing that they were presenting each of their more than 200,000 employees with a $1,000 bonus. That’s better than $200 million transferred directly to their employees.

Immediately, the Left pounced on the announcement to say, “Yeah, but it’s because if AT&T had handed out those bonuses after the first of the year, they would have paid $28 million more in taxes later!” So, you see, AT&T wasn’t really handing out this bonus out of the goodness of their hearts!

So, let me get this straight: President Trump incentivizes American companies to hand out money to their employees, and the Left is upset?!? I guess their  claim that they support the little guy and the worker is all just a bunch of hooey!(1)

Look, it’s absolutely true that AT&T would pay something like $28 million more dollars in taxes if they’d were to dole out the $1,000 bonuses after January 1, but what the Democrats and the Left neglect to mention is that AT&T doesn’t have to pay out those bonuses at all. If they didn’t pay out the bonuses, AT&T would save themselves $200 million dollars.

Yes, AT&T is concerned with how they appear in the media, and yes, giving out $200 million in bonuses to every AT&T employee is loaded with great optics for the company, but also… the tax bill made it all possible!

Due to the new tax structure, AT&T is convinced that they can pay out massive bonuses and make money. Is that really supposed to be a bad thing? According to the Left, it is.

If the Democrats and the Left were actually sincere in their support for employees, if they weren’t simply lying to you and me, then they’d at least applaud this consequence of the tax bill (several other large companies announced the same kind of program) all over the place. Their blind hatred of Donald Trump, and their increasingly hard-left leadership prevent them from ever doing that though.

It’s not so much that Leftists are all half-wits and frauds, but their leadership do believe that you’re a half-wit. Or that you’re not paying attention. Or both.

— xPraetorius


(1) We’ve documented this fact hundreds of times, in hundreds of ways in these very pages!

2 thoughts on “Leftist Nitwittery AND Dishonesty About the Tax Bill

  1. It is nitwittery isn’t it? And stupid and imbecile, everything a modern Democrat strives to be. They will lie about this tax bill even when the positive return come in and the media will faithfully report their hyperbole as fact.

    The rest of us will enjoy an expanding economy and more money in our wallets. Merry Christmas x!

  2. At this point the Democrats simply have no other choice. They cannot admit that the tax cuts have ANY positive effects. If they did, the next question from their voters would be: “Hey, these tax cuts are good for us little people. Why did you fight something that benefits us tooth and nail?”.
    Enjoy the years to come. It’s going to be funny. The Democrats will have a hell of a job explaining to the people that the additional money in their pocket and the additional jobs at their disposal are not real or that the tax cuts are bad for the economy when all economic indicators point upwards.
    The good news is that propaganda can only work to a certain extend. As many people who have lived behind the iron curtain have testified, the propaganda stopped working when it radically contradicted reality. No amount of propaganda can convince you that the shops are all full when they are all empty.
    A whole series of jokes was build around that fact in the former eastern bloc, the Radio Yerevan jokes.
    Many of us probably remember the famous scene with “Bhagdad Bob” and the American tanks behind him.
    In the battle between propaganda and reality, reality wins every time when people can experience reality immediately for themselves.

    On that positive note I wish all contributors to this blog and all fellow commenters a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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