Sexual Harassment — Phase II

We’ve entered into Phase II of the Great American Sexual Harassment Hysteria Episode of 2017.

This is the phase where some women have shrewdly observed that everyone’s saying: “Believe the woman! Believe the woman!” While no one is saying: “Believe the evidence! (or lack thereof)”

When you have such a climate, you can be absolutely sure — as you know the sun will rise in the morning — that more than a few women will recognize an easy payday, or easy revenge, and will pounce.

Some men are pushing back at the so-called “revelations” and saying that they never did anything like what’s being alleged.

We men know this kind of thing from long, long personal experience. Every time a girlfriend and I have parted ways, it turned out that I was the biggest louse, creep, rotter, scoundrel… the biggest jerk around. Who knew?!? Because before the break-up, I was a great guy! Generous, sweet, romantic… a real swell dude!

Had any of these break-ups been in this time, in today’s climate, do you think that my new ex would have hesitated to accuse me of sexual impropriety of some sort? Of course not!

When I got divorced, my ex threatened to tell the divorce court that I had sexually abused my children. Thank God (and I mean, “Thank God!“) I had asked for a family study that resulted in a 40-page psychological evaluation suggesting that my soon-to-be ex had some serious emotional issues. The psychologist recommended that my children come live with me, which is what eventually happened. However, can you imagine the deadly chill that surrounded my heart when my ex made that threat? Why did she do it? simple: She made the threat in Connecticut in 2005, in a climate where the courts had already implemented “Listen to the woman! (and not the evidence)” long before.

Men have known forever that women use sex as as currency, as a bargaining chip, as leverage… as a weapon. Why? Because they can. It works! No one ever talks about a man “withholding sex.” Because men don’t do that; and because there’d be no point: if they did, it wouldn’t work.

Now, we hear people like the gay British actor, Sir Ian McKellen suggesting that for a very long time women have been offering to have sex with movie directors and producers, in order to have a leg up, so to speak, in the casting selection process.

McKellen said that various aspiring actresses would put “DRR” on the publicity photos they’d submit to directors. “DRR” means “Directors Rights Respected,” or: “if you give me a job, you can have sex with me.” (link)

In other words, it’s long been known that #1: male Hollywood personnel have been expecting sex from the stars and starlets they were casting, and #2: the stars and starlets were plenty willing to give sex in exchange for the job.

This is not, in any way, a defense of male Hollywood personnel and their expectations! Nor is it a condemnation of ambitious starlets willing to “go the extra mile” to be cast in a movie, rather it’s a condemnation of all of them! Of all the rampant, stupid, slutty, irrational, ridiculous immorality of every last one of them! What a dirty, stupid, vile, soul-sapping, dignity-killing wasteland is Hollywood!

The women who willingly took part sacrificed their honor, their dignity, their self-respect… for money and fame. So did the men. All of them come out of this “culture” dirty, broken, hollowed-out people… and all so that you and I can watch them tell stories — generally pretty dumb ones too! — on television and at the cinema!

Yep, you and I have a hand, a big one, in all this sleaze. Are we seriously that vacuous, that shallow… that stupid, that we’d give over thousands of hours of our time to these sleazebags? Well, yes… yes we are. How many tens of billions of our dollars go to these bed-hopping deviants?

In Phase II of the Great American Sexual Harassment Hysteria Episode of 2017, we learn what we all really knew all along anyway: that all of Hollywood, men and women, with very few exceptions, is populated by priapic, moronic sleazebags.

People keep wondering whether or when California will “slide into the Pacific Ocean” in the next big earthquake. That would be awful.

But it would be okay if Hollywood could…(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) Disclaimer: Of course I don’t wish for Hollywood to fall into the Pacific Ocean and kill all its creepy denizens. However, I wonder whether I  could craft a wish that would make sense — morally and ethically. Let’s try it: I wish that in the next big California earthquake, all of Hollywood’s properties would slide into the ocean and be lost forever. All the buildings owned by all the dirtbags; all the “intellectual” property, all the movie reels, all the casting couches, all the cameras, all the dirty money, the sets, the exhibits in the museums… everything. If it all fell into the sea, America would, in my humble opinion, not be the poorer for it. To the contrary, it would be like lancing a putrefaction-filled carbuncle on the national gluteus maximus. And, I further wish that this would be like a reverse neutron earthquake; one that would get rid of all the physical accouterments of Hollywood, leaving all the people uninjured. And, the last aspect of my wish: that all the people who remained would understand this great sign to be a “recommendation” from above that they clean up their acts, and treat all people with dignity, compassion and humanity.

There. Please feel free to improve on that if you’d like.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment — Phase II

  1. It’s amazing to me how Hollywood culture, notorious for the “casting couch” and liberal sexual mores, is all of a sudden under fire for what everyone know it has been for decades. I can only conclude the anti-nature revolution Hollywood liberals initiated got away from them and is now turning on them.

    1. Yep. I have to agree. As I say all too frequently: if it weren’t so sad and pathetic, and if there weren’t so many real-world casualties from it all, it’d be really funny!

      Also, just my very humble opinion, but leftism forms the place. It permeates throughout every nook and cranny… every act, thought, expression, emotion is informed by it.

      The thing that leftists do when they finally feel as if they’re well ensconced in power somewhere, is turn on each other. That might be part of what’s going on here as well.


      — x

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