NPR Watch (12/14/17) — The American Left is Killing Black Americans

— The Left Exploits the Tragic Death of a Beautiful Black Woman to Promote its Agenda… that Leads to the Tragic Deaths of Other Black Americans — 

Bottom Line: Shalon Irving most likely succumbed to a fatal combination of really bad genetics, and stresses that the American Left brought about in her life. We should be very, very clear-eyed about the political Left’s important role in Shalon’s death, and in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of other black Americans.

You and I know the obvious examples of the Left’s role in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of black lives: American cities. Owned lock stock and barrel for more than three generations by the Democrat Party, American cities have become a killing field for black Americans.

However, there’s still another way the American Left is killing black Americans.

National Public Radio did a feature (link) talking about the general state of the health of black Americans. To summarize, using the example of a black woman who died from complications of child birth, NPR concluded that black Americans are “weathering” faster and younger than non-black Americans and, as a result, they’re dying earlier.

“Weathering” is the word used in the feature, and re-purposed to describe the visible, measurable deterioration the human body exhibits as a result of the stresses in a hard life. Like what happens to houses and outdoor furniture during inclement weather. The harder the weather — or the more difficult the life circumstances — the sooner this “weathering” appears. It puts a big strain on a person’s heart, digestion, morale, his general well-being… his health.(1)

And it shortens his life.

Now, the big question: what’s the cause of all this stress on black Americans today?

Well, if you listened to the NPR piece, or read the accompanying article, you realize that they point to all the usual stuff you hear in the news, but most especially to inadequate health care due to, of course, white racism.


The vast majority of what’s being told to black Americans is… false. Let’s characterize it correctly: It’s intentionally false, or: lies.

Furthermore, we’ve demonstrated (here numerous times, and here) that black Americans are generally clueless about the realities of life for… black Americans! That they all too commonly believe fabrications and propaganda that have nothing to do with actual reality for actual people.

There is a simple rule in America today: if you do the following three things, your chances of being prosperous, well up in the middle class are greater than 75%: (1) get an education, (2) don’t have children out of wedlock, and (3) get a job. Regardless of your race.

This means that the odds of attaining general prosperity in the worst-performing demographics, are better than 75%, if you do nothing more than follow those simple rules. If you’re a member of the highest-performing demographic — Asian-Americans — and you follow those rules, your chances of being at least middle class are something like 95%.

I’m not just saying this; those are the numbers. Cold, hard, harsh, implacable numbers that pretty much prove that… it’s never been easier in the history of the world for any American — black, white, green, purple, orange or otherwise — to live a life of… at worst middle-class prosperity.

Otherwise stated, today, even for the worst-performing demographics, if they simply act as you and I know normal, decent people should act, they’re going to do just fine in America. “Doing just fine” in America is called: “Fabulous Wealth” in most of the rest of the world.

Purely and simply: None of this would be remotely possible in a country where the dominant demographic — white Americans — is at all biased against non-white Americans.

So white racism is just not a big problem in America, while NPR — an important mouthpiece of the American Left — insists that it is.

Back for a moment to the rules for becoming a prosperous member of the American middle class: A key ingredient of Part #3 in the above rules — get a job — is in Part #1 of those same rules: get an education. While Part #2 of the rules is entirely up to the individual.

Meanwhile, an education has never been easier to obtain for black Americans, while American corporations are begging black Americans to apply for work at their organizations. Needless to say, having a child while married (or not) to the mother or father of your child is 100% your choice.

In other words: the only problems black Americans face in America — as a demographic  — appear when they simply choose not to take advantage of the opportunities that this country offers to all Americans. Or when they themselves impose huge obstacles to their own success on themselves.

The truth is, black Americans probably would take advantage of the vast opportunities in America if, that is, they didn’t hear a relentless drumbeat of propaganda telling them that the deck is stacked against them, that white people won’t allow them to prosper, that it’s things like “systemic  racism,” and “institutional racism,” and “white privilege,” and “white supremacy” holding them back. All these things are abstract, invisible, unmeasurable, unprovable — and undisprovable — things.

They’re perfect as excuses for failure… or for not even trying. And, of course, for voting for Democrats who promise free stuff as well as all those nice, shiny… excuses.

Everyone fails at some point in his life. Everyone. No exceptions. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice set of pretty-sounding excuses ready at hand when you do fail?

Well, to answer the rhetorical question: no. No it wouldn’t. Why? Simple: because instead of just trying again, as most people must, the temptation is powerful to avail oneself of those excuses and drop out, becoming just another whiner. Or, you could, for example, launch a monstrous, grotesque web site, like:  here, or here, to complain about it all. It’s the now deeply-established temptation to fail and bail; to take “government (read: taxpayer-financed) services.” To fail to try because of a lack of self-confidence or worse: a misplaced paranoia that people are out to get you.

Many succumb to those temptations. The problem is that grabbing hold of the excuses doesn’t remove the stress. It doesn’t even reduce the stress! Especially if you know, or at least suspect, that it all really is just a bunch of excuses.

So, why is the American Left responsible for killing all these black people? Well, the Left has long known that if you promise free stuff to people, some will take you up on it. Most importantly, they’ve known that the temptation to take the free stuff will be strongest at the moments of greatest stress. Like during a layoff, or after a divorce, or some other life stressor.

The message of the political Right, though, is for the long haul. Plant good seeds now, and over the next 10, 20, 40 years, reap the benefits. While the message of the Left is: Here’s stuff, and excuses, now. When times are tough, which way would you be tempted to turn?

The more tough times there are, the more the ranks of society’s bitter drop-outs and whiners swell. This lands hardest on black Americans because if there aren’t enough tough times, the Left simply manufactures more, in the form of myths about mystical, magical monsters out and about, preying specifically on black Americans. And more people take the Left up on its faustian bargain of free stuff and excuses for failure. In exchange for votes and other support.(2)

The way to get rid of the stress is to get rid of the cause of the stress. Simple as that. When the American Left — through its various mouthpieces like NPR, academia, pop culture, Hollywood, the media — disseminates the message everywhere that it’s not possible to remove the stress, then they guarantee that millions… won’t even try; that they’ll “weather” sooner and younger than others… that they’ll die younger.

Getting rid of stress involves being able to present oneself effectively; for work, for social interactions, for life. To do that is a long-term proposition, involving work, thought, mistakes and successes, and… time. The Left promises free stuff, and excuses, right now.  While the message from the political Right is: hard work, education, discipline… responsibility. Some heavy lifting.

The Left is killing black Americans — in American cities especially, but elsewhere too — with lies and propaganda; with the fabrication of phony abstract obstacles; with a long list of phony excuses for failure or for giving up. They practically admitted it in the National Public Radio piece “reporting” on the story of the tragic loss of Shalon Irving.

— xPraetorius


(1) One big problem with the NPR article is the example they chose: A highly-accomplished, hugely-talented, gifted black woman, Shalon Irving, with a lot of stresses in her life, not the least of which is: family members taking ill and dying all around her!

It’s a horrible, heart-breaking story of the loss of a beautiful, wonderful young woman, with way more stresses in her life than the vast majority of others have.

Even more importantly, many of Shalon’s stresses are self-inflicted. For example: in the article, there’s exactly one mention of the father of the young woman’s daughter: “There was the painful end to Shalon’s romance with her baby’s father and her dashed hopes of raising their child together.

Throughout the rest of the article, much of the focus is on Shalon’s mother, the baby’s grandmother, raising the baby… not the baby’s father. So, a baby, but no marriage, no commitment from the baby’s father.

This was a brilliant, accomplished woman, with two PhD’s, with a wonderfully successful career… who somehow allowed herself to produce a child without any persuasive indication of real commitment from the baby’s father.

That last paragraph says a whole lot more about the problems in America’s black communities than the mere couple dozen or so words contained in it.

When you read the article, you wonder how Shalon lived as long as she did with the crushing weight of tragedy she faced all her life, along with the mountain of pressures she put on herself. If you’re not heartbroken at Shalon’s story, then you might be missing your humanity.

Still, though, it’s not remotely a representative story of life in America for black Americans like Shalon. For the most part, with tragic exceptions like Shalon Irving, educated black people, who don’t produce children out of wedlock, thrive and prosper in America.

The NPR article, however is overflowing with all manner of things that can’t be seen, measured, quantified, known or, therefore… disproven. Here are some of the things you can read in the article:

“The nursing culture is white, middle-class and female, so is largely built around that identity. Anything that doesn’t fit that identity is suspect,”

How would the authors of the article know that? Answer: they wouldn’t, and couldn’t. Sounds a lot like a script, doesn’t it? One of those things which, if you say it often enough, people just start to believe it automatically? Also: how’s that for slandering a noble profession?


“Sometimes you just know in your bones when someone feels contempt for you based on your race.”

This is nothing more than typical leftist mind-reading. The point: no one anywhere can read minds, and any attempt to do so is… crap. Little more than the intellectual laziness of people not willing to find out how others really think or feel. The other point: if everywhere you go, you hear crap like this, there’s a strong temptation to believe it… whether or not it’s true. It’s a grotesque state of mind.

Then there’s this:

“It’s chronic stress that just happens all the time — there is never a period where there’s rest from it. It’s everywhere; it’s in the air; it’s just affecting everything,”

It’s “everywhere; it’s in the air.” Go ahead: disprove that! Disprove what’s “in the air.” Or… prove it. But, if you just say it over and over and over and over and over again…


“It’s a type of stress for which education and class provide no protection. ‘When you interview these doctors and lawyers and business executives, when you interview African-American college graduates, it’s not like their lives have been a walk in the park,'”

So, why bother even getting an education, right? Why bother even trying to get ahead, if “education and class provide no protection,” and even becoming a doctor won’t do it for you? More to the point, I know thousands of people, rich, poor and in-between, and I’ve never heard a single one of them describe his or her life as a “walk in the park.” Not even Bill Gates.

The more you read about Shalon Irving, the more you realize that she had escaped most of the pathologies of the black community. She had a great education, a great job and a great future. The only thing she did wrong, apparently, was to buy into the cultural aspects of black America in which more than three out of four babies are born out of wedlock.

Even then, through hard work and discipline, she had escaped so many of the traps inherent in single motherhood. However, in what may be the ultimate irony, it seems that Shalon was part of the entire massive industry that’s grown up around promoting the fraudulent idea that black people have no chance in America. Here’s a key paragraph from the NPR feature:

At 36, Shalon had been part of their elite ranks — an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the pre-eminent public health institution in the U.S. There she had focused on trying to understand how structural inequality, trauma and violence made people sick. “She wanted to expose how people’s limited health options were leading to poor health outcomes,” said Rashid Njai, her mentor at the agency. “To kind of uncover and undo the victim-blaming that sometimes happens where it’s like, ‘Poor people don’t care about their health.’ ” Her Twitter bio declared: “I see inequity wherever it exists, call it by name, and work to eliminate it.”

Shalon Irving spent a bunch of her life becoming pre-eminently qualified to participate in the great American Grievance Industry, doing its level best to ensure that no one implements actual, commonsensical solutions to bad health outcomes for black people, her own people. How awful for a black woman who had at least to suspect that maybe she was part of a very big problem for others just like her.

If, as a black person, all you ever hear, especially from black people, never mind leftist white people! — is that white people are constantly out to get you, that they have contempt for you merely for the color of your skin, then you’re likely to “see” all these terrible things all around… whether or not they’re even there.

The NPR feature is nothing but this kind of speculative, unprovable and undisprovable, gauzy… codswallop.

Here’s the link at NPR’s home page to get you to read the thing:


Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving’s Story Explains Why

Black women are three times more likely to die from complications of childbirth than white women in the U.S. Racism, and the stress it causes, can play a leading role in that disparity.

Do you see it? According to the very headline:Racism explains why” black mothers die after giving birth. And, by extension, why black Americans “weather”… and die.

(2) Eighty to ninety-percent of black people vote Democrat. That’s why the American Left preys most specifically on black Americans. They’re working — hard — on Hispanics too, and with exactly the same tactics.

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