An Important Way the American Left Undermines and Betrays America

It’s simple, really: those who hate America look to the American Left for how to react to American foreign policy. The Left pronounces itself, and those around the world do as the Left predicted they’d do.

For example: a rumor goes out: President Trump is going to announce that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Palestinian terrorists and other goons pay close attention. They see that the opposition party in the United States government has said, nearly unanimously, “We can’t do that! There’ll be riots! This will derail the ‘peace process!’ This will be destabilizing!”

Well, guess what — surprise! surprise! — Palestinians and Arabs and thugs and goons everywhere immediately do what? Why, they riot of course! And — whaddya know? — the leader of the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas announces that “the ‘peace process’ is over!” ISIS and others call on muslims everywhere to go berserk. One might suggest that they’ve called on others to “destabilize” the area!

I’m not saying that the American Left coordinates messages, tactics and strategies with anti-American forces around the world, but… well, okay, I guess I am saying that. After all, they’ve done that for decades, why would they stop now?

Don’t believe me? It’s pretty well known now that the leaders of the so-called “Anti-war Movement” in the 1960’s — the Tom Haydens and Abbie Hoffman’s of the movement, worked closely with the Soviet KGB which was trying, ultimately successfully, to force the United States to withdraw from Vietnam.

What’s the point? Easy: if every time the American Left predicts that something will happen around the world, and then it does, it only enhances the illusion that they’re the smart ones, the ones in touch with the pulse of the world.

They’re really only half-wits who are obsessed with power, but who can provide no real, or good reason they should have it.

— xPraetorius

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