We’ve Long Called For This!

As anyone who follows the output of our small but increasingly influential think tank knows, we’ve been insisting that the Left consistently, nearly always, shows its own weaknesses, flaws, errors and silly contradictions right out in plain sight, for anyone who’s looking to see.

We elaborated a bit, and suggested that if you were to take the vast majority of leftists’ public pronouncements and analyze them just a bit, you could find the sillinesses and nitwitteries in them just about every time.

Well, apparently powerful, influential people read this blog a lot, or there are other great minds out there thinking some of the very same things as we are. I prefer to think it’s a bit of both.

The great Michelle Malkin has a web site that we’ve been following for some time now. It’s called: twitchy.com.

Here’s an example, of what I’m talking about. The headline at Twitchy is: “Matthew Dowd makes strong argument in FAVOR of ‘mean spirited’ GOP tax bill.

Lefty Matthew Dowd thought he was delivering a snappy condemnation of the tax bill wending its way through the houses of Congress, tweeting:

Any tax savings that i might get from this unfair and mean spirited gop tax bill i will donate to charities to help the poor and vulnerable. Who is with me?

Instead, though, poor Dowd ends up playing right into the hands of some observant Twitter followers.

The responses to Dowd’s tweet are, as MasterCard might put it: priceless. They show that Dowd, as is typical of the Left in general, really has no idea what he’s talking about. Here’s one of those responses:

Spending your money as you chose-what a concept.

And another:

You mean, you’ll have more of your *own* money to direct to the charities of *your* choice?

That’s crazy talk, Matt!https://t.co/ekyv6CThSM

— 🇺🇸 Adam Baldwin 🇺🇸 (@AdamBaldwin) December 2, 2017

Still another:

Because nothing defies Conservatism quite like doing it with notoriously conservative acts. https://twitter.com/matthewjdowd/status/936700829599457281 

The next two truly are… priceless:

Congratulations. This is LITERALLY the point that Conservatives make. That OUR money in OUR hands does more good than in the governments. https://twitter.com/matthewjdowd/status/936700829599457281 


Timothy Bertolet@tim_bertolet

Personal charity to take care of the poor… what a novel idea. Almost sounds… conservative. https://twitter.com/matthewjdowd/status/936700829599457281 

Finally, this one:

When you’re so blinded by your anti-GOP rhetoric that you literally support conservative values but are too dumb to realize it😂 https://twitter.com/matthewjdowd/status/936700829599457281 

There are more, but I hope you’ll go to the web site and see the rest of them. Here’s the link again.
By the way, twitchy.com is one of the most immediately addictive web sites I’ve ever encountered! Keep an eye on the links on the right side of the page.
— xPraetorius

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