A Big Explanation for the Behavior of the Left and the Right (Part II)

In this post here, we said:

The Left:

— requires that you adhere robotically and in detail to their ideology.

The Right:

— asks (1) that you adhere at least loosely to their ideology and (2) requires that you be a good person. At least according to the changing standards of the day.

The big question is, of course: Why?

Are Republicans and Conservatives better people? Well, yes, but not because they’re just naturally better people, but rather because they have to be.

And why’s that? The answer to that one is really simple: The media.

The media actually exercise an appropriate oversight role on Republicans and Conservatives. Oh, they do it really poorly, dishonestly, and corruptly, because they’re not very bright… and they’re dishonest and corrupt, but they do it, and Republicans and Conservatives are very, very, painfully aware of it. So, overwhelmingly they toe the line, ethically, electorally, and, yes, sexually.

This oversight function on the part of the media is necessary, because power is a deeply soul-corrupting force.

The huge, gigantic, massive problem that America faces is: except for the FOX News Channel, there’s no such media oversight on the Left, on elected Democrats, on Academia, on Hollywood, on pop culture.

Play a little thought exercise with me:

First some background: Remember Watergate? In the early and mid-1970’s, Republican President Richard Nixon faced a solidly left-wing, Democrat-infested Congress in both chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Furthermore, there was no FOX News at the time, and the media were a solid wall of leftist whack-a-doodles as far as the eye could see.

Nixon had overwhelmingly won re-election to the White House in 1972, over the rabid left-wing Senator from South Dakota, George McGovern. Watergate was just a blip on the horizon.

Now, here’s the thought exercise: If all the facts of Watergate had been the same, except it had been President George McGovern, does anyone really believe that the legendary investigative reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein would have pursued Watergate? At all?

No need to answer. The answer’s obvious. A big, honking: No.

More to the point, Woodward and Bernstein would have actively collaborated in the cover-up of the burglary.

Still more to the point: They, and many others in the media, have already actively, and successfully, collaborated in many, many cover-ups of illegal activities committed by Democrats and other leftists.

As grim as that conclusion is, we all know it to be true.

The result of the massively unequal coverage by the media of the two major political tendencies and parties is that the Democrat Party actually attracts… bad people. People who know they can get away with indulging their appetite for power, money, fame and, of course… sex.


By the way, this none of this should be controversial. The Nazi ideology attracted goons and thugs by its very nature. No thought tendency has attracted more such goons and thugs than Socialism. A simple truth: If you want to see which thought tendencies are bad, look for the goons and thugs. There are no groups like “Antifa” on the Right. The simple existence of “Antifa” indicts the Left’s thoughts and ideas as completely as anything or anyone possibly could.

Socialism in all its ugly flavors is all about depriving the people of private property, eliminating their ability to improve their lot materially, then squashing their right to complain about it. Of course it’s going to attract goons and thugs! And it has… at a cost of more than 120 million murdered in the last century alone.


Yes, there are plenty of Republicans and Conservatives who have unhealthy appetites, just like Democrats. If, however, they’re paying attention, as Republicans and Conservatives tend to do(1), they stay out of politics because they know they can’t easily get away with anything.

One more thing to think about: What’s the one, single overarching characteristic of this latest sexual harassment hysteria in the media? Easy: it’s overwhelmingly, colossally, immensely… Leftist. The number of leftists caught acting grossly is massive compared to the number of those on the Right.

Oh, today’s media dragnet will sweep up Republicans, mainly because that’s where they’re looking. That same media dragnet, though, is full of holes when it comes to leftists, which should give everyone pause for thought. If you consider the daunting number of leftists already swept up in the current mess, you should realize that there are many, many, many more who have slipped through. Many whose personal and professional lives are just as bad, just as rude, just as gross… but who haven’t been caught yet. And who, if the media have anything to do with it, never will be caught.

— xPraetorius


(1) It’s why they’re Republicans and Conservatives. To  be, or to become, a person of the Right, you have to be able to overcome a vast, daily, unending bath in left-wing propaganda coming from all directions: from Hollywood, the media, academia and all of pop culture. Someone who overcomes that massive headwind bowing against him is, by definition, insatiably curious, dynamically intelligent, open-minded… not a herd animal. You know what we call a left-winger who exhibits those characteristics? A future right-winger.

The Left is populated overwhelmingly by bovine herd animals, who question little, who are like leaves on a river. They go where the current takes them, without investigating, questioning… without thinking. This doesn’t mean that people of the Right are always better people, but thinking people tend to be better people. Because they think about things. Having a conscience requires that you think about things.


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